Wednesday, June 8, 2005

What is that?!

Hmm....maybe only the crazy people know what Lexapro is? (Quit laughing, V....::giggle::) 

Quite a few of you didn't know, so I found a link  ....

Now that you I need it?  Hmm..Jesse seems to think I do.


  1. HOney all I think you need is one my uncle Irvs margaritas and a good weekend camping. Does me wonders. HECK if I could just stay camping life would be so much better. except I would find a way to do my journaling beacuse I miss you all so much. seriously I just think we need out of this crazy world if its camping that gets us there then amen. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I knew you would come through and explain what lexapro is....the older I get the more I think I need something like this.  Why is that?  

  3. Let me know how it is I might need it too.  Nicki

  4. It helps with muscle tension, doesn't it?  Might help with that pain in your chest. :)

    P.S.  If you do take it and have to go off of it, taper very slowly.  I was on Celexa for IBS when we moved to Colorado and had to go off of it cold turkey because I lost my insurance when we moved and I could not afford to buy it.  You do NOT want to go off of it cold turkey, believe me!!!!  Just take my word for it.

  5. Robyn<~~don't know what it is.. going to check it out...Be back..

  6. o.k.. went and checked.. I took that test, says I might have some mild I'm depressed! lol!

  7. At least try it for two weeks.  One of my shrinks once told me that the more you need a med -- the quicker it work.  Evaluate the side effects and your mood and make a choice.  I've tried alot of them and Wellbutrin works the best.  Paxil is pretty good because you get very vivid dreams -- but it kills your sex drive.  Email me anytime if you have questions about meds or depression or just anything.


  8. Couldn't we all! Is that a line I see forming? LOL
    Hang in there & I hope U feel better! ~ Lori

  9. Not you have tremors and twiches when you try to relax?  Do you have night sweats, headaches, nausea, unexplained weight loss, tension in your neck, tiredness, shortness of breath?  then take works.


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