Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I'm feeling kind of down today.  Who knows why...  Strange, considering it's black as pitch outside at 4:00 because of a storm rumbling around....and y'all know how much I love storms and darkness.  Maybe it's just a lil hormonal displacement... (aka PMS?)

I'm feeling annoyed, also.... if you all remember, the girl who caused our car accident in February was paying us back for the property damages and medical.  Then she 'lost' her job, and became pregnant.  Then the 'boyfriend' was repaying us.  The boyfriend mentions in casual coversation to Jesse once that he 'isn't planning on paying ALL of her bills...'  whatever that means...  So...fast forward to this week where the boyfriend is not calling us back.  Yeah, he's a little behind in paying and hmm.... did I happen to mention they moved?  Too bad that Jesse has his work number, right?  pfft.....  Am I rambling?  I think I am, but I'll bet you all know what I'm saying.... I'm not one to be a vindictive sort, but dang it.....he does not want to piss me off.  I'm still limping when I walk and this scar from the chest tube isn't going away....so yeah, who's gonna look more pitiful walking into a courthouse?  The pregnant chick or me?  Pregnancy is temporary....the stuff I'm going thru is permanent.  I just think it's slightly strange that somehoew she dropped off the face of the earth and now we're dealing with the 'boyfriend'.  Anyway...I'm just venting, I guess.....

I'm really wanting to go buy myself a new bed set.  After I saw Lisa's room, I was bummed...because I think it looks so pretty...and I went to look at my room and went 'Oh my gawd....I hate this room....'.  Maybe a lil shopping will cheer me up, right?

Anyway....I guess I'll leave the entry on a high note.  ::pause::  Yes, that was sarcasm.  Heh.... ok, I'm a lil off my game today....humor me.


  1. ive had an off day myself, soi join the club...lol

  2. It's the weather...look around on the other journals, a bunch of us are feeling like anything but bloggers. I'm sure its a passing thing. rich

  3. OH man It may come to taking her to court soon becuase OCT is the dealine to attache someone income tax. Youd ont want to wait past that and the ball needs to get rolling to get it before them. Its cloudy here and rainy for hte next few days. We are going camping this weekend hope it goes away then. man that girl sounds like she is trying ot get out of it. I would just go to court and get it over with. Ithink she was or is stalling you. Okay HUGS to amy. LOVE you girl bad mood or not. yeah maybe dye your bed spread or some thing radical but cheap. I wish I could come help you.

  4. Hey a friend of mine took a feather duster and in another color swashed (is that a word) it across the walls for neat effect. get some cheap material sew some pillow covers and thrwo some scarfs or stuff around the room. dye a rug or get cheap burlap and dye it and sew over to slip over your rugs.

  5. grrr......what an idiot that girl is...I heard from our insurance guy that the woman who hit is, tried to say we jumped in front of her. Funny, we were stopped when we got hit and we were at a red light...hmmm...

  6. Of course shopping is our genders way of dealing with stress.  Go buy you that new bedding set!!!!  Make yourself feel better!!!!

    I think it sucks the girl is not taking responsibility for her actions.  Can't the law do anything?  Can't you take her to small claims or something?  Seems a judge should ORDER it to be paid, after all, she was at fault!!!!!  You deserve some justice here!!!!!

    Lifting you up in prayer!

  7. Tke 'em to court!
    You and Jesse have been more than gracious and yet you two were the ones who have suffered.

  8. xxmikeysmommiexxJuly 12, 2005 at 8:35 PM

    i know how u feel about the wreck an the permenancy of the scars. My is permemnt to and I get shit . ur friends rooms nice i like it. mynes bland to lol.christian

  9. I have had it with trying to make my room enjoyable.  No matter what motif I pick, a year or two later I want the walls painted...it's been three years and I haven't mentioned that I want the walls painted cream...they are maroon right now, I think he'd divorce me if I asked him to paint over that!

  10. You have my sympathy Amy.  I can understand the boyfriend not wanting to pay all her bills but if he made an agreement with you and your husband I'd suggest contacting a lawyer and seeing what you can do to make sure the legal agreement is enforced either by her or him! -Dawn-


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