Monday, July 25, 2005

Good grief, somebody help me...

So, the question is this.  I am having font difficulties.  My computer was fine a few days ago, but it seems that when I view webpages or journals, for the most part, the font is so teeny tiny that I'm squinting at the screen like a blind woman.  When I checked the LiveHelp thing and talked to...whoever....they told me to fix my stuff through Internet Explorer.  Cool, I thought.  Well.  It's not working, and I'm at the end of my patience.  Right now as I'm typing this, the font size is 14.  It LOOKS like size 10 to me.

I've got a headache from trying to figure this thing out.  Somebody help me out.  Emails will be most welcomed.


  1. I suffer the same thing too! ugh  sometimes it helps to just type my posts out in an e-mail but I still have to adjust the font.  
    I know my hubby and children have differnt font settings for thier compter screens (because some one got into somewhere they shouldn't of and monkeyed with settings) so I wonder if some one has messed with mine too.  Just too lazy to go and see.

  2. right click on your desk top when the properties comes up you can cahnge it in there. If you need more info I can try to send you that  But I think you ll figure it out in that properties box. Oh you can calso go to control pannel and do fonts there and monitor or something let me go look and make sure whats it named

  3. Okay its called display ijn the control pannel and hten you go to appearance and then you go to advance too if you want .

  4. Dang, don't know what that is all about, maybe you really do need glasses, and the font is just fine.  Te hee hee hee!

    I type my entires most of the time into wordpad, by hitting ctrl-D, anyway...I used this weird font and everyone saw comic sans, not the font I used, even though I see it, no one else does, whatever AOHELL!

  5. I think My78Nova has steered you in the right direction.  You may need to restart your computer after you change the appearance settings in the display section of the control panel.  If this doesn't work, email me and I'll try to offer something else to try.

  6. if it helps your font looks 14 here.

  7. alilcountrycharmJuly 25, 2005 at 4:36 PM

    OMG! This has happened to me a thousand times! Mine is "caused" by my heathren children playing on my computer! LMAO. "IF" you have a mouse with the little wheel in the middle, hold down the ctrl button on your keyboard and roll the mouse back and forth until the font size changes....HOPE this helps sweetie ;o)
    Love & Hugs,

  8. this has happen to me before and after I restarted my pc it fixed itself!  Hopefully it'll got back to normal again!

  9. Mine does that too. Seems to be on the 10 or 12 pt. type and that's it. Not sure how to do the internet explorer thing either! ~ Lori

  10. My advice:  Run your virus scan. :)


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