Thursday, July 21, 2005

It's currently 3 AM here in Florida and I can't sleeeeeeeeppppp...aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh  

I was READY for bed at 9, but THAT never happens, so by 12ish, everybody finally started settling down.  I laid down, Adrian snuggled me on one side, Jesse snuggled me on the other, and they both fell asleep....leaving me to lay there listening to them snore and sweat from the body heat they were both giving out.  Blehh....  I had the fan AND the A/C on high and I was still hot as Hades.... SO THEN....I decide I'm going to get up.  OF COURSE they are both wrapped in blankets so tight that I was mummified.  I actually had to get out by going UP AND OVER the top of the comforter.  WALK down the bed, praying I don't fall.....step over the dog....(oh, did I forget?  He was sleeping on the bed, too...)....step over the other dog....step over the baby gate....(yes, let's not trip on that and fall, therefore busting my face open at 3 AM with a trip to the ER....please.)  

Good grief.....  

Yeah, yeah....I bitch about it, but y'all know there's nowhere I'd rather be.... well, .....uhmm...nevermind....yeah, nowhere I'd rather be.  Except forrrrrr.............what?  oops,, you're right...nowhere......I'd......hmm.....  OK....OK.... there's nowhere I'd rather be....  really. 


  1. I've always been jealous of people who can sleep that soundly.  Bastards!!  I cuss under my breath at the sight of my lazy cats as they slumber so peacefully FOR HOURS.  I always offer to trade lives with them and they never answer.  Smart cats.


  2. Well you know I have had those nights all week long!!!!!!! STUPID Dog Sasha is keeping me up all night There is a kitten hanging around outside our door and she wants to love on it so bad. she whines and crys to go out all night . Yes I get mumified with two big dogs on the bed and Todd Makes it hard to get up and out and by the time I struggle to get out I m really wide awake. UGH!!!! But yeah gotta love it. I love that pic you got up there. so sweet.

  3. I wish I could sleep with everyone around me....but not happening.  I snuggle for a few minutes and then that's about it...too hot...too sweaty for me.  
    Cute graphic!!!

  4. awww sweetie lol sounds like u had quite  a challenge gettin on ur computer LOL sorry you couldnt sleep i think it was in the air lol b/c i didnt sleep worth chyt eitehr :( oh well better days ahead muahzz

  5. Hey Amy....
    I agree I cant sleep with people too close to me I also get too hot to fast I think it's hormones or mentalpause who knows! Sometimes I also have fan and a/c going makes it cooler in the bedroom. Yesterday our ac was dripping water onto the carpet so we turned it off BOY was it hot like sardines in a can so at 12am I replaced it with our other ac and worked much better...its nice in the room and cooler in the house. Congrats on not waking anyone up or taking a trip to the ER.
    Hope to keep in touch with ya and have a great day stay cool. zyour aol buddy Sara

  6. Ditto!  It is freakin' hot in FL!  I moved to H*e*l*l* when I moved to FL!  Yikes!  I say this to myself in the hot traffic at high noon on my way to visit properties.  I'm sweating getting in and out of the car going into air conditioned apartments that don't even feel like the a/c is working!  And yep, I'm sweating at night too.  I think this is leading to early age process.  Are we cooking while we sleep?  This is the time of year I don't like FL.  

  7. My mom,the day of my cousin,Linda's,wedding tripped over the baby gate,fractured her nose and cut her leg open.  I swear Amy I actually looked at he and said,"Oh,for crying out loud the baby was smarter then that."  What happened was the gate was not latched in and Austin pushed it aside!  My mom stepped over it and got her foot caught on the top.  Sorry you couldn't sleep. Next time a hot bath or shower before bed.  -Dawn-


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