Tuesday, September 27, 2005

One of those....weeks?

  This past weekend, we were able to finish putting up the new fence.  120 new slats.  9 new 2x4s.  A Skil saw and a nail gun.  and it's done.  But, I hurt.  My muscles were hurting so much that I was hobbling around the house.  Sitting down was Hell, to say the least, but we did get that fence done, which is one more step towards moving.  I should add that working all day in 90 degree heat is not the best option, but you do what you have to, right?      

Yesterday....around evening time, I started feeling a little better....which was a major relief.  (I think I'm immune to Tylenol, btw...)  I was getting ready for bed....doing the typical stuff....water for the pets, make sure the kids are getting ready for bed themselves...and then I decided to walk the dogs.  I usually let them out one by one, because the Golden is overly exciteable, so while Paco is trying to pee, Gordo is there jumping all over him, and he looks at me like 'Mom, please.  Do something.'  so it's just easier for me to let them out one by one.  BUT, Jesse had sprayed the back yard with some bug spray, so I needed to walk them on a leash in the front instead of just opening the door and letting them out.  Paco is a good dog.  He goes out, does his thing, trots back up to the door and there he is.  But, I decided I wanted to just let Gordo out while Paco was out, too.  I put the leash on him, let him out the front door, he went bounding off after Paco, and I didn't realize how much slack I had left on the leash.  Turns out it wasn't that much.  If I had realized that, I could have let go before I was jerked forward.  The side of my face and my entire left side met with the porch pillar in the most painful way one can imagine.  Bad enough that I was crying for about an hour and a half, and Tylox didn't even help.  I laid in bed with an ice pack til 3 AM and it still didn't feel any better.  (I really felt bad because I couldn't help myself from crying, the pain was THAT bad....and Adrian was laying next to me crying because he felt so sorry for me.  We were a sad bunch, for sure...)      

At any rate, I don't think I will be doing much moving around today.


  1. OHmy Poor AMy if it can happenit happens to you girl. Im so sorry. I bet that hurt like hell.  I can see it now paco came running up to youa nd GOrdo never knew what happened. I sure hope your better today. glad your getting your fence done honey I know what fencing is like done it many times.

  2. Awwwww, poor Amy!

    The joys of being a pet owner, eh?

    Feel better soon, girlfriend.

    Love and prayers!~

  3. Oh OUCH!  Glad nothing was broken.  Ummm... you're sure nothing was broken, right?  ~Sie

  4. Sounds like your having a good time all round! Hope you stop hurting soon.

  5. Atleast your fence is finished! :0)

  6. ouch!!!!  poor Amy!  hugs

  7. OUCH!
    You poor thing. Take it easy.

  8. I am sorry that happened!  Ouch.  My Westie pulled the leash out of my hand this morning and there I was in my jammies, hoarse from a cold, yelling at him and my always looks perfect neighbor was driving by!  Nice.  But at least it didn't physically hurt!

  9. I hope you stop hurting soon. I can barely walk my girl right now. She's a two handed walk when we're out for her and it's just not happening with a broken hand.

    I'm glad your fence is done. " )


  10. OMG....OUCH! You poor thing....I hope you feel better today....do you have bruises????

  11. Holy crap!  I guess this was after you emailed 'goodnight' at me?  I think you'd have mentioned this if it was while we were still up last night.  Poor punkin  ((Amy)).  You should try Advil though, it'll help more with the swelling than Tylenol will.

  12. Ohhhh NO!!!  This sounds painful and I know you KNOW it's painful.  I'm sooo sorry.  I hope you are feeling better.


  13. OUCH! You poor thing.... and I second the Advil (Ibuprofin). Tylenol does nothing for me, but Advil (or other versions of Ibuprofin) help.

  14. WOW..just browsing thru J-LAND..ewww.hope you feel better...Hey sometimes we have to shed a tear....but soon you should be up and kicking!!! ~FLAVA~

  15. What with the fence building and the porch impact, it sounds like you're having a pretty painful time! Wishing you back to health asap. You poor thing, at least Adrian is there to show some sympathy. Is Paco out of the Dog-house yet?
    Tilly x

  16. Yikes!  You might wanna follow-up at the doctors, just to make sure nothing really serious happened.  Get some x-rays please!

    My dogs are the same damn way.  I let Maggie out, then Jake wants out..I open the door and he heads right to her sniffing her in all those bad places LOL.  I can let Jake out front with no leash.  He'll stay on the proch with me and everything.  Maggie?  Well, she thinks it's funny to play "Watch me scare mommy and run to the street".  I'm so not amused by this!

  17. Learn your lesson, woman!!  I adore you, but I think you sometimes do too much!  Don't make me turn a certain Washington stalker loose on you!!  ;)


  18. Ahhh I see how you got that bruise, that must be one strong, big dog! Take care now and I hope all is feeling better.


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