Friday, June 24, 2005


What have I been up to.... let's see....making food for two boys who are NEVER FULL.  Good grief.....I'm going to teach them to make their own damn food so I don't have to camp out in the kitchen 24/7.

Anyway...I've been shopping.  Told you I was going to.  :-P  I bought some curtains and curtain rods, so Jesse will be putting those up for me this weekend, I hope... and then when I was at Lowe's last night, I found a lamp for Ryan's new room.....


Is that not the cutest lamp?!  I got two.  One for each side of the bed.  I'll have to go see if I can find her some nightstands, too.  Another excuse to go shopping?  But, of course.

Speaking of Ryan's new room...if y'all remember - Ryan was painting the upstairs.  Well.  It looked so cool that she wanted it for her own, so we have been moving alllll of her stuff upppp the stairs.  I never knew how much STUFF this kid had.  Well, now I do...but was up and down all day.  Now she just has to put up her decorational stuff and we need to go buy her a cool sheet set and she's good to go.  Don't will be forthcoming.

Tonight, Jesse is getting Part 2 of his Fathers Day.  Yeah, he's milking it, isn't he?  He didn't get 'the nice dinner' last weekend, so it'll be this weekend.  I'm seeing a hunk o' prime rib with my name on it, thankyouverymuch.

Oh....Jesse sent me this - The One Fingered Victory Salute which has amused me.  I like GW, so spare me the bashing.  I don't argue politics.  Just thought it was worthy of sharing....

That's it for me....I think.  Not much else to yap about.... (I know!  Me - not typing endlessly.....what's this world coming to....)


  1. It is a very cute lamp!  Look forward to pictures!  Ames, ya gotta teach me how to do that thingy, you know about the uploading crap I have to do to use your graphics.  Did I say yet how I HATE computers, lol?  Okay then, I HATE computers.  Got photo shop Elements cause I want to do neat things with my photos like other folks.  Think I know how to use it too?  NOT!!!!  OH, Woe is me, I am sooooooooo computer illiterate!!!!

  2. cute lamp!!

  3. That's the problem with painting. It makes everything else look like it needs painting. :P


  4. love the lamp.................Jules xxxxxxx

  5. Sounds like you got a lot done.  Nicki

  6. Yeah food was the thing this weekend NON stop eathing now I got TO DIET ( dirty word there sorry) to make up for that. I love that lamp ist is sooooooo cute. I cant wait for pics too. Gotta love that vicotry salute LOL

  7. domesticatedchicJune 28, 2005 at 3:50 PM

    Very cute lamp! Love it! As for kids in the kitchen.. I swear my future step son is a bottomless pit! He eats and eats and eats! :) lol* Mel


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