Monday, August 15, 2005

So, how was it?!

So.....we left on Friday afternoon...and drove straight into the cloud from Hell.  Figures, doesn't it?  LOL  It poured all afternoon.  But, it did clear enough for us to go swimming and since the waterproof camera has to get developed, you all don't get the sexy pictures of me getting half drowned.  So sorry to disappoint.  :-P

Anyway....I gotta comment on food servers we got in Orlando.  They sucked.  SUCKED!  Gawd!  We ate at Denny's.  The waitresses were either trying to hide and if they weren't hiding, they were screaming at the manager.  The food was nasty, but there was nobody to complain to.  Oh.  and nobody knew how to use the register to pay for our food.  <insert eyeroll here>  THEN....the next morning, we went to IHOP.  You know....the International HOUSE OF PANCAKES.  We got a Breakfast Sampler.  Makes sense that it comes with a little bit of everything, right?  Well.  The waitress delivered our eggs and ham/bacon/sausage and left us.  Uhhhmmmm.....isn't the WHOLE POINT of going to the INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF get PANCAKES?!  We were all finished and still waiting for pancakes.  Finally Jesse found a manager, who found our waitress, who tried to give us pancakes.  Hello.  We're done.  So Jesse said 'Um, no.  just discount that off the bill.  We've waited so long, we're not even hungry anymore.'  She says 'Oh...I can' all comes together.'  Jesse says ' go ahead and discount that....'  ROFL  We got up to pay and the manager said he would take care of our bill.  So...we expected to pay for what we ate, but if the manager was going to pay for it, well then fine...  BUT STILL..... we may as well hit the fast food places instead, because the food service we got sucked.

ANYWAY.....SeaWorld was fun.  We saw Shamu, and dolphins and walruses and penguins and....yada yada yada.....  The clouds we got on Friday were nowhere to be seen on Saturday.  I got a smidge burned and I think I'm 5 lbs lighter from sweating.  Ew.  good thing I brought deodorant.  The Wild Arctic 'ride' was THE COOLEST.  Literally.  Heh...

After thatday of heat.....we drove home (hour drive...)  and showered and crashed.  Sunday, we figured we'd just bum around the house.  We woke up late, made some breakfast, and then the clouds rolled in.  The lightning was so bad, that there were direct hits all around our neighborhood.  Sparks came out of my outlet in the living room.  Our phone went dead - which we found out later was because of a direct hit to the telephone pole.  It blew pieces of the transformer into the neighbors' yard...  so we have no phone, but we have broadband.  ???  oh well.  whatever.  Like I care.  I don't use the phone anyway.  andddd.....we went to go check out the armoire I see how the hell we were going to get it out of her house and into mine...and that was the extent of our weekend.  Oh...wait wait wait.....I take that back....  When we saw the neighbors all staring at the fried telephone pole, we stopped to talk and one of the neighbors (we don't know them.....nobody really socializes much) had said his water pump (well water) had gotten zapped and he had no water.  Jesse was like 'Oh...I"ll get my meter and check it out for you to see what needs to be replaced....' (the neighbor only speaks spanish so he was all happy to be able to explain what happened to Jesse....) and there's Jesse telling the guy 'Well. your pump took a direct hit and there's no electrical coming out of this end which means.....blah blah blah and I could jump it to work for now but you'll need to replace....blah blah blah....' and the guy is staring at him kinda weird-like and finally the guy says 'Umm...are you an electrician?'  Jesse laughs and says 'Well...yeah....I do HVAC/electrical/plumbing/etc'  <told you he's my Mr. Fixit>, so the guy thanked him for telling him what was wrong so he wouldn't get screwed by whomever came to repalce it.....I looked at Jesse later and said 'After that whole spiel about how you could jump this line to bypass that one, when he asked you if you were an electrician, you should have said 'Well, no...but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!' "  ROFL - - was a Radisson, but  (am I the only one cracking myself up here?!)

Hee more pictures to come...and I'm sure I'll remember some event later.....  :-)


  1. Thanks for the laughs & pictures! I love SeaWorld! Funny captions! When we went to the Flordia Sea World about 7 yrs ago (wow!) it was ungodly hot too! We were grateful to be in the "soak zone". I loved seeing the Clydsdales! If you get hot again...go see the March of the Penguins...real good & that will make you feel cooler when you hear of the temps. That reminds me I have to do my review.


  2. I am so glad it did not rain the ENTIRE time.  Hubby and kids and I went to "Nawlins" one weekend with friends several years back and it rained the WHOLE freakin' time we were there.  The only thing we got to do was go and walk the Riverfront (it was a HUGE mall).  We got to see a little of the French Quarter, but not near enough to suit me.  Maybe we can go again one day............

    Loved all the photos.  Can't wait to see the rest.......sounds like all in all, it was a nice trip.  'Cept for the food business, of course.  What a pain!!!!

  3. Im sorry the food was so bad. I love when you wait and wait and then its cold. i wont send it back because I have a friend whos a cook and he tells me what they do to your food if you send it

  4. Those are awesome pics! You have a beautiful family.   " )

    Sorry it rained so much while you were there and that you had such difficulties with food service. I hate that! We were at Chili's not too long ago and my food was awful. The manager took it off the check after offering to remake it and I declined.


  5. Hey Amy,

    I cant believe your wait service at the restranuts and I'd thought it was only me,Bill who got treated that way and we do not live in Florida. I just love the pics though. I havent been to sea world in years. Me,mo,dad used to go every summer but its been 11 years since I was last there. I love going to see the animals n shows. One day I will take my own kids. Sounds like you had a nice vacation except the rain storms. My kids do the same with there gameboys and I think they wouldnt know were gone either. My son walks around with his in his face lol. Were forever yelling at him to watch where he is going. Well seems like a nice family outing despite the rain and hot temps lol. I've been up for an hour and done no cleaning so I hope you get things fixed from the rain it seems everyone got those same rain storms but us in Michigan. Have a good day/nite. Keep in touch!

              Love ya your friend, Sara

  6. Fast food in Orlandos tourist district???   What the brochures and travel agants don't ever mention is that if you want to spend 3 days in Orlando, you need to book or plan a fourth day...cause that is what you will spend waiting to be served in a restaurant!!
     Sorry that you misundertsood the waitresses.....they are part of a Disney act that keep the customers entertained....obviously your servers were "Sleepy & Dozey" from the Snow White cast!
       Getawys are just so much fun!    Marc :)

  7. Excellent pictures and hilarious comments.  Sorry that the issue with getting your food but at least you had a story to tell, right?  


  8. cant wait to see you getting drowned girl. Man we sure could use some rain. none in over three weeks nad the ground is like concrete. We are suppose to go to ihop this weekend for a sending off of htecollege kids. GREAT just great. They better give me great service. I dont like driving over at 8 am sunday morning. But Do tell you that I loved the water pics and motel pics. Thanks for sharing it made me feel alot beeter sitting here.

  9. Slounds like you had a humdinger of a break and a free light show to go with it. Love a bit of thunder.

  10. G. and I went to SeaWorld and it wasn't that hot out.... course it was last December <eg>. Loved your pics and am looking forward to more!

  11. Sorry about the bad service in the restaurants in Orlando.. I experience it all the time.  It is sad... and I just wish I didn't get hungry and didn't have to eat... would save so much time and frustration.  Of all the theme parks I do enjoy Seaworld the best.. the shows at night are beautiful with all the lights.  GREAT PICTURES.. keep them coming.

  12. Pretty funny!  Your captions are hilarious.  I loved the seal.  We have also been getting really horrid service at restaurants in TN too.  What's up with that?


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