Monday, September 19, 2005


                                           Jesse's last night with the Orange Overlords (aka Home Depot).

Words cannot express my happiness, so instead, I'll let Snoopy dance for me.  Finally, I get my husband back, instead of a workhorse who happens to share my last name.

Besides, it would have been impossible for him to go to Physical Therapy AND work nights, and physical therapy is way more important.  I don't know why he kept working there anyway.  Yeah, having money is nice - but there is want and there is need - and we don't fall into the need category anymore.  I give him major props for having this extra job and working so hard to create a little cushion for us, but for now.....

I GOT MY HONEY BACK!  (maybe now we can eat dinner at a normal hour instead of 9:00PM......)


  1. ah dancing with you honey. Hows Jessie feeling today?????????
    Yup time togehter is more important. I heard it once said that no one ever put on thier grave stone wish I had more money or worked more. Its alway time with family thats important. Sometimse you got to for a while  Todd has taken on side jobs but still you dont wnat that to become permenant

  2. \o/ yay :).............Jules xxxxxx

  3. Dance on!! Very happy for you guys!! rich

  4. YAY!!
    Have a wonderful dinner!!

  5. I'm woohooing right along with ya there, girlfriend!!!!  Now he can help you out with those projects around the house, lol.  ::wink::  Waiting on photo of that bathroom.  We got lots done this weekend.  I posted photos.  Just went outside and Simba was walking up the ladder like he thought he was human or something.  Look at that ladder and how high it is in my last entry.  Goofy cat would have wound up on the roof had I not gotten him in time.  The back of the house is three freakin' stories off the ground.  I berry, berry happy fer ye!!!  Hope Jesse goes for his PT.  Berry important!!!! ;-)


  6. I'm so happy for you...I know how much it means for me to have my hub home at a decent hour like 5:30ish...the nights he has to work over the house just stands still till he comes home...

  7. Aww, yeah!.......xoxoxE

  8. You know what's so weird about that Snoopy happy dance?  Charles Schultz was the most depressed and timid man I've ever met. ( and I've been in the nuthouse twice!)  Yes.  I met him on a business trip about three years before he died.  He was kind and gentle -- but very very sad.

    I'm glad you got your hunk back home for a bit!


  9. Life is good again ~~ Good for you having your hubby around more!!  ;)


  10. I am so happy for you!

  11. soo glad u sound sooo happyyy :) whoo hooo dinner b 4 9 is always good hehe


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