Thursday, July 28, 2005

...and these are the days of our lives....

Last night was not unlike any other night.  Well, except for that one thing...  or maybe two things.

The funny part was, me and Jesse had both agreed we were going to bed early.  Early for us is before 12, I guess.

Anyway, there I was on the computer...and all of the sudden I hear a scuffle and then "DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOG JUST DID?!?!?!!?!"  First of all...why is it suddenly MY dog?  Was *I* the one obsessed with getting a Golden?  I think not.  I digress, though.  Gordo came flying into the computer room and dove under the desk at my feet.  Jesse was in hot pursuit of said dog. 

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.....I should have started with:  Jesse brought home dinner last night.  2 pizzas for the kids and Chinese for us.  The kids finished one pizza and then took off for parts unknown (aka the bedrooms).  Jesse went off  That left me at the table.  I put away the takeout boxes, but left the pizza in the middle of the table, because as soon as I put it away, somebody would come into the kitchen, unable to open the refriegerator themselves, and ask me to get them a slice of pizza.  I figured I would give them about 30 minutes before I wrapped everything up and put it away.  Seems reasonable, doesn't it?

OK, so now back to where the dog dives under the desk with Jesse right behind him.  Somebody got in trouble last night, and it wasn't me and it wasn't Jesse.  Considering I've only been talking about me, Jesse, and the dog...... yeah....the dog.  "MY"  dog.  MY dog...who put his big ass paws up on the table, AFTER he had eaten his own dinner, after we all left the table.....and ate AN ENTIRE LARGE PIZZA!

As you might guess, I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for him while he's looking at me with the pitiful face as he's having diarrhea.

Oh...and let's add to the excitement, shall we?!  After that drama, Ryan asked me to send her some cool fonts from my computer to hers.  'Sure', I said.  What's a mother for, anyway, right? La de da, there I am sending her fonts......and my computer signs off with a 'Your account has been closed for bulk mailing.  Please call yada yada yada....'  What.  The.  (oh, you know what I said...let's not play innocent, ok?!  LOL) Of course, the primary person who receives the bill (Jesse) is the one who has to call and 'fix it'.  Now, I'm on the White List, because I'm in some AOL groups.  I can send large amounts of mail.  We've already established that I can do this and AOL deems me acceptable.  So.  After Jesse yaks it up with Achmedulla (or 'John' - whichever is easier for you...), I get my accounts back and have to reset everyones' passwords.  <insert ongoing eyeroll here>

Jesse mentions to me that our digital phone is fuzzing in and out.  'Oh, yeah', I say 'it's been like that for 2 weeks now.....every day at various times, I have no phone and no internet.....and when I do finally get it back, I've got a fuzzy connection.'  Jesse sighs....and calls BrightHouse Networks.  He warns them that the phone is fuzzing out and to please not hang up on him.  He explains the problem.  What would normally be a 5 minute phone call has tuned into a 15 minute phone call.  The person at BrightHouse tells him they can get someone out to our house to check out our problems on August 5th.  August 5th?  Nevermind that I might have any kind of emergency....August 5th.  OMFG.  But, what are you gonna do?  Say no?  so, we took the August 5th date.

Jesse hangs up the phone.  Looks at me, looks at the clock, looks at me.....12:45.

I'm thinking we should change our idea of 'early' to 2 AM.  Yeah...that'll work.....


  1. wow...poor dog was

  2. One doesn't have to be too bright to work out Brighthouse?? ..I hope you and YOUR dog, and the man get to bed early tonight...anything after midnight going on is just bad news...least that's what daddy always said......E

  3. I can soooo relate to the diarrhea.  Mary Jane ate one very small piece of deer meat and the next day kept throwing up all over the house.  That was sooooo much fun!!!  I learned real quick, no more table food for her!!!!!  Funny how animals AND children become OURS when they do something wrong. I have heard so many times from my other half, Do you know what YOUR son did?  or YOUR did?????  Don't think I got them here by myself, do you?  I think NOT!!!!!  At least the pizza was not a plate full of steaks, and not the cheap kind either!!!  My Dad (God rest his soul) was grilling one day and had just gotten said steaks done and brought them inside and set them down on the kitchen counter.  Rambo was part black labrador retriever and part golden labrador retriever.  He took his paws and put them up on the counter and commenced to gobbling down every steak before my Dad found him.  My Dad was redheaded and had a temper.  He dearly loved Rambo, but at that moment, he was truly fit to be tied!!!!!!!  Cannot say that I could blame him there!!!!

  4. hehee.....I am usually in bed by 10 pm....and falling asleep while the TV is on!!!

  5. omgggg my old golden retriver did that  w a pizza once hahahha :) yeah early for us is like 12 i always say 9 but never works that way aoHell is ignorant  they need soem english speaking ppl  ya know its most of america giving them buisness so i feel that we should b able to understand em ya know  that is what pisses me off

  6. ah I bet htat puppy is siky. But you know we was up till 12:30 last night adn it was not due to that traulma. FIRST Let me say Todd gave me a beer bath and bubbles and was hoping for some nookie wookie. WEll anyway we are gonna make it a early night been trying for a few days on this one HUH!!!!!!! well Tracy comes in and says MOM My cieling is wet its dripping on my bed.  OH FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD I throw a towel on and get dressed and sure enough the temp guage says 86 and the temp is set for 76 yup and I go up we got so much junk in attic we can not get to stupid ca unit. I am the only one small enough and with clauster phobia it aint fun ina hot attic. I get up and thrwo stuff down to make room for Todd dang things got ice on it!!!!!!!!!YEAH its dripping cuase it hot. Yeah we had to take stuff out to garage. What is goingon that we cant get tobed early????????? DANG IT!!!!!! we should have called each other adn sympathized. OH I Forgot must be the heat!!!!!!! your phone is acting up waht is going on is iraq trying to drive us insane this way????????

  7. Well at least it was YOUR pizza the dog ate... I had a dog that once went into the neighbors yard and grabbed a whole steak off their grill.... they were NOT amused!!  You can count on that ole murphy's law kicking in any time you plan to go to bed early, or try to leave work early... it never fails~~
    YOU? a Bulk mailer?  who would have ever known??  But Jesse to the rescue again.. Never a boring moment at your house.. LOVE YOUR JOURNAL!!

  8. Don't forget...these will be the fond memories you will have later in life to think about & make you laugh! Dusty ate all my fish that I had in a bowl on the counter while I cleaned the tank when he was a young thing. He must have thought I was spoiling him with fresh cuisine! I usally treat Dusty with Shrimp or Chicken when he comes to me or he wouldn't leave me alone! That way he won't steal it. I will say he is a smart one. I would then give him some in a he leaves that for later & still comes to me to hand feed him. Smartypants!

  9. Your life should so be a sitcom....

    I'm not kidding!!



  10. Amy--
    My golden retriever (from when I was a kid) once stole an entire, frozen, raw meatloaf OFF THE KITCHEN COUNTER!!  Want  to talk about a dog in trouble??  ROFL!  I can still hear my mother's shrieking over that.  

  11. It's just like when a kid does something wrong.  The moment it goes down my dad's usually sitting there saying,"Do you know what your godson just did?!"  Umm...usually I do but I'm afraid to say it.  We're pretty lucky with Sasha.  I mean she has this thing about chocolate doughnuts,we got her to Dr. T's office in 10 seconds,but for example our entire turkey dinner for Thanksgiving? Left alone on the table.  (My sister had a dog when she lived with her ex who managed to eat a whole package of frozen chicken!)  Unreal! Just remember the very moment that Gordo does something good say to Jesse,"That's my dog."   -Dawn-

  12. hestiahomeschoolJuly 29, 2005 at 7:24 PM

    That's what happened to me last week when I sent out my invitations to the cookout. :-(/  Now I am on the white list...
    I love GOlden's.  We had two before we got the Greyhounds. They are so sweet.

  13. I'd say "you'll laugh about this one day", but I know too well that big dogs steal human food and get the runs.  I'm still not laughing about the time Bongo ate a slab of bbq ribs that I left on the counter for only five seconds.  I thought about just burning the house down after his bowels expelled that.  By the way -- it is okay to give dogs Kaeopectate pills for relief.  My vet said so.


  14. I'm starting to hate Brighthouse more and more.  I too have the digital phone and it ain't working too well.  Have you had them reset yours yet when it just decides not to work sometimes... And God forbid we get a light rain... and this phone is supposed to work on battery back up during a hurricane.  Yeah, right.  I think I'm going back to Bellsouth for the phone.  Aug 5th, man that hurts!  I'm laughing my butt off about the dog and the pizza.  Hey haven't seen ya around in a while- stop by soon- back to my coffee and to think of like my 6th journal entry... oh and ps. midnight is early for us too.  Hugs,

  15. PS Love the picture of you in your sidebar!  What a great background there too!  Have a great weekend and maybe by next week I'll have a pic of me in mine or the kids or something interesting.  


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