Friday, July 1, 2005

%&#$*&@#$ &^%$(@# times two

For once, I'm doing a morning entry.  Why?  Ohh...I've got something to say.

First of all, I posted the link in the previous entry as to why animals shouldn't have milk.  Check it out if you wanna know.  

Now then.  Yesterday was not a day I want to repeat.  (Amy thinks back to Groundhog Day.  Good grief - poor Bill Murray.  Anyway...)  I was sitting at my computer yesterday, around 5:30 or so.....when the computer and light in the room shuts off.  Weird because the rest of the house still had power.  I figured a breaker had popped, so I put on my shoes and headed to the door to go look, whenthe rest of the housewent dark, too.  I had heard a pop sound, but I didn't think much of it.  I went out the back door, stepped off the porch (it was raining, like it has been for the past week now), and slipped.  Yep, I slipped.  On the step.  and it was not pretty.  We'll just leave it at 'My lower back and hand are currently not going to be touched.  By anyone.'  and I wrenched the bad knee.  Oh...and guess what...I also caught whatever cooties the kids had been passin around.  Say it with me now 'What the <word that rhymes with duck>?!'  Ohhhhhhh but that's not the end of it.  Come on, it's ME were talking about here....  after I was able to get up and hobble my way over to the breaker box, which looked completely fine.....I went back into the house and Ryan said 'Remember that pop we heard?  Maybe its Thelma's power lines again...??'  I should pause to mention that last year, the neighbors trees, which are tangled in the power lines, knocked power out, sparked all over the end of the street, and generally caused us all to think that it was only a matter of time before a live wire came flying our way and burned the <insert expletive here> house down.  We told her she needed to cut the trees down, but she is 85 yrs old and thinks that it should only cost $100 to cut down 5 trees and she's not paying a penny more.  @@  Dumb ass.  Let's just risk everyone getting electrocuted because your dumb ass doesn't realize it's 2005 and inflation has hit since 1975, ok?!  ::deepbreath::

So.  Indeed it was the power line that had snapped.  A tree fell over in her yard and ripped power lines down .....about three poles worth.  I called the electric company and told them of the outage, and then waited for Jesse to come home.  He got home about 10 minutes later, so I was showing him what happened...and he sees the neighbor sitting in her yard calm as can be oblivious to everything (umm....hello...even to the fallen wires and broken tree that happens to be about 20 feet away from her).  He jokes saying 'What'd you do?!'  She was like 'Huh?  what do you mean?'  Oh.  My.  <you know what I said> Gawd!  I had to go inside before I let loose.  Really.  

So, we wait for the repair guy to show up.  He finally does and we're like Yay!  .....only to have him look at all the wire carnage with a 'WHATTHEHELL?!' face and say 'Uhhhhhh...I'm going to have to go back and send the big trucks out for this.'  (you think?)  

This started at 5:30.  The trucks finally came at......7ish.  That was ok, I can understand what our ranking is...especially since it was only our house without power. are LIVE POWER LINES ON THE GROUND.  Yeah, let's just have it rain a little harder and see what happens, shall we?  'Oohh.....look at the pretty colors!!'  ::ahem::  Anyway.  The THREE trucks come rumbling down the street.  7 guys are all standing there with their arms crossed staring at the wires.  They stared for a good 10 minutes.  Meanwhile, the kids are just sitting at the window looking at these guys like 'Pleeeeeeeeease fix it I want to watch TVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV'  (oh, it was sad...)  So.  After about 15 minutes of them staring at it, one guy knocks on our door and tells us they ALL have to go back and get splicing equipment and what have you.  WTF?!  Didn't the first guy TELL THEM this?!  ugh....  (Let's keep in mind, that now, the pain from my back is going into overdrive and I'm not even trying to smile politely.  I'm just ......there.  Vicodin, Motrin, Drixoral, Tylenol.  Hell, all I needed was a shot of tequila and life would have been allllllright....but I didn't think about it.)  

They leave.  I looked at my crockpot of roast and said 'Screw it...we can still make tortas...' so we got out the propane grill......and grilled our bread in the dark.  @@  I should say that soon after the first guy left, Jesse went over to the other neighbors' house and went to hook up a generator, only to have it not work, so then the neighbor was like 'Duh...just run an extension cord to my least you'll be able to plug in the fridge, freezer, TV, & fans.....' so we did.  But, basically the whole house was dark except for the TV and the lamp in the kitchen.  I should mention ....that being in FL with no A/C for the whole night is not exactly a joy, but I digress.  We ate dinner....watched Cartoon Network.....yada yada.....and finally around 1 AM when we all realized the trucks weren't coming back any time soon, we brought the extension cord down the hallway and plugged in fans into our bedrooms and went to the very very dark house.  (well, *I* was OUT....I already had enough meds to bring down a horse, don'tcha know...)  Jesse tossed and turned and was about to off himself cuz he was so hot, but I was ok since the fans were on.....  

..and about 3 AM, Ryan comes in and says 'Mom....Dad...the trucks are back....'  Jesse hopped up and went to turn off lights that we had left on accidentally.....and we waited for relief.....  About 45 minutes later..... we had A/C.   

We saw that the guys had cut down the tree that got caught up in the power lines, and I'm sure the neighbor is pissed...  "Oh, that tree is one me and my late husband planted 95 years ago!!!"  Whatever.   

So.....I woke up this morning feeling like C.R.A.P.  (eh....but I look good, so what does it matter, right?  Hee.....)  I haven't started to officially bruise yet, but time will tell. repeat of this day again, please.  Oh, wait.....hurricane season is here.  ::sigh::  We probably WILL have a repeat.  Hmm...  I'll just stay off the damn porch next time, though.....    


  1. ugh! I'm frustrated for you....break out the tequila girl!

  2. Yeah you know you were just practicing for hurricane season! lol* No, I'm sorry I don't mean to laugh but .. well you were kinda funny .. with your rhyming expletives and all.. however.. I hope that you won't be hurt too bad.. that was kinda sucky.. And as for the 85-90 yr old neighbor.. they dont understand much about 2005.. lmao* I cant believe how slow.. they were to do something about fixing it.I know how that no AC deal is in FL...ducks butt! lol* :) Mel

    Here's to a better day now..

  3. WEll amy I di dhave that extra margarita for you. I guess it did not help dang it . But sure felt like it to me. LOL Man you had a night we have been 100 last week or so and I cant immagine not having ac. OH wait yes i cna when I first got this house it had no central air and all I did was lay around wit a fan and wash rag dipping in water. You poor thing. I hope yourback gets better. Yes old people are funny my granny two houses down is 85 and there is a dead tree under the power lines she wants my hubby to chop it down I siad no way granny teh elcetric company will get it for free its UNDER and touching thier wires. She cut off alimb I keep saying they said NO IF YOU call its on your property then they will do it they said if it touches a wire it could kill whom ev3er she says I wnat Todd to have the wood  I said granny the wood aint no goo d if hes dead yet she persists. Man OLD people my granny chism was not this way!!!!!!!!!

  4. ::passes that vodka bottle back to Amy::  
    Hope you're back and hand feel better soon, sweetie.  Oh, and you did know that Vicodin has Tylenol in it, right?  Don't take too much of either if you're taking both...wouldn't want you to OD.  Ick.  (((((((Amy)))))))

  5. poor thing!!!!  feel better!!!

  6. alilcountrycharmJuly 1, 2005 at 11:23 AM

    ((((AMY)))) You poor girl! What a hell of a day sweetie! Get out that tequilla tonight and relax a bit ;o)
    At least they cut that damn tree down so THAT doesn't happen again.....
    ((((((LOTS OF HUGS TO U ALL)))))

  7. Oh Amy, you poor thing, and I thought I was having problems.  Hope your injuries heal quick and soon.  Glad you got your power back on.  I do know what living without AC is like 'cause I live in Alabama which is hot as hell for the "nine" months of summer and we do not have AC throughout our house, only in the living room!!!!!!  Tell Jesse to count his blessings, he only had to put up with it one night, I do EVERY day and night!!!! :(  At least in our house in Colorado, toward evening, we could open windows and turn on the attic fan and it would cool the whole house off.  I have a ceiling fan and a double window fan in my bedroom, but on these really not humid nights, ain't too much help.  One night it stayed in the 70's ALL night. :(  We are either going to get a $5 pizza from Little Caesars tonight or go to Durango's, our favorite Mexican restaurant, and eat Quesadillas!!!!
    Don't feel well and I ain't cookin'!  Hope today is a MUCH better day fer ye!!!


  8. Sorry about all the stuff you had to put up with, but if it makes you feel any better, you did a great job telling the story about it :)


  9. Great story, too bad about your fall! Stay "cool" and good luck during hurricane season!! rich

  10. What a great read Amy, you really have a way with words. Know what it's like to be without power though, living in a small village. We are always "going off", up to 24 hours is not unknown. What is so annoying when we have electricity cuts, is the fact that we can see the "Snowdome" lights running full blast in Milton Keynes from here. The Snowdome is an indoor artificial skiing slope, with real snow, 24/7, 52 weeks of the year! Folks can ski indoors on a summers day, while we put up with constant electricity faults. That's life I suppose. Take care.

  11. PS   I loved that Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day too.  It was pretty funny and I can see why you wouldn't want to repeat this particularly joy-filled day!  

  12. Wow!  I would be so upset!!  I am feelin' for you girl!!  Glad the power is back on and that you had the good sense to see what was going on and get the help on its way and keep the kiddos indoors.  See, me, mrs. too busy for anyone's good--I wouldn't have looked up, down or out straight ahead and therefore ... well, now you know why God sent me to this house that has underground wires around here in these parts due to some new hurricane law.  Good thinkin' about doing dinner on the grill too!  You are the one I would want with me in a crisis!!  I'm so glad your hubby got home to help too!  Yikes!  Anything to do with power down lines is nothing to play around with... and I had a good laugh when your journal talked about the guy coming with one little itty bitty truck and then the three trucks of men just staring at it for ten minutes!  Like c'mon guys... action, somebody?!  Glad you are all safe and sound now.
    Sending Super Hugs Your Way and hope you feel better from that fall!!

  13. I LOVE "Groundhog Day"!   The nest time the lights go out --- you should just unwrap a big package!!  :D  I love that only you and I get that reference!!!   xo, Russ

  14. Wow that sounds like something that would happen to  me.  LOL what a day you had.  I pray you don't repeat that.  Nicki

  15. If you could fall into the footsteps of Bill Murray in Groundhog day, you could have caught the branch before it hit the power lines the 2nd go round.  :)  Then you could have taken those piano lessons you always wanted and steal from Wells Fargo.  :)  Sorry about your day.

  16. Woman, you're a walking injury!  You poor thing...


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