Friday, September 9, 2005

Do de do de do....

  So.  A few days ago, Jesse got a telephone recall.  What that basically when his superiors call him to make sure the phone number they have is correct, and also to find out how long he would need to get his business in order so he can be activated to Active Duty status.  Something for me to ponder.  Mississippi?  Louisiana?  Iraq?  1 Month tour?  6 Month tour?  a year?  ::sigh::  Bummer that the government owns his ass....and they can decide if they want to share the info or not.    

On another note, the weather around here has finally become tolerable.  Well, the past few days anyway.  Watch it go back up to 95 for the next month.  I'm going to barricade myself in the damn house with the shades drawn and the A/C down to 68 if it doesn't permanently cool off.  Screw the electric bill, right?  Blehhh....    

oh....and I was able to get an email from my sister in MS - who reports they are all ok, which was a load off my shoulders.    

Not much else going on in my world.....  I'm on a chocolate binge (all started by Rachel  lol) and then I read a report on the AOL News thing that chocolate (Dark chocolate, mind you - which is my favorite) is GOOD for you.  Hell, yeah. 


  1. Does this mean Jesse's about to be called in? duty, I mean.  Or is it just a routine thing?  I think at this point, I'd be fairly terrified....
    Not helping, am I?  Sorry.  Hang in there, you know my email is always open.

  2. It's been surprisingly cooler here too, which by the way I am loving.  I'm at the point where I do not even consider my electric bill, because I must be cool, and it's worth every penny to me!

    I guess I'll have to add dark chocolate to my healthy eating plan then!

  3. Mass. has been between 75 and 85 with no humidity thank god

  4. Gotta love our government!  

    Dark chocolate, as in Dove Dark Chocolate Promises, and Nestle SnoCaps?  I'll shall live forever!

    It's been beautiful here in Philly, averaging 80 degrees and no rain in over a week or for the next 5 days whoohooo!!!  We had such a humid summer, that if the weatherman even cries drought...I'm gonna freak.

  5. I hope if it is active duty, it is NOT Iraq.

    The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous and Alabama usually has NINE months of summer, lol.

    I am sooooooooo glad that your sis and family are all okay.  Yea!!!!!  I know that is a HUGE load off.

    I love milk chocolate or dark chocolate and if it has nuts, tis even better. ;-)

  6. Tell your hunky husband to give an open-mouthed kiss to one of his superior officers so that he won't have to leave you.  Sure -- it might be yucky for him, but he'll get to stay home with his beautiful wife and kids.  Run it by him.  ;)

    xo, Russ

  7. Glad your sister is all right.  You know, I was, like you, waiting for it to cool down, because I much prefer cool weather, but then I thought about this years' gas bills!  Our summer electric bill is much nicer than the winter gas bills, so I thought maybe it would be better and cheaper to run the air a while longer and put off that gas heat for as long as we could!

  8. Back from camping. LOL but ME I LOVE Chocolate I had way too much camping. Man you poor thing dont know how you deal with that recall phoen call worry. I hope you dont have to go. Yeah I threatened to turn the ac down and put on winter clothes and drink hot choclate. We got 90's too for a while looks like

  9. Hello......

    Wow! Sorry to hear about Jesse I hope he doesnt have too go anytime soon and leave you,kids behind. Good to hear that your sister is alright I've heard and seen alot from other people about the trouble they are having and the loses,etc of their houses and families. Yeah our weather here is going back up too into the 90s this week I also barricade myself in the house with the shades down when its hot outside but I do hate the sun. I also love chocolate and if you eat hersheys and save 15 wrappers with $2 shipping/handling they send you these vintage candy shirts theyre soo cute on I have send for one and another on the way in the mail.  Well I need to finish household chorces so have a good day and take care, keep in touch your friend Sara

  10. ..eeeks, my fingers are crossed for you and hubs....I have been on an eating binge in general...WTH?....thanks, now I want chocolate......  HUGS...E

  11. I don't care how High my electric bill is... I can't stand to be hot and sticky and sick feeling. I will cut corners and conserve other ways, but I keep it cool in my house so I can relax and sleep.
    Great to hear your sister is ok.  Glad you are eating the chocolate that is GOOD for you.. makes it easier to deal with the guilt.. ha
    Keep us up to date on Jesse duties!!

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