Thursday, August 25, 2005

A little 'outing'

Most of the journals I read are good for a smile, which is why I read them.  I have ALOT of daily reads.... more than just the lot that are in my Other Journals section.... and every once in a while, I read an entry that makes me think 'THAT entry deserves some pimping!' , so here it is. 

All I have to say is....Rachel....that speedometer has GOT to be wrong.  Right?!?!?!

Y'all go read it.  I'm thinking of doing an entry just like it...just cuz she dared anybody to do it....LOL

A Day in the Life


  1. I left this comment in HER journal, cause that is where your entry sent me, lol:

    I'm here 'cause my friend, Amy122389, sent me.  Guess I should not complain, I work out of an office at home!!!!  Of course, with EVERYTHING else I have to do at home, including but not limited to:  homeschooling my 13yo daughter, typing invoices for Hubby's interior trim business and keeping his books (oh the joys of being self-employed), taking care of a dog, three cats, and a fish, and trying to keep house, I think my employer wonders if I even work at all, lol.

    We all need to do an entry like this!!!!!  Might make each of us appreciate what WE have.

  2. yup I love that entry adn her idea of relaxation. cant wait to see yours

  3. I love Rachel's blog..... I would do an entry like this, but my normal day is just TOO boring <LOL>

  4. Thanks for the hook-up!  I have already had more comments than EVER in the history of my journal!  You rock, babe.  Also, for those thinking they're too "boring", forget it.  My life is very comfortably boring.  No excitement.  I hear young folks at work talk about their wild personal life, and I think "heck, I'm old.", yet, folks read that entry and care enough to comment?  Yeah, I'm doin' ok.  I love my boring life, and others care enough to talk about it.  Cool.  That's cooler than ice, baby!

  5. Isn't she awesome??  I've met her in person and she's a very delightful young woman!  As are you, Amy!  xo


  6. Thanks Amy for the lead to Rachel!  Too funny!!  I loved this entry she did!  I hate my alarm clock too!  It just keeps on waking me up to be stuck doing the same thing everyday all over again darn it.  Hugs,


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