Thursday, October 13, 2005

I just want some sleeeeep

I am SO GLAD that the clouds are out today.  ( there another hurricane around that I should know about?  Hmm....)  Why?  I think I'd have to shoot myself if the sun was out.  MY EYES!  MY EYES!  I'M MELTINGGGGGG......

Anyway - I was STILL UP at 4 AM today.  G'head, you know you wanna ask me why.  Because I couldn't sleep with the freight train I call a husband.  We had all GONE to bed around 12.  There was Jesse (who needed a snuggle so he could fall asleep because he was sick, which I obliged), then me tucked in right behind him, then Adrian glued right behind me, and then the dog right behind Adrian.  Good thing we have a big bed, huh?!  I didn't mind Adrian glued onto me because he fell asleep instantly and I could smell his hair and feel him breathe on me and that was nice.  But....I laid there til around 2ish thinking I would fall asleep if I just laid there.  Note to self:  If you THINK you might need a sleeping pill, get up and take it NOW.  I got up, did some weeding thru email, buffed my nails, brushed the dog (oh yeah, he appreciated that at 3 AM)....but all the while I was keeping an ear out in case Jesse stopped snoring.  At 4:00, he finally stopped snoring.  'Yay!' I thought.  I quietly crawled back into bed, got myself all comfortable, adjusted the body pillow, closed my eyes, and then.....<SNORT> and he started snoring again.  I flip around and said out loud (emphasis on loud?) "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!" which of course woke him up and he was all 'whaa...hmmhuh?'  to which I said 'If you don't stop snoring, I am putting a pillow over your head!  Or mine!  Or something!  All I want is some effing sleep!!  SLEEP!  You know, that peaceful relaxation you've been getting for the past 5 hours!?!?!  I want some of thatisthataskingtomuchformeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?!?!!?'  He said 'Jesus Christ, Amy...' and promptly fell back asleep.  ::sigh::  So I got up at 4:00 and took some sleeping pills.  I am currently very....very....tired.

Anywayyyyy.....we went to pick up a rental car last night because our car is in the shop getting fixed or something.  It's been running really rough since the accident, so Jesse went to get it fixed.  Ofcourse, I had to drive our car and Jesse picked up the rental, and then we drove over to the shop where the car is getting fixed.  It was a LONG damn drive.  I was thinking this guy must live in Georgia or something....where the hell are we going....(since I was following Jesse).  The bad thing was.....every time we would come to a stop, I would get an anxiety attack.  My heart was pounding, I got the queasies, etc.  But only at an idle.  Obviously, I haven't driven much at all since the accident, but I didn't realize I was that mentally freaked out.  I guess I am just going to work through that.......

Oh ~ so the rental a PT Cruiser.  I LOVE this lil thing!  It's so freakin' cute!  Jesse said he would think seriously about getting me one, so that's a little something to look forward to. 

and y'all know an entry from me isn't complete without some bitching about one thing or the other that's wrong with me. I keep getting a crampish feeling in my leg.  The same leg with the messed up knee.  I guess I'm overworking other muscles while compensating for the pain.  Catmayben suggested rubbing it down with a gingeroil/olive oil concoction, so methinks I'll try that.  At the very least, I'll smell good.  Although I know the dogs are gonna be trying to lick me (more?)....LOL

Added note ~ Jesse and his snoring thing?  The man DOES lay on his side and STILL snores!  He can lay on his stomach and snore, too...  WTH....  ::sigh::  I should mention, I did lean over and cover his mouth, and that didn't work, so then I pinched his nose shut and while that worked for 20 seconds, I couldn't stay like that all night, and he woke up, moved, and went back to sleep snoring.  Can y'all believe he's had three surgeries to stop snoring?  I kid you not.  Scarring on the roof of the mouth, removal of that little bell in the back of the throat, clearing out the nasal cavity, yada yada....and still....he snores.  ::Amy shakes her head::


  1. Awww, you poor thing. I woke JB up last night because of his snoring. I told him to roll over because he was waking me up. He mumbled something rather rude, then did as I said. I said thank you sweetie, I love you....but he wouldn't respond. So I kicked him. LOL. Worked though. I hope your leg is feeling better after your oil rub....just don't get up and slide across the floor, knocking yourself out on a door jam! ;o)

  2. Umm..I used to do nasty, nasty things to Billy when he got too loud with the snoring.  Usually he managed to keep it to something close to a purr, but god help the idiot if he started sounding like a buzzsaw.  I guess I had to get even with him for clocking me in the head the first night after he got a cast on his arm.  Owwww....
    Limp on over here, punkin, I just made coffeeeeeeeeee!!

  3. I know all about the snoring thing after being married to my Hubby for 27 years, lol.  I run two sound conditioners, a ceiling fan, and an air purifier at night to be able to drown out the snoring.  I have also found that making him turn over on his side instead of his back helps.  The Breathe Right strips work great too!

    I have always like the PT Cruisers too!~


  4. you poor thing :o(
    Go back to bed and get some sleep chicy.
    Next time roll Jesse over on his side, I do it to joey ALL the time hehe...and if he flips back over TOO many times, I just knock him over onto the floor and throw a comforter over top of him ;o)~  
    You probably are over compensating for your knee... I still do and its been 11 yrs.  I have metal in mine also, so when the cooler wheather comes, it always weaker and more painful than normal. I'm getting pretty good at predicting rain too. lol. I've heard that no matter what kind knee injury you sustain, you'll still have these kinds problems :o(  Hope you feel better soon.

  5. oh yeah we had clouds since friday untill today just a n hour ago . I hate the sun this time of year

  6. OH honey take you a nice log nap. get some sleep about your leg there is this stuff from watkins and maybe you can find it else where its go eucaliptus oil and mints and stuff and its great on the leg and yes it has olive oil too. I cna look up the ingerdients if you wnat or maybe Tracy has a sample to send I dont know if they make that in watkins. yes its hard to drive after and accident it really is. yeah a pt cruiser is cute hope you get one.

  7. Hi Amy, Your hubby sounds just like mine, so I know what its like being kept awake by snoring. At times I could suffocate him quite gladly. If you ever hear of a good cure that actually works, do let me know.

  8. I always have this same sleeping trouble but only after an argument.  I toss and turn and just cannot sleep.  And it totally annoys me if he can sleep after we've had an argument and I lay there and get so dang mad, mad, madder and maddest.  Then I wake him up and then he gets really mad and then I cry and then he and I usually make up.  Lol!!  Silly.  It's like a routine.  Thank God we don't argue too often.  It is like a scene from a tv movie or something.  Well, sometimes we argue too much.  But lately it's been good.  I hope you adjust to driving again since the accident.  That sounds kinda like it might take a little more time.  Hang in there.  Hugs,

  9. I didn't know I snored until the boyfriend moved in.  I also talk and laugh and scream and grunt in my sleep.  It must be time for electro-shock again!!  LOL


  10. There is some device you can buy that covers their nose when they sleep and eliminates all snoring.  I dont know if they sell it at Walmart or not.  Sorry you couldn't get any sleep last night.   At least the dog got brushed.  :)

  11. I know fully what it's like to have a hubby that snores. Mine does the same thing and what's he likes to cuddle and thus he'll get right up behind me and start shaking the rafters. He's lucky I love him or putting that pillow over his head and laying on it would be so tempting...hehehehe

    Thanks for stopping by my journal again. ;-)


  12. Have you tried one of those nose things... they actually stick on th outside of the nose and hold the nostrils open. They are supposed to work, and I HAVE threatened G. with one, although he says they look stupid. But, what does he care if he looks stupid... he'll be asleep <eg>

  13. I cannot go to sleep with my boyfriend...he snores louder than anyone I have ever met....and refuses to believe he snores!! Actually....if the bulldog is can't tell the two


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