Friday, October 7, 2005

<yap yap yap yap yap>

  OK.  So.  Whatever horrific mood I had yesterday has worn off and the old Amy is back.    

Paco is MUCH better.  I guess it was a seriously pulled muscle.  We gave him buffered aspirin and some Benadryl to relax him, and slept with the heating pad on his shoulder all night.  This morning, he was up and around.  Still a little slow, but better.  I'm not letting Gordo play around with him, though,  because I don't want him to reinjure it.    

As for me.....yeah, the doctor and my knee.  Well.....after all that messing around with it, it is most certainly hurting pretty damn bad.  I'm walking with the oh-so-sexy side to side ass-swing so I don't put pressure on the knee.  Just when it started not hurting so much, the yutz pokes at me and makes it worse.  Anyway, since Jesse and I were seen together, the doctor was talking to me and suggested the surgery first, followed by physical therapy.  Now, Jesse and I know quite a few people who have had that type of surgery only to have it not improve or get worse, so I'm not going to jump into that until it's my last resort.  Jesse said to the doctor that since I didn't have insurance, we would wait until I did and then consider the options.  The doctor then says that since he has talked to Jesse a bit and knows Jesse is a knowledgeable jack-of-all-trades type, he would consider bartering his services for Jesse's.  ::blink blink::  Say what?  Yeah, follow with me, here....  The doctor has some stuff that he needs done on his house and would consider trading Jesse's expertise for my physical therapy.  ::pause::  After he said that, Jesse and I sat there like 'Uhhhhhhhhhh...'  Neither of us knew what to say.  (Is that legal?!  omg...)  So the doctor told us to think about it and get back to him when we wanted.  We finished our paperwork and got into the elevator....looked at each other, and started giggling.  okay....awkward and sort of weird, no?  or is it just me?    

Moving on.....yesterday...well, no, I'm getting ahead of myself.....the day before yesterday, my neck was hurting.  Badly.  So, Jesse gave me a neck rub.  The next day I woke up with The Headache From Hell.  Note to self:  Drink MORE water after a massage.  So, I spent a good portion of yesterday in bed with the dog.  He needed to stay still anyway, and I knew he would if I laid down.  This headache was so bad, I was seconds away from throwing up.  Of course, that'd just make it worse, but by the time Jesse got home, he rubbed my neck again.  Today - pain free.  Thank you, honey!!!  Should I mention he also cooked me dinner?  Heee.... I love that guy, I tell you...    

Anyway....I guess that ends my yapping for today.  I plan on looking for a new piece of furniture for the computer room later on.  A love seat or day bed, I think.....


  1. I had the ligament-trim thing on my left knee, and it helped immensely.  However, the doctor told me beforehand that it might not help my pain, and it might make it worse.

  2. Trading services happens a lot to us with John since he is a computer genius...everyone wants him to work on their computer...for the past year we've traded services with our exterminating company, we service their computers and we get our house and moms house sprayed each month...also, my therapy sessions that I just started, the therapist wanted John's computer services in trade for my that's our arrangement with him...and by they way, we never ask for these barters, they always approach John with it and he usually accepts...he's easy going like that.

  3. OH SO glad Pao is better. our furbabies sure do mean alot to us and worry us no end when they are not well  They just cant speak the problems like others can.

    I know surgery is not a good idea too. we have done chiropractic with physical therapy to a much better result. We had a dr a chiropractor barter with us once too and it worked out great. So I say go for it. If you can agree on whats ofr what.

    Man a headache is just not ignorable soemtims. totally wips you out. glad yoru better and had a real dr LOLL( DR JESSE ) work on you.

  4. We did that with our chiropractor, as far as I know, it's legal.  We don't have insurance either.  My little bout of kidneys stones cost us to the tune of $4000.  I am still paying on it.  ::sigh::  That was in 2002!


  5. Back in the olden days docs were paid in produce, pigs, eggs, whatever.  Still it is weird to hear of it in this day and age.

  6. Congrats on being a guest editor's choice!!!

  7. I'm very glad to see the Amy back! As for the bartering, Dave does it all the time with his company, and I worked for an orthopedic surgeon who took garden-grown tomatoes from one of our older patients for his services.  Whatever works, that's what I say! Thank God you have a doc willing to do that!

  8. Did I ever tell you about the "tennis ball trick" that my physical therapist recommended?  Tape two tennis balls together with whatever tape you have....then rest on them underneath your neck on a fairly-flat pillow.  It sounds stupid, but it works.  Those neck muscles can affect the whole head part.  Every time I feel even a slight head or neck pain coming on -- I do this and it works.

    As for the knee...I'm not sure.  Sorry, sweetie.

    Rachel Ray got married recently.  Do you think she said "YUMMO" at any point during the wedding night??  LOL


  9. Just be glad that Jesse doesn't work as a male stripper and the doctor wanted his services, LOL


  10. neck rubbing is on the road to sainthood!


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