Friday, October 14, 2005

Just another day in Paradise...

I had been emailing last night with a couple of friends, joking about the fact that Jesse was ironing.  (Ya damn well know *I* wasn't ironing.....cuz I suck at it...LOL)  Now, the REASON he was ironing.  He went in for a job interview today.  Same company, different position.  He says it went awesomely.  The best part?  Everyone complimented him on his tie.  Yes, I picked it out.  He says he told everyone I dressed him, so I get the points.  LOL  Now, we wait a week or two and then we'll find out if he got the job or not.  He was the first to be interviewed so hopefully he made such a fahhhhhhbulous impression that everyone else will pale in comparison.  hee hee....  He told me, though, that basically the guy interviewing him said they were hoping to make changes in the way that department is perceived and if they hired Jesse, they would be looking to him for help in that.  Jesse said 'So, basically, I'm walking into a mud hole?'  Yep, that would be about right.....      

What else......oh!  I did get a decent amount of sleep last night, DESPITE the foghorn in my ear.  Yes, Jesse fell asleep first yet again.  Damn it, I TRIED to fall asleep first!  I took heavy duty meds.  I closed my eyes.  and then opened I heard the beginning snore.  LOL  But, the drugs won out and I fell asleep quickly.  If I hadn't, I would've been trying to find some duct tape to tape his nose shut.  ::giggle::  I woke up considerably later than normal, though.  I guess because of the medicines, but it was nice to sleep til 11.      

Other than that, there's really not been much going on.  The boys are fighting over the TV (and we have three?)...the girl is laughing at something on TV, the dogs are laying on top of my feet in a dead sleep, and one of the cats is on the back on my chair pawing at my hair.  Yep, today's been a pretty alright day.... 


  1. Wishing you a snore free night and a lovely weekend.

  2. Send me some of your sleeping pills Amy, Bill was at it again last night too.


  3. Glad to hear you are having a good day. I didn't iron all week and people in this house are looking wrinkly. ;o)

  4. Hi Amy,
    glad you got some sleep and way to go on the tie selection!!  I hope he gets the job!!  I'm off to football for the boys and cheerleading for the daughter-- and since I'm the coach I guess I have to go. Sigh.  This would be one of them evenings it would be nice to go no where.  Hopefully the pizza will be here by the time we get back.  : ) Hugs,

  5. Good job with the tie! The Lovely One picks my clothes too...she  knows what looks good on Im color a bowl of ice cream before bed...that helps me..good luck!

  6. manwhy do men fall aspleep so easlily Praying Jessie gets thejob please let u sknow and that I pray it wont be a mud hole just a a new chance for him to show his stuff.

  7. Sounds like a day some of us single people would love!

  8. Hope things go well for Jesse with the job!  Yes I have one of those foghorns in my bedroom too, ROFL.  I KNOW how that can be and it never ceases to amaze me how he can hit the pillow and in five minutes he is snoring, and I lay there and toss and turn sometimes for a couple of hours before I can fall asleep.  Wuz up with that?  Hubby and I had the house this evening to ourselves and we spent it in front of the TV, or rather him in front of the TV and me in front of the 'puter, but at least we were in the same room together. :)


  9. You are a lucky lady -- despite the snoring hot husband.  The boyfriend and I both snore and whoever falls asleep first generally ends up alone in the bed....while the other goes to the guest bedroom or the couch.  I've been couching it a lot lately.


  10. Hey~

    Good job to Jesse on the job interview you will have to let us know if he gets the postion.... and keep him doing that housework lol guys have to be good for something than laying around the house and watching sports lol...have a goodnite take care love ya Sara


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