Tuesday, October 18, 2005

He's at it again!!!


ok....so.  What the heck was my deal yesterday?  Alex was sick again.  Round 2 with the stomach bug.  He woke up that morning and asked for some Ramen noodles.  I made 'em.  About 20 minutes later he said his back hurt.  Then his tummy hurt.  Then his throat hurt.  Then......he coughed.  I KNOW that cough!  I went running....but alas, I was not quick enough.  Gakkkkkkkk.....  Um.  Yeah, throwing up noodles is not enjoyable to do OR watch.  He ended up throwing up 4 times.  I didn't even think he had anything left to chunk, but apparently he did.  At any rate, I'm not sure if I'm going to just throw the rug away or do about 12 cleanings of it.  LOL  Poor guy, though.  He slept for about three hours.  I limited his food choices to applesauce, applesauce, or applesauce.  So, he had applesauce for dinner.  Thankfully, it stayed down.  Today, he's had more applesauce, so here's hoping whatever bug he had has gone by now.  

BUT.....through that whole day of loving on the poor baby, I totally forgot to wear my knee brace.  It didn't even cross my mind.  Well, I PAID for it by about 10:00.  My knee was just aching and I was like 'WTH is wrong?!  GEEEEZZZ....'  Oh.  Duh.  No knee brace.   I'll be making sure to wear it today, though.....  

In other yapping - we were planning a long weekend to the Keys this coming weekend.  Then we noticed another damn hurricane that would be supposedly hitting the Keys on Saturday night.  In the words of Jesse:  "Oh, come ON!"  Although, I guess we could go next weekend.  It's Fantasy Fest - Key West Florida .  Mardi Gras - Key West style.  My kids have been to South Beach, so this may not shock them too much.  LOL  We'll see, I guess.....


  1. WOW I m glad the apple sauce stayed down heymaybe the bug hates apple sauce LOL dont cha just wish  you could wrap your arms around him and squeeze him and hug h im better. Man sorry about your weekend. Yeah I heard they ran out of names for the hurricanes this year. that sure is alot andjust when you were getting a  breather.  I sure hope you can go out next weekend. and I hope you c an get your rug cleaned and dont have to chuck it.

  2. we always did flat gingerale when I was a kid to keep from getting dehydrated....and toast

  3. Flat coca cola works well too, replaces lost mineral salts.
    Cathy. xx

  4. The Keys are a great place to visit!  My dad lives there!  You will see many of my kind there also.  hehe

  5. Im from Key West..it can get pretty shocking Fantasy Fest!   lol

  6. Hope you get your break and weather turns out kind.

  7. Oh that poor kid...and you too!

  8. So sorry Alex got sick again.  My son is sick again too, bless his heart.  He has a really bad URI.  Sorry the new hurricane messed up your weekend plans.   Don't forget that knee brace anymore!!!!!!!

    Love ya, girlfriend!

  9. Don't be goin' to the keys!!  Lol!!  Wilma... dang it.  Love that pool picture!!  Hugs,

  10. So sorry about Alex being sick. Hope the bug has passed.

    So many hurricanes this year! I can't believe the season we're having. I'll be too glad when it's over. Sounds like you will too...then trips can be made easier. :-)
    If you do get to go to Fantasy Fest....pics would be great.



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