Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Run, Forrest, Run!

If you ever want to see comedy, you should be at my house.  Do ya know how fast a mother - who happens to be in a very stiff knee brace - can move down a hallway with a plastic cup when a child suddenly announces they must throw up?  ('Run, Forrest!  Run!!')  Alex is sick....  and has thrown up twice today.  He's currently sleeping.  In my bed.  Gahhh...germs!  Heh.... guess I'll be washing sheets today.      

In other news, I'm trying to talk Jesse into another Golden.  Yes, I DO remember the episode recently in which my face collided with a porch pillar.  Not the poor baby's fault though.  At any rate, Jesse is going to ask the breeder we got Gordo from if they did/are doing another breeding, and hopefully we'll be parents yet again.  I'm hoping for a red.    

We were going to go see The Exorcism of Emily Rose last night but they only had 2 show times.  4 and 10.  WTH?  I'm betting it's not as freaky as they're trying to make it out to be.    

Jesse's off the rest of the afternoon since he has a doctors appt, so I guess I'll be off to pretend like I slave away at cleaning the house.  Bwahahahahahahahahhaha ::cough::


  1. awwww poor alex. Sasha got sick on bedsheets this morning so I washsed waaaaaaahhhhhhhhoooooooooooo another puppy. maybe check on one for Sherry J b coupe who lost hers. shes been looking and she lives in florida maybe you two can have siblings would be great to see you share photos and talk about them. yeah while yoru pretending to clean dont forget your soaps and bon bons LOL

  2. So sorry Alex is sick.  I hope he feels better real soon.  Let's hope if you do become Mommy again to a dog, he does not pull you into anything harmful.  That last comment had me laughing, coughing, and sputtering 'cause my Hubby is off today too, so I am doing the same thing.  Hee Hee!


  3. I am envisioning the newest relay at the "injured olympics"....the vomit relay! LOL....ewwwww. I hope that you are able to talk hubby into a new dog. Just think, we can be new mommies together and talk about feedings and training and all those good things. I have to grocery shop after picking up wee one today. I'm merging it with my outing #4 so I don't mess up my schedule. Have a good one! ;o)

  4. Just so your cup doesn't "runneth" over! rich

  5. You are so funny, I'm sitting here laughing at "Run Forrest Run"...that is wonderful news about the pup....how exciting!! Keep us posted on the details


  6. I've heard that the "Emily Rose" flick is very rentable, but not worth paying to see in a theater.  But do what you want.  I think women still have choices in this country...but I haven't checked the news lately.  EEEK!!


  7. Sorry about Alex being sick. Hope he is well soon & you all avoid getting sick as well.

  8. Hope Alex soon recovers. Don't work too hard. keep smiling.

  9. I saw that movie...wait for the DVD to come out.



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