Monday, August 15, 2005

Only in my world....

Another lightning storm occured this afternoon.....

Now that we pause to let that sink in......

Most of y'all know I try to find humor in life.  Laughter always makes things better, I think.  So.  Now let's imagine me laughing like a hyena after this occurance:

There I am, sitting at my computer, editing some stuff from my homeschooling group.  Suddenly, I hear this rumbling creaking noise.  I lean to my right and glance out the window, only to see my oak tree fall over into the other oak tree....uprooted.

WHAT IN THE WORLD?!  I started laughing because it was so frickin' hilarious.  Only in my world does something like this happen and I'm around to witness it.  I went outside to get a picture, and a big ol' branch dropped right in front of me.  Sooo......I decided to check it out from a safer inside the house. 

After that amusement, I sat down to write a 'You'll never believe this' email to a friend, I heard the same noise.  Another tree branch fell off of another tree.

Seriously - if it didn't happen to me, I'd never believe it....


  1. Hey, in my world too!

  2. hey but everyone knows you in your world LOL That is hilairous thans for shairng and after a restful vactaoin

  3. I was like this last year after the second storm... my hubby ran a tree company and we were headed back to get crews out (yes we were chicken and ran) ... we were driving down the road and a huge pine tree fell right in front of us... I was like ... now what are the odds.....

  4. My sister was driving not too long ago and had a tree limb fall almost on top of the car during a storm. She said that once she made sure the kids were ok, she laughed. Didn't really know what else to do, I guess.

    Glad everyone is ok.


  5. That is incredible! Be Careful geez! I did one better...went out in my stocking feet this summer during a storm to take pictures of clouds & the nice lightning...yep feet are no wet...not tooo smart! Ha!


  6. holy mollyyy lol !! i would have to laugh too hahhaha i mean not even like a hurricane came through better now then then  at least

  7. It is storming and lightening here tonight.. I ate dinner at a friends house and she was walking me to my car and lightening struck her light pole in her yard.. we both screamed and grabbed each other.. I hate these storms.. I guess I shouldn't be on the computer right now, since I already lost connection once... but it seems the storm has finally passed over.  Glad to hear the trees only hit each other and not your house or car.. OH boy now the clean up process.

  8. The lightening is awesome here tonight.  Sounds like it is going to be a big one.

  9. When the winds pick up too strongly --- you just grab onto a "big package" and hold on for dear life!!!    God, I'm sick.  I love it that you and I have a private joke!!!  


  10. Maybe you should "branch" out and start working as a reporter for Ripley's Believe it or not!! LOL rich

  11. Not had the lightening but some unusual ard rare storms here just lately.......Me storming around every time something goes wrong. You should see me, better than a pantomime performance lol.

  12. Be careful!!!

  13. I found out last year Florida is also known as the lightening state.  This state should come with warnings all over it to all who enter.  It's got so many problems.  I won't even start.  Yikes, have a great day and try to stay away from the trees, windows... oh and we lost a tv, a nintendo 64, the original nintendo, another tv and a phone and the whole kitchen freakin' wall had to be rewired last year from a lightening hit.  Grrrr.  I was thankin' God at the time I was on a cordless when it hit.  Didn't even hear it til after.  Hit me and two neighbors.  Would have thought that God was tryin' to tell me something if it hadn't hit them too.  Hugs,

  14. Hey at least you are not my sister in law whose trampoline (bought last month) caused over $15,000 worth of damage as it bounced across the neighbor's roof and came to land sticking through another neighbor's bedroom wall!!!  Can we say read the directions?  And when it says anchor the thing if you live in a tornado prone area - do it!  Oh My.  Sorry about the tree though.


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