Saturday, October 1, 2005

Does this milk taste funny to you?

First of all, I am so excited to be picked for one of the Guest Editors favorite journals.  See here:  Oh MY! Who? Me?? For Real? Get out!  I really would have thought that with all my drama, people would have been backing away from me at this point - afraid my bad luck was going to rub off on them.  Not to worry, folks, my bad luck loves me and only me.  Well, maybe Jesse, too, but it loves me more.   

Random thoughts from me this milk has gone bad.  Yeah.  Um.  but that didn't stop me from putting it in my coffee.  Ok.....see, I didn't KNOW it had gone bad at first.  I made coffee, put in my Splenda and a sploosh of milk, and it kind of....mixed in, but some of the milk didn't mix in well, so I thought 'Hmm....I wonder if the milk is good.  Let's taste it and see.'  I'm really clear in my thinking before coffee, you know.  (not.)  Tasted ok.  Or maybe the coffee covered up the taste?  Anyway, I took a couple swigs of my coffee and then thought 'I wonder what the expiration date on that milk is, anyway.....'  OOOOPS.  Um.  Let's just say I'll be using powdered creamer for my next cup.  Brainiac that I was,though, I finished the cup I had.  (Tomorrows' entry - how sick I was?)  ::blink::  

Jesse got this new massager thing that fits on to any chair.  His back is always hurting him and I simply can't massage the man hard enough OR for 2 hours straight....  He sat at the computer for a few hours with this massager.  It was funny for me, because I was watching his expressions.  They went from 'ow' to 'owwww' to 'hmmmm' to 'welllll' to 'talk to me baby!'  By the end of that, I was thinking 'Well...teach that thing to cook and I'm gonna end up replaced!'  MY POINT WAS.... (y'all see how I ramble?  good grief....) that we were watching some video thing that Jesse gets in his email...Funny Videos or some such....  Jesse says to me 'Hey is the dog we want:  World's Smartest Dog .  and here is the dog we have now:A Dog's Revenge '  LOLOLOL  I looked at the dog.....the Golden.....almost ready to give him sympathy til I saw him licking his business in a most ungraceful fashion, and then I just shook my head.  I looked at the other dog, who was laying on the bed, looking out the window, ears cocked, intent stare.....what did he see.....a stranger...another dog.... no.  a dust particle.  He was tracking....a dust particle.  Something about these dogs make me wonder who is protecting who.  Oh.  and then he sneezed all over himself.  Nice.'s a sunny weekend ::Amy cries:: so I guess maybe we' 90 degree weather.   ::sigh::  I'm moving out of this state, dammit.  90 degrees in October is all sorts of wrong.....


  1. Where do I begin....congrats on being featured! Now I can say, "I knew her when". LOL at the milk. Ewwwww. That is disgusting! I am one of those people who throw things away a day before the expiration date, just to be sure. I have the same massager your husband does. You don't even have to tell me which one it is....I already know by your description of his responses! It is amazing. Although, tell him not to use it reclining in a lazy boy. I did that on Christmas morning because I was so excited....and my back was bruised! Couldn't use it again for a week! LOL. A dog that tracks dust particles? You just know I need one. I will get a female and name her Martha. We are *enjoying the same weather here. So very wrong indeed! Have a good one....think fall thoughts! ;o)

  2. Hmmm... husband sitting at computer with massager... hmmmm.

    Loved the dog videos.

  3. Congrats on being featured, Amy.  I am so happy for you.  You deserve it with your wonderful sense of humor.  I hope tomorrow's entry is not "How Sick I Was."  Been there and done that, and you don't want to do it, believe me!  I had a massager like that.  Unfortunately, it was one of the things that had to be left behind in Colorado.  We just simply ran out of room.  There are still things I wish I could have brought, but I had to give away.  Love your fur baby stories, lol.  Been in the 90's here in the heart of Dixie too.  I agree with you, that is just WRONG for this time of year.  I am looking forward to cooler weather.  Have a great weekend!


  4. Congrats! You deserve it...I love your journal :)

  5. Congrats on the feature... and I loved the dog videos. Hmmm... I've heard a little about the dog dancing stuff, but hadn't really looked at it much, looks like fun.... unfortunately I doubt Morgan would cooperate <LOL>

  6. Congratulations, you deserve it. Love your ramblin'.

  7. Congrats on being picked!! That's awesome. You deserve, you have a great journal. " )

    I think my DH needs one of those massagers. His back bothers him but he doesn't want a gentle massage. No. He wants me to beat on him, and I just can't do it for as long as he would like.

    Sorry to hear about your milk. Ewwww. I hope you're not sick from it.

    Yeah. 90 in October is sick and wrong. We had one fall day this week, 61 and beautiful. It's supposed to be 85 again today. Bleh. I'm so done with summer.

    Hope you're well.


  8. CONGRATULATIONS on being picked!  Bet you get a bunch of new readers after this.  90 degrees huh?!  Move to Connecticut, I had to put socks and a sweater on yesterday (not only those things, I had clothes on too.  LOL!).  LOVE the Fall here and I absolutely LOVE the winter!!  I have made my coffee in the morning and had my cream gone bad.  But with cream you get little chunky things floating, so I didn't even attempt to drink it.  I don't think the spoiled milk would harm you though, pretty sure the coffee cancelled that out.  :)
    Hugs and love,

  9. Congrats! Those videos were awesome! HA! I'll have to pimp your entry on mine so they can see those videos! Ha!

  10. Oh BTW...I go over the spoiled milk thing in my sensation & perception unit for my students. Have a kid taste it! They actually taste flavors more accurate than we do! We lose it as we get older & older!

  11. I once worked as the Dairy/Frozen Food dept manager in a grocery store when I was 18 or so.  I saw some gross stuff as I disposed of out of date or compromised product and I now can't handle any type of questionable dairy product... UGH!

    That dog, omg that was funny!


  12. It is these entries I love....and you so deserve to be a "pick"....I guess I can no longer lurk now...LOL
    I will take 90 degrees....its dropping  now to the 30's over night here in CT...
    Great entry!!! Hope ya feel well in the morn ;)


  13. You should write a book!  You're very expressive! Everybody and I would buy ur book!!!

  14. I want to move out of this state too so maybe we can split the Uhaul.  

    We had a 78 degree evening and a breeze this morning and a killer mid morning early afternoon sweltering with 19 cheerleaders.  I am crazeeee to take on coaching like this in Florida.  

    When we lived in Ohio the commercials about Disney did not tell people how miserable hot it really is down here.  Isn't that false advertising or something?  Lol!  

    Hope the coffee milk is better tomorrow.  Hugs,

  15. You crack me up, girlfriend!!!  Just wait until your hound gets too old to even reach his business....Bongo makes an effort and then just thinks "fuck it".

  16. Nice journal! Bad milk is a bummer..

  17. Congrats on being a pick this week!

    I switched from coffee to Green Tea a month ago.
    I sure miss my coffee but Green Tea is supposed to be good for you!
    I HATE HOT TEA!!! Ha.

    Mary Louise of Watching My Sister

  18. Hey congrats girl you derve the honor. Hey that massager could replace hubbies all over LOL the  dont cook right LOL I got to go see those doggie vidoes. I need a laugh IM worn out and still have 70+ journal elerts to read. camping payback is H E double hockey sticks LOL well anyway Im glad your entry is here to brighten my day. YOu kwo that cool spell well we are now to be in near 90's all week. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Congrats on being an Editors pick!
    Now, curdled milk in the coffee thing, thats just ewwwwie. Coffee should be a divine experience, not a curdled one.......stick with powder or my favorites, Coffee Mate, french vanilla.


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