Thursday, September 8, 2005

The 7

OK, nobody can tag me anymore, dang it!  I'm doing the 7 already!  Heh....


7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die  

1. Move to Alaska

2. Own a hobby farm

3. Go to Europe and buy antiques.

4.  Spoil my grandchildren

5.  Find a hobby that I love

6.  Travel

7.  Make sure that my family KNOWS how much I love them

7 Things I Can Do  

1. Make people laugh

2. Be nurturing and supportive

3. Spell (did ya know I was in the state spelling bee as a kid?!)

4. Cook well....I'm adventurous

5. Have patience

6.  Read fast

7. Drink caffeine all day and not be affected by it.

7 Things I Can't Do  

1. Type with my fingers on the right keys

2. Keep my house immaculate.  Mother of everything Holy, I'm drowning in a sea of papersssssss...

3. Resist babies

4. Kneel. 

5. Wholly trust people

6. Forget almost anything - names of people from 15 yrs ago, an old phone number....

7. I can't....wait to see my husband pull into the driveway every night.


7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex

1. Curly hair

2. Darker skin

3. Fabulous smile

4. Sense of humor

5. Giving nature

6. somebody who loves babies and animals.

7. Humbleness


7 Things I Say Most Often

1. Damn it!

2. What the HELL?!

3. Where's the cat!?

4. Well, where did you last have it?

5. You're hungry again?! 

6. Hold on...

7. Goofy

7 Celebrity Crushes  

1. Sean Connery

2. Taye Diggs.

3. Jacob Vargas

4. Mark Wahlberg

5. Ice Cube

6. The Rock

7. Richard Gere

7 People I Want To Do This

You!  You there reading!  I know you wanna do this!  You know you wanna do this.  Just do it already!  Oh, and leave me a link when you do. 


  1. I m leaving to go camping but I ll email you mine becuase I dont have time to do another journal entry........... But I love men who love babies and animals and long hair on men LOL I could have put go back to alaska on mine and should have.

  2., too on all your "cant's"....eeks!..The Rock, Gere, and the Marky Mark...DITTO!..all the rest, yep, that's you...too cool...I am not it.  E

  3. Now how could I forget The Rock and Richard Gere!!!!  Oooo, la la!

    We have that in common, I always wanted a hobby farm, but after reading Terrie's journal (grahamfarmha), I am beginning to wonder.  Sounds like lots of hard work.  Not sure I want to live in Alaska, but I would not mind visiting, as we have family there.  Anything with antiques is good!  Hey!  I am a good speller and a good cook!  Patience?  You gotta be kiddin'. ;-)  I read fast too.  I am not supposed to have caffeine 'cause I have previously had kidney stones.  Guess what I am drinking right now, a soda.  Guess what this soda has in it.  You got it
    C-a-f-f-e-i-n-e.  Can't kneel to well either, broke my patella a few years ago and never went to the doc 'cause we did not have health insurance and it healed back wrong. :-(  Hurts to even ride my bike.  Wahhh!

    P.S.  Thanks for playing.

  4. I did mine.  Hey, I can cook doggone it!  I "forgot"!

  5. wouldn't your hobby farm be the hobby you love?  LOL and I used to love Sean Connery until I heard that he made a comment aobut beating women....not nice

  6. I figured the things that would attract you to the opposite sex would be: being named Jesse, looking like a Jesse, answering when someone calls out 'Jesse', etc.  God, ya'll are so cute.  If I didn't love you, I just might be disgusted by it.  As it is, I'm just jealous!  And no, you can't make me do this 'The 7' thing.  You can't make me!!!!!  Unless I get really bored.  But you know me, it'll turn obscene at about #2....


  7. Oh baby....Ice Cube and the Rock....I LOVE them both too! Mmmmm, Great list! ;o)

  8. Oh I love it! Sean Connery & Richare Gere! Yum!

  9. Oh, Shit!  I forgot to add "The Rock" to my list of celebrity crushes!  

  10. Here is mine Amy!

  11. #7 under Things U can't do, how sweet is that?!?!?  I miss that little flutter I got in my chest when he pulled in the driveway and honked the horn.  

    Damn, he really needs to go back to work!  :}

  12. Wouldn't owning a hobby farm be a hobby you love?  LOL


  13. Yes Diet Coke has no effect of me anymore...what's up with that??


  14. The 7 things is my favorite thing going around right now.
    I am so enjoying reading everyone's and getting to know them better.
    Some are soo funny, and so revealing.  It is fun to learn what peoples dreams and passions are.


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