Friday, September 2, 2005

What's for dinner at your house?

I posed this question to a friend or two, but I'm also going to put it in my journal so I can get a lot of advice:  

Tell me three things you've had for dinner in the past 2 weeks OR plan to for the coming 2 weeks.  (not including takeout/restaurants)  

I'm making a menu plan (so I don't overspend and also so I can avoid the dreaded 'What's for dinner?!' question) and I'm bored with all the stuff coming to mind. 


  1. We've had beef stew the other night...last night we had grilled salmon and tonight we are having home made lox... (we're salmon freaks here)

  2. Well I made this layered chicken enchilada dinner it was pretty dang good. Then we had layered spagettie. (got a theme here dont I) then we had chicken and dumplins homestlye. Ican send recipies if you need them.

  3. I made lasagna, oven fried chicken with green beans and mashed potatoes and meat loaf.  Other thoughts are chicken stir fry, salmon sounds reeaallly good.

  4. I don't eat meat and my DH eats very little meat at home. A couple of meals that we really like are...

    Stir-fry with rice. I buy the bag of Green Giant "Create a Meal" veggies, DH loves the seasme one. I add peanuts for protein and a little added crunch. I make my rice in the rice cooker and add one veggie bouillon to the rice/water for a little added flavor. It takes 20-25 minutes start to finish because I don't do Minute Rice.

    Another favorite is pasta and potatoes. A friend of ours from Italy told us that it's an Italian peasant dish. I cheat and use a can of diced potatoes, drained and rinsed. A box of your favorite shaped pasta and your favorite sauce. I cook the pasta and the potatoes together as directed by the pasta package, adding a little extra salt for the potatoes. Drain and combine with the sauce. I serve it with bread and salad.

    We also, always, have the stuff for "subway" style sandwichs on hand. Quick and easy on a hot day.


  5. home made tomato and meat sauce with pasta
    homemade baked beans and dogs
    fresh stringbeans with

  6. whole wheat pasta w/ tomato sauce
    grilled tilapia on George Foreman grill w/ greek seasoning
    red beans & rice w/ sausage

  7. chili..the one thing that Ernie makes!!!
    and hamburger soup.....

  8. Tonight was gourmet dogs and mac and cheese....but don't tell anyone! Don't want to tarnish my Martha Stewart image! However, I made up for it with meatloaf, mashed taters and broccoli with homemade cheese sauce on Thursday, and kielbasa with sauerkraut on Wednesday. Oh, and some delicious homemade vegetable beef soup! ;o)

  9. last night was ziti with meat sauce and green peppers.
    Tonight was beer batter fish and fresh greens and pintos
    taco salads- mon nite-pastrami and rye one nite
    salad and stuffed bake potatoes one nite

  10. Last night I made chicken cutlets, rice, and beans..tonight I made steak, mash potatoes, and brussal sprouts...Sunday I am making tacos (ie. ground beef using the taco dinner kit spice, white rice, and beans on the side for hubby..I don't like them)..tomorrow I have a b-day party to attend, so the cook is off, hehe


  11. If you want my secret original recipe for Southern Fried Chicken -- you only have to pledge your eternal love for me!  LOL  

  12. hhhmmm... nothing like shrimp's really fast, really easy, really good. I also love to make homemade calzones, and there is nothing like throwing a roasting chicken in the oven for 2 hours and forgetting about it until it is time to take it! good luck with the menu!!

    Robyn :)

  13. Chicken on George Foreman then combined with spaghetti sauce & cheese for a bit of Parmesan or with Alfredo. Then there is BBQ on the GF...chicken, pork chops...and I agree add some shrimp! I love to stir fry quite a bit...keeps my cholesterol where I want it. Sometimes meatless nights! Just a bunch of veggies! I love stir fried carrots! They taste soooo different!

  14. We are the chicken household here, have it almost 5 days of the week.  I buy mine at Walmart, the frozen chicken breasts and we make Chicken Parm (just use flour/garlic salt/garlic powder/onion powder/pepper and beat some eggs in a bowl, dip chicken in flour mixture, then eggs, and then back into flour mixture).  Place in a baking pan, cook about 20 mins., then add sauce, place mozzerella on top of that for last 10 mins of cooking.  I make spaghetti with ours too.  The other chicken is just oven baked chicken with seasoning salt on it, mashed potatoes and broccoli.  Another is I buy those Create A Meals (the ones WITHOUT the meat, GROSS!) and cut up 3 chicken breasts and make those (we like the Chicken Terryaki one), serve with Rice Pilaf.  I also buy bbq sauce and one night we will just bbq the chicken on the grill and serve with rice.  Hope this helps!  We are boring, I know, but my oldest only eats chicken!  LOL!
    Hugs and love,

  15. Now this is a neat way to get ideas..

    Well.. Friday night I pulled a trick my mom used to do a couple times a month and I haven't made in years... chipped beef gravy on toast.  It was so good and brought back so many memories.. plus it was quick, easy, cheap to make and the kids loved it.  Email me if you want the recipe.
    One of our favorite meals is 'hamburger hash"  made with grated or finely diced potatoes, hamburger, onion, bacon, a little garlic, parsley, pepper --- not the healthiest thing but mmm mmm good...
    Taco's are on the menu for tommorrow evening.

  16. I grilled rib-eye steaks tonight because the Summer evening just demanded it.  Mine was rare and the boyfriend's was medium.  He was asleep when I brought it to him.  Bongo liked it though.

  17. I am not very creative.. but like homemade meals

    I cook a lot of meats on the foreman or gas grill, and experiement with different marinating sauces and spices. I don't like seafood, so never make that.

    I like shepards pie made with hamburger, and layered with mashed potatoes and veggies.. my daught likes it with corn as the veggie.. I like green beans and tomatoes.

    Roast and veggies baked in oven long and slow is great.

    We are trying to stay away from proccessed  meats or food, or too many fried foods, so basically just make some kind of baked or grilled meat and a few veggies or salad.  I experiment with different ways to steam or stir fry the veggies.

  18. Carb night here. We are having toated garlic bread and speggetti.


  19. Wow, were having the very same problem here! Were so bored with EVERYTHING! I'll say, what do you want for dinner, and the response is always the same. I dont know. Nothing sounds good.      Good luck in your planning, Rhonda

  20. I love making menus... I try to include some of the following:

    ravioli (the frozen yummy ones not the one in the can) & salad

    lasagna (with extra cheese) & salad

    Spaghetti with lots of meat in the sauce and mushrooms, onions, fresh real garlic, green pepper... garlic toast with cheese on it... tossed salad- getting the picture that we like salad and lots of italian food??

    chicken salad on croissants from the bakery with slices of cheese, lettuce leaves and tomato

    fettucine alfredo made with spinach noodles

    grilled cheese and tomato soup- ever a favorite in this house

    chilli and oyster crackers, grated cheddar cheese and diced onions

    tacos with all the fixings and don't forget the light sour cream

    taco salad

    maybe I better print this and my menu will be done

    oh and pierogies... found in the freezer section

    french toast


    grilled lemon pepper chicken with broccoli, a tad bit of lemon juice and butter and baked potato with light butter, light sour cream and real chives


  21. Spaghetti and meatballs, tuna casserole, and hot dogs . . .  oh, how boring!

    But it was a wonderful recipe for spaghetti . . .  the sauce was made with fresh tomatoes . . .  YUM!

    I am hungry now.  LOL.

  22. Check out my latest entry Bon Appetit!

  23. Check out my latest entry Bon Appetit!


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