Sunday, July 17, 2005

Little bit o' this....little bit o' that...

  So....the BARF.  They love it.  I'm having fun with it.  We went grocery shopping the other day and didn't have to walk down the pet food aisle and it felt really weird.  LOL It was kinda funny though, because I had bought a few jars of baby food (to use instead of water when I'm processing the vegetables) and the cashier said ' y'all have a baby?!'  (because only Jesse and I went shopping - not the kids) and Jesse laughed and said 'Well...yes, but they've got 4 legs...' then he explained my whole deal with the dogs and she was impressed/interested because she has 4 dogs of her own.  It gives us something to talk about, that's for sure.  I never really realized how many people dote on their dogs...     

Anyway, after the longgggggggg grocery shopping deal, I was tired, so Jesse made some steak and salad for dinner.  While I was eating, I just got overwhelmingly tired....and he looks at me and says ' you need a night of babying?' I going to turn THAT down?!  I think not.  Strangly enough, the kids went to bed easily, so we didn't have to keep telling them to turn down the TV or go to sleep or stop drinking a gallon of water before they went to bed...and I got to go to bed early, myself....which meant a massage.  After a mixed drink and a massage, it took me about 10 minutes and I was snoring....  Of course, this morning I woke up looking like Don King because Jesse massages my scalp and my hair gets all knotted.  LMAO    

In other fabulous news from my life..........I got a new mouse!  Err...a computer mouse.  LOL  I'm not really the little white squeaky animal type.  It's wireless!  Y'all have no idea how many times the other mouse would get stuck in the sliding ...thingie....where you put the keyboard and it slides in or out..... (what?!  you all know you're impressed by my technical knowledge!)  OR.....the dog would insist  on going under the desk and laying there, but he wouldn't see the mouse wire and the mouse would go flying out of my hand because he pulled the wires.  So.  After Ryan got her laptop with the wireless mouse, I was telling Jesse 'Look now.....I need me one of those, too!'  Since we were at the BX yesterday, he picked up a mouse for me while I got the kids a new Spanish CD.  (Not a CD in Spanish.....a learning learn Spanish...)  I must is super cool.     

and..........I know many (all?) of you were saying 'Just take that girl to court!  What are you waiting for?!'  (the girl who caused our accident)  Well.  You know.....we just wanted the damages paid and to move along.  Seems like a reasonable request, right?  Well, on Friday, Jesse went to pick up the final payment for the property damages.  After he noted on the paperwork that they had finished paying the property damage, he asked them (them being the girl and her boyfriend) how they wanted to work out a payment schedule for the medical.  The medical is not that much, because most of it was taken care of already.  I would say it's under $3,000.  So, Miss Thang gets a wild hair up her ass and says 'Is this the final total?' and Jesse says 'Well...I don't know.....Amy is still having severe pain, so I'm sure there will be a random doctor visit for her knee and chest...' and she says.....'I'm not paying it then.'  The jokers then go on to inform Jesse that since she is pregnant, she probably won't be getting a job until February.  February?  Ohhh....February!  The month that the statuate of limitations for sueing y'all expires!  THAT February!  I get it now.  (Idiots...)  Then she goes on to say that they can't afford to pay us because she is pregnant and has a child to support now and they are a one income family.  Jesse looks at her and says 'I have three existing children and we are a one income family.  My wife doesn't work.  Next excuse?'  She says ' know I lost my job because of the transportation boss was driving me to work and.....'  (Now.  My honest belief is that her boss liked her very much.  She brought in a lot of money for him.  He lookedout for her in a big way.  I find it odd that he would just fire her.  I think that she said 'Hey...I'm pregnant and I can't be around these chemicals anymore...' and the boss said 'OK...don't worry about it...instead of quitting, I'll just fire you so you can collect unemployment.'  I mean...I try to be optimistic and find the good in people, but come ON now....)  Jesse looks at her and says 'Well...first of all, I know you don't need a car or need to drive because your license is still suspended and it's against the law to drive with a suspended license and no insurance.  Secondly, many people do not have cars, some even willingly, and they take the bus to work.  I don't understand your dilemma.'  (haa....points for you, Jesse...)  So of course she got pissy and said she wasn't paying the medical and that we would just have to take her to court.  <smirk>  Let's take bets!  Who's going to win?!  Even if we aren't awarded any money, it's worth it just to go to court and annoy her now.  Heck, we'll even be able to have her pay the court fee (umm...because that small amount is worth it.....just for amusement factor).  Jesse's boss gives him time off whenever he asks, so that's covered..... so now it'll just be a pissing contest....and hey, we all know guys can pee further than girls.  (or at least in this case!  hee hee) so.....  ahh.....there'll be some journal entries out of this, at any rate!    Jesse did say he was glad I didn't go with him to pick up the last payment, though, because I would have come away really upset.....and I was like 'Upset?  why?'  He said 'Her boyfriend started saying 'Well...if you would have had your seatbelts on....your wife wouldn't have gotten hurt....'  "  Jesse was like 'First of all, that's offensive.  Our seatbelts were on.  WE didn't cut in front of anyone recklessly.  Second of all, you as a collisions guy (he works in Collisions at a car dealership) should know better than that, so you're grasping at straws.........'  and Jesse went on...  The thing about Jesse is that he can remain calm in almost any situation and still get his point across in a clear 'Don't even try to F with me' type way.  It's fun to watch really is.  So anyway....that's that for that.  At the very minimum, biotch is getting her license revoked, even ifI have to <bleep> the judge.  Err...I mean... heh..... and fun fun....


  1. lmao ,Will this girl ever get a brain.
    she needs to think before she tells her little fictional tales.
    On the mouse...had 1 loved died and i bought 1 with a ball ontop that stays in one spot...hate

  2. Yum!! Steak and salad!  Two of my favorites!  You lucky girl... and a massage to boot!  Hope you get things worked out with the full of excuses not to pay girl... and go Jesse!  I love it when the men work these things out with all that cool and self assured demeanor that reminds us of at least one of the wonderful reasons we married them!  A man that can cook, massage, protect, defend and stand up for his rights is so attractive!  I remember when I first met Rob.  He was so strong and tall and self assured.  Standing there in the moonlight I knew I was gonna marry my Rob.  You have a good man there girl!!  

  3. WTG, Jesse!!!!

  4. Glad you are not giving in on this, as I seem to being doing over some of my probs. Just not well enough to chase them. Have thrown the towel in, when I know I should have seen it through. But person who caused me unwarranted problems has a lot ot answer for. My confidence is shot, I am therefore walking away from surgeons and trying to live life as normal as possible. Whatever happens, I really don't care.  Just making the most of every day and hope nothing goes wrong too quickly.
    Take care, be happy
    Sylvia x

  5. domesticatedchicJuly 17, 2005 at 3:31 PM

    Well then, I have caught up on the J of yours.. as my alerts under my other screename weren't working for your journal.. wierd? Anyway.. good luck with taking her to court and all that.. I'm sure you will win.. who cares if she is preggy.. that is such an excuse.. fact is, they drove recklessly , and hit you guys.. end of story.. I hope you do win.. Sorry you are still hurting.. hows the lung?? :) Mel

  6. Go Jesse!!!!
    I really admire both of you for taking the high road through most of this despite how much yopu guys have physically suffered.
    But at this point, I say take the little brat to court. You guys have extended more than enough patience and grace than this girl deserves.

  7. I say take her to court and FRY her! Pregnant, shmegnant..... she messed up and needs to take responsiblility for her irresponsiblility!

  8. We had a wireless mouse with our first computer.  My mouse has a mind of its own lately.  Guess I am in the market for a new one too.  So sorry the way things are going for getting your money from the accident.  I do think a judge would rule in your favor.


  9. Love the barf cashier story Now how cool is that a massage and rub down and getting t osleep it off an all WAY TO GO JESSE !!!!!!!!!! Oh how we want a wireles moust for our pc!!!!! both actually but especially the lap top  NOW YOU GUYS go girl take her to court. She will eventually have to pay and you can take her income taxes away from her with a court order before feburary and she cant do a thing abouT it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO JESSE AGAIN!!!!!!!!  Keep us posted. Man she should just pay up and get over her self!!!!!!!!!

  10. I never thought we would sue anyone, but we did last year and got a good settlement.  Our van door's lift gate broke and fell off the hinges onto me. Later on, it was recalled and turns out Dodge caravan doors had been falling on people for eleven years before they recalled it!  I am left with a permanent injury.
    I would take the girl to court. She needs to see that she has to pay up on her obligations. If she doesn't...she will hurt other people along the line. I know a good attorney who practises in Ohio and KY.  :-)

    love, Kas

  11. Jesse is a goddamn PRINCE!!  I need someone like him looking out for me.  You're a very lucky young woman.


  12. See,I'd all ready have sued her for the accident.  You suffered injuries. You will continue to suffer from the injuries you recieved.  There's no excuse for her not paying you.  What she wants to do is wait out the statuate of limitations is up.  Call a lawyer and see what your next step is because she shouldn't be totally off the hook while she's pregnant.  You could actually sue her insurence company if you want.  Amy,it's easier then it sounds.  Trust me.  Just call some lawyers,find one you feel comfortable with and sue the little wench.  She obviously expects you to feel sympathic towards her condition but she feels no compassion towards you!!  -Dawn-

  13. Hey where can I find a Jesse for me??????????


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