Sunday, August 7, 2005


  Well.  The cable people did voodoo in my general direction and finally I have some sort of decent internet accessibility.  It was fairly amusing to be here with the cable guys.  Here's how our conversations went:   ' works now!....oh doesn't work.....ok, what'd you do?  it works now.  You didn't do anything?  WTH?  oh!  ok...don't move!  Can you stand on your head and do an arial split while.....what?  that's overtime pay?  oh. know...gotta do what you gotta do.....'  ::ahem::  Anyway.  I'm going to be getting a discount on my bill.  I hope.  I don't flash the wares to just anybody to get a discount, you know....but this was the cable guy!  (Collective 'ewwwwwww')    

ANYWAY........the drama that has been my life lately.  Where shall we start.  First, Jesse's mom had a stroke.  She had been in Mexico when the first one occured, and had several successive ones.  When she got back home, and had another one, the family hauled her off to the hospital.  (I should note that the MIL is one of those 'oh, I'm fine....' type people...)  She got an MRI and found out the specs of what had gone on.  Jesse was a nervous wreck though.  Well...I was too, but.....

So, then we move on to my sister in law.  She has Graves' Disease, and was not taking her medicine like a good girl.  Then she got into a car accident.  and didn't get herself checked.  and went on vacation.  We tore her a new one, and harrassed her mercilessly until she finally went in to get checked.  Enlarged & very bruised heart.  Erratic heartbeat.  Bruised this, battered that.  Blood test here, blood test there.  More harrassment from me.  The realization of her circumstances finally hit her so now we are waiting for test results on if she will need surgery or not.    

and dad.  He is overly medicated from various maladies, and finally his body said 'WTF?!' and he collapsed.  Possible stroke, but they're still hemming and hawing up there at the fabulous (or not) VA hospital.  His urinary/bowel capabilities shut down, he had temporary amnesia, oy....kidneys, liver, etc....  

   Meanwhile, I think I may need a touch-up to cover my grey.    

So, the good part about my that I got a curio hutch for free.  and a totally cute heavy <bleeping> table that Ryan claimed as soon as I got it in the door.  and a HUGE amazingly fabulous armoire for $150.00.  Oh, happy day for me, indeed.  My neighbor had called me saying 'Hey, come with me to help this girl I know move some stuff.....I'm getting this couch for my brother, but I think there's a hutch that you might like.....' so I said me something to do, right?  Well.  I walked into this house and gasped.  I was almost brought to tears.  Her decorational skills were those which you only see in magazines...and this was in the middle of her moving!  I 'oooh'd.  I 'ahhhh'd.  I made her laugh that I was so in awe.  I asked her if I could just live with her - minus the kids and all....  heh....  and then I saw the armoire.  I said 'OMG...where did you get that?!'  She said 'You like it?  You want it?'  At that point, I developed a stuttering problem.  She says 'Make me an offer!'  more stuttering.  She says "$100?  is that good?"  $100?!  $100?!?!!??!!?  She mistook my facial expression and said 'Is that too much, you think?'  WTH?!  I finally blurted out...'Yes!  YES!  I'll take it!  omg...yes!  YES!!'.  Now we have to figure out how the hell to get it out of her house and into mine.  LOL  I was asking my neighbor later, why the lady was getting rid of all of her stuff for cheap.  She said 'Oh....she's going to redecorate in the same style, but she just gets bored with her pieces.'    So, anyway....while I'm telling Jesse all this - because he's at his Reserves weekend.....I'm telling him 'If she asks you if you want any other stuff while you're over there, say yes.  I don't care what it is...just say yes, because all of her stuff is beautiful.'    

It was so nice to sit in my living room yesterday with my new hutch, in the dark (because of the rain), listening to classical music on NPR, and read.  I haven't felt that relaxed in a super long time.

(I forgot to add a thing or two....LOL A/C unit was leaking all over the floor...and kitchen sink is leaking, too.  I haven't decided if I"m cursed or blessed....hee hee)


  1. good god girl you must have been going crazy.

  2. Wow! No wonder you had no time for you Journal.... You must have been going NUTS with all of that going on. Hope everyone is doing better.

  3. Hey glad you ahd a relaxing time. can you post pics of your new treasures. ???????

  4. wow seems like hwen you get hit you get hit hard with familie things. thats what hapepend with us and our other things like home repairs it hit all at once. attic air in this heat and the fence repairs and all. but family and not taking care. I understand graves my aunt who has had th e heart transplant has it she dont take acre o f her self either and my granny who mows in our near 100 degree heat mid day well thats another story. wish to heck people would take care of themselves so we dont have to. I hope they are all better and IM glad you got the internet fixed. and GIRL you are so blessed man your good deeds paid off becuase the Gods rewarded you wonderfully with hat new nice furniture. can I go see that lady????????????? Man I d love some new stuff cheap .

  5. Sorry about your family hope it gets better soon. Tell this woman to start a journal & show all her decorating ideas for us!


  6. ..omg, what a past few days...I hope all the family gets busy getting better.....Kudos on the furniture chick...major score.


  7. I'm glad you're okay, sweetie!  I was worried.  We get to a certain age and suddenly our older relatives start breaking down.  SIGH.  I'm sending you a big hug!!  


  8. When it rains it pours huh?  Wow what a week.  And the cable was out??!!
    Hope things improve.  wait, where are you can I come get some of the furniture???

  9. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  J/K.  Just hang in there.  I'm sending some good vibes out to you that great things will come!  (like that armour)  Maybe you'll get a curio cabinet next!

  10. How funny, Bill is pursuing a job with the cable company as I speak!

    Well, I guess it could be worse as far as the strokes and Grave's Disease go, my SIL ended up bleedin so bad out her er um, back door, that she needed a pint of it happened is the best part...SEX!  Now that's something I should put in my J.

    Kudos on the curio!

    Atleast your A/C drips water, I have three new ones in my g-parents addition and they don't drip water, how odd, right?  It's gotta be going water in the walls either, which would be bad but atleast it would make sense.

  11. And how come there ain't no pictures to go along with those new pieces?????  Huh?????????  I vote you are blessed.  I have gotten many of my pieces in similar situations.  Some times it just pays to be in the right place at the right time!!!!

  12. Those cable people- OH I know what you been goin' thru girl on that subject!!  Sorry to hear about all the medical difficulties of late with everyone.  Those are some very serious issues there.  Wow what great furniture gains!!  Looking forward to seeing the pics.  Hope you have many more relaxing days with the classical music and the hutch.  Hugs,

  13. wow, nothing like finding a great bargain huh?? waiting for a pic of the new  hope all goes well with all of you relatives..

    Robyn :)


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