Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I AM.....

I found this one Chris's blog (Hi, Chris!) and it looked fun, so I did it... some of these are pretty damn funny.....LOL

go to google and type is 'Amy is" and it comes up with funny stuff....  Here's mine:

  Amy is - obsessed (oh everybody knows...)  

Amy is - sexy (well, thank you....)  

Amy is - a brilliant scholar (ermm.....what?)  

Amy is - sadly excoriated (excoraited?  well, that just proves the previous answer to be false then, because I'm going to have to look this word up...)  

Amy is - a comedy (yeah yeah...I know y'all agree with THAT one...)  

Amy is - dynamic (wouldn't call myself that, but if you insist...)  

Amy is - aware (not before coffee....)  

Amy is - a Bristol born singer (me?  sing?  um.  no.)  

Amy is - in a very rough spot (ok, possibly true....)  

Amy is - BACK!  where the hell was I to begin with?)  

Amy is - seduced by her math teacher (ok, but was he good looking?)  

Amy is - sitting pretty (uhhhhhh...)  

Amy is - now a project repository (again, disproving that whole 'scholar' business)

  Amy is - the best Mom any child couldask for!!  ( favorite one!)  

Amy is -  able to be selfless, boundless, without ego  (hahahahahahaha...what?)  

Amy is -  comfort food for tired, hungry professionals who feel adrift in the
career world  (::Amy blushes::  My secret is out.)  

Amy is -  having a problem with biting behavior  (I know, I know...I just can't help it.  Why, what a nice neck you have......)  

Amy is - as much at home seeing her face on posters around town  (as long as there's not a Wanted above the face, I'm alright with that...)  

Amy is -  a true Jazz brit  (again with the music thing.  Nope, not musically inclined)  

Amy is - such an amazing actress, this gal should get her own show (no jokes about sex, ok, people?!)  

Amy is - currently working with the National Empowerment Center [in Massachusetts] as an Educator/Trainer. (exactly what I'm educating/empowering people about is a mystery though?...)  

Amy is - a given name, a variant of Aimée, which means beloved in French which in
turn is a derivative of Latin's amicus or amica which means friend.  (Ah yes, the beloved...that is me.  or something.....)  

ok, so that was totally fun.....Y'all should do it!!!


  1. Amy is -  having a problem with biting behavior  (I know, I know...I just can't help it.  Why, what a nice neck you have......)  

    I like that one. LOL


  2. While I find some of this very true, some of it I was ROFL.  Just kiddin' Ames, just kiddin.'  I say, "Amy is a spectacular friend who loves people for who they are, no matter what their differences might be (and she don't get mad at Suse for callin' her Ames, hee hee!).


  3. wow that was fun to read!! Some of them so funny.....

  4. That was some funny turn!

  5. I loved reading these....yours were more fun....mine all have to do with wine! ;o)

  6. I should really try this.  So funny and something to do when I don't wanna work which is like everyday lately.  Everyone is trying it... Sherry's got the same thing going at her journal.  Way cool.  I wonder what it will say about moi.  Keep that knee resting and away from anymore dashboards girlfriend!!  I think drop down pillows might be better than airbag protection.  Whaddya think, could I patent that???  Hugs,
    Lisa : )

  7. I did this one I did not post it but it was interesting.

  8. Thanks for linking my journal!  Isn't the google thing fun?  Now try it at  Yes, it's a real website making fun of ghetto english.  lol

  9. SO FUNNY!!  I might try it this weekend.  You are definitely sexy -- but also very excoriated!!  (I don't know what that word means either).



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