Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Typical day at my house....


Yesterday, the kids were swimming all day, so I had made them a picnic outside so they could eat and get back in the pool.  I made fish sticks and french fries...they ate, and....  I told them to just leave their plates and what-have-you there and I'd pick it up later.  They came inside an hour or so after that, so after I got everybody set up with showers and dry clothes, I headed back out to pick up the plates and leftover food - only to find....7 squirrels on my table....eating the fries and fish sticks with crazed abandon.  Ryan came to the door to see what I was staring at with an open mouth, and said 'So, I guess we're not getting those fries as snack later, huh?'  LOL  The little stinkers ran over the plates, through the ketchup, tracking ketchup all over the table, the chairs, the porch....  The funny thing is, usually I see them scampering around all day and night.  Last night, after their feast, I didn't see ANY.  So, either the fish sticks and fries killed them all, or they were full enough to not need an evening snack.   

I have to say....it's a rare day that something weird doesn't happen around here.... 


  1. I'd rather it be squirrels than cockroaches!!!!! :-P

    We have had several run-ins with squirrels around here as well.  One we dubbed evil squirrel; however, me thinks it is a possum climbing up to my freakin' second story deck to get into the trash!!!!!!  I just went out to have breakfast on the deck and the trash had been torn into as usual and strowed on the deck!!!!  Although I have to say, it was not as bad this morning as it has been!

    This entry had me ROFL as usual.  Glad I had finished eating, lol.

    Ummm.....you have a pool and I haven't been invited???? :-0


  2. well maybe all that gresey food and stuff weighed heavy on them LOL Bet it was funny to see.

  3. You do have a lot of "fun" and weird things that happen in your life and I love stopping by your journal just for that reason...you have such a great sense of humor about it all.  :)


  4. That's so funny that you didn't see them later on....


  5. I thought squirrells ate nuts, sounds like yours are nuts. Keep laughing.

  6. LOL they didnt want to over stay thier welcome

  7. Their little bellies were full and they were napping <LOL>

  8. the visual is amazing in your story! Thanks for sharing and making me smile and giggle.

  9. Oh my god I cant believe those crazy squirrels were on the table eatting the leftover food...I had no idea they had the guts too do that. I'm sure it was a very funny sight and gave ya a good laugh I can just imgaine what they must have looked like. Well have an good day and keep up with the great-gut laughing stories to share with us, Love ya your friend Sara

  10. Who would have thought squirrels like fish sticks?!??!  LOL!  Did you at least provide the tarter sauce too?  :)
    Hugs and love,

  11. LMAO.....sometimes they bury that stuff for later....ewww!!..too FUNNY!  :)  E

  12. Awesome mental images with that story!  You rock, hon!  


  13. hehe How funny! Lets hope the fishsticks didn't finish them off. By coincidence for the past 2 days I've noticed a lone squirrel in my garden too (which is highly unusual) but at least he's after acorns. Just imagine how we'd scream if the cute little fellas didn't have a bushy tail; they'd look just like rats!
    Tilly x

  14. My mom has squirrels all over her yard getting into the bird feeders and chewing through her screened in porch to get the bird food.. I should tell her she should feed them fishsticks and fries to fill them up.. The squirrels are really cute and fun to watch though.


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