Sunday, October 30, 2005

::happy sigh::



Saturday......WHAT a nice day....  

I started cleaning out my closet.  It's a monster of a closet and everything that doesn't have a place gravitates in some weeding out was on the agenda.  The Salvation Army will be getting a boatload from my house come Monday.... but anyway, I feel fairly satisfied that I made some progress with it.... 

While I was cleaning in there, Jesse and Ryan went to go pick up Ryan's new headboard.  It's wrought iron and so pretty.  I'll have to take pictures...  

After they got back from that, Jesse asked me if I wanted to go shopping.  Ummm...derrrrrrr.....I'll go with....yes?  So, we went to Old Time Pottery, where I spent unnecessary money, and had a great time doing it.  LOL  I was kinda sad that all the Christmas stuff was up already and there was barely any Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations.  If there's anything that peeves me, it's when stores bypass Halloween and Thanksgiving in their mad rush to get to Christmas.  So, what was I saying....oh yeah....Jesse was so sweet....pushing the cart, walking alongside, commenting if I asked him something.  Hee hee hee....I was thinking 'I wonder what he's up to' for a I said 'Isn't there anything you want to look at...???'  He said 'I'll just chill with you til we get to the kitchen gadgets...'.  We finally got to the kitchen stuff and he's there like a little kid 'Ooh...look at this!  Isn't this cool!  A potato ricer!  Neat!'  etc.....and then he says 'I'm gonna get a whisk.  I've always wanted one of those!'  and then he stopped and looked at me, and I looked at him he says 'I swear I never thought in my life that those words would ever come out of my mouth.'  hahahahahahahahahahaha  

I also found some toile for $5.00 (Can you believe that, Sherry?!  LOL)  I think I got enough to make some pillows, so now all I need is some burgundy velvet for a bench cushion.  

annnnnnnnnddddd....after we did damage there by checking out.....Jesse says 'Where d'you wanna eat?'  Of course nothing popped into my head, so we cruised the main street to see what would appeal to us....and lo and behold.....a billboard for Cracker Barrel.  Oooooohh....fried okra....fried apples....fried chicken!!!  (I'm so health conscious, as you can tell) So we went, we ate, it was yummy.  And then we headed for home and picked up Taco Bell for the kids.   

Scariest Places on Earth was on, so we stayed up late, watched it, and went to sleep.  Sounds like a kind of boring Saturday, but it was just perfect...     


  1. OH no sounds simply wonderful. WHats that man up to taking you shopping and being like a girl friend. ???????? WINK WINK!!!!!! My kind of lazy day. Todds been sick most hte weekend but if it gets inthe sixtiestoday we hope he can winterize the camper. Get out in a little fresh air. YOu know. I love getting things cleaned out. YES YES share pics of the bed.

  2. I had a pretty good day too, yesterday!  Took Harley to a birthday party.  I was just going to go in and say 'Hi' and make sure there weren't any axe-murderish looking types there, then wound up staying, cuz my other two kids just kinda got mixed up with the rest of the kids.  Mexican birthday party...oh. my. goddd.  The food, the talk, the PINATA!  WOOHOO!  I'm starting to resemble a heiffer, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't just wait til after Christmas to do something about that.

    Oyyyy...the tamales....

  3. Cracker Barrel... <drool>... Love... Cracker... Barrel... <drool> NEED Chicken and Dumplings... and Green Been Casserole... and .... <drool> <LOL>

  4. Find any skeletons, in that closet?

    Ya know, I was just making gravy for my roast beef(powder and water, I'm so good in the kitchen) and it said to use a whisk...I don't own a whisk so now I don't have gravy for my hot roast beef sandwiches, well I do, it's just lumpy.  I'll just tell everyone Bill made it.

  5. Wow!  A man wanted to go shopping?  Unbelieveable?  You using a graphic?  Unbelieveable?  LOL.  So glad you had a nice day.  Can't wait to see photos of Ryan's bed.


  6. I love Cracker Barrel! Chicken Fried Chicken! YUM!

  7. I hate when it's time to tackle a closet project...but I always end up finding stuff I had been looking for and could never fact, mine is due for a straightening up...

  8. Glad you had a real nice day, hope the rest of your weekend has been just as good.
    Sylvia xx

  9. Dang girl....$5.00! You are the queen of Toile! While I, on the other hand, am the queen of toileT. LOL. Sounds like you had a superb Saturday. I especially like the fact that you had Cracker Barrel and brought the kids Taco Bell! LMAO....I love whisks....I have some antique ones that hang on my kitchen tree....we were at World Market on Saturday night and they too had pushed all the autumn decor to one little corner, and had the Christmas stuff all over the place. I know it isn't fair, but I get caught up in all the holiday eyes glaze over and I'm lost in a winter Florida....if that's possible! LOL ;o)

  10. Sounds like a wonderful day!!  Hugs,

  11. I saw my first Christmas commercial tonight/last night.  I think it was for yogurt or something...I don't really remember because I was so horrified by the sudden prospect of Christmas.  

    Big hug,

  12. We all LOVE Cracker Barrel here!  YUMMY!!!  I am like that in the kitchen utensils aisle.  I already have two whisks, one for Emma and one for me.  LOL!  Sounds like a pretty darned good Saturday to me!
    Hugs and love,

  13. Hi there, just want to say ... Happy Halloween!

    Tilly x

  14. Sounds like a great Saturday!

    Cracker Barrel...YUM....might have to get hubby to take me there tonight.

    Happy Halloween!



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