Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I am feeling wickedly depressed today.    Actually, the past few days have been not so fabulous.  eesh.....talk about mood swings.  

Oh... before I forget, I was walking the dog last night and almost ran into this.  Yeah...that woulda been really good... ugh...



  1. Awww, punkin.  I hope you're feeling better soon.  You need to get away from the heat and humidity for a while, that can't be helping.  And ::shudder:: about the spider.  Don't mind lizards, even snakes, but spiders I can't stand!

  2. I'm sorry, Amy.  Wish I could do something to cheer you.  I could get a picture of me mooning and send it to you.  Nah, on second thought that big A** in your face would probably scare you to death, lol.  Hope you feel better real soon.

    Sometimes, I find myself feeling down after coming back off a weekend off.  Wish I had the means to come get you and take you to Colorado.  The mountains and their majesty always made me feel better. :-)


    P.S.  So glad you did not run into the spider.  I don't like spiders like you don't like lizards, lol.


  3. If you want to feel better, think of the guys in Iraq, they'ld give an arm & a leg to be able to "just go for a walk" with their only worry being a spider, instead of a sniper! rich

  4. yeah that looks like one bad sucker. OH yeah I tell you thedepression is heavy latey. Hope you get over it.

  5. I know what you mean when so much is not going as you like it to....I'm finding reading biographies has helped. I see what they have all gone through & see that my problems are not as bad & that they actually gained strength from theirs, reminds me that I will also! I'm in Chris Reeve's first one & Maureen O'Hara's. I read Kirk Douglas, Michael J. Fox & Olympia Dukakis so far!



  6. Take heart in knowing that no one here, nor there wants to take away your happiness....but, like those ever faithful garbagemen, we'll happily cart your gloom away!
     Leave it on the curb!    

    as for the spider...call pest conrol!
       Time to take out the trash.........Marc :)

  7. Join the club Amy - "Depressive Bloggers".  Been at the bottom of the barrell myself just lately, but the sun shone today and it really helped. Depression is an uphill struggle though, sometimes one step forward and two back, before it begins to lift. Reckon it's mainly a hormone thing with us women, young or old. Hope the sun streams back into your life real soon. Take care.

  8. ewwwww i hate spiders


  9. EWWWW!  I hate spiders and anything spider like, 4 legs will do for me  I would have passed out if I ran into that!

    Hope you feel better soon, the blues suck.

  10. Mood swings should be called something else instead of something that sounds fun to ride......


  11. i am sorry you are feeling depressed. I have been fighting it for the past month or so.  I need chocolate, lots of chocolate...

  12. yukkkkkkk my worst nightmare!

  13. Ewwwww that is one nasty-looking spider and i hate them with a passion that one is just plain ugly too. Good thing you didnt walk into it.. I hear ya about feeling depressed you need to go out and GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been in your shoes for a couple months too. But things here are turning around slowly.
    Hope the same for you, have a goodnite, take care, keep in touch, I'm here for you need a friend to chat. Love ya your friend Sara

  14. Oh wow!  That's the second spider I saw in J Land this week!!  Yikes!  I just hate them too!!  So glad you didn't run into it.  They are so icky!!  Wish we didn't need insects.  I also wish I could remember why they are in our ecosystem (word I learned last year helping son through 4th grade- ha ha).  Hugs,

  15. Eeeeshh!  I hate spiders!  I know they're important to the ecosystem and blah, blah, blah -- but they freak me out majorly!  

    I'm sorry you're feeling down, honey.  I wish I could give you a hug right now.

    Would it help if I reminded you that you're quite awesome?  


  16. Wanna meet for a beer and a cry...or rant session...I have the yuckies too....I'll be your buddy~ E

  17. PS i hope that u get to feeling better soon I really do Im here if u need to talk. I dont get much emails or contacts since I went undercover

  18. OMG thats a big spider lord help ya! Im glad u didnt What kind of dog do u have? Umm ok lol

  19. I will squish the spider for you,,, but will run if I see any snakes...
    Ahhh mood swings, the highs, the lows, the happy the sads... the laughing, the crying.  Just ride it and share it with us!! There is bound to be one of us to cry or laugh with... what ever you need..

  20. (((Amy))) I feel you.. we can be depressed together.


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