Tuesday, November 1, 2005

....and the candy carnage begins...


WHAT a drama!  gaahhhhhhh.....  

So, Trick or Treating started out ok.  We drove over to the Air Force Base because our neighborhood all goes to bed at 8:00.  The problems isss.....they're tearing down and rebuilding apartments, so nobody knew where people were living and where they weren't.  We started out around 6, I guess....and it was hot....so we walked a little bit, got into the car for a blast of the air conditioner while we try to figure out if any other house are participating, walked a little bit.....until Adrian fell.  The poor munchkin scraped up his knee, marched up to a house, got his candy, and then came back and informed me he was bleeding.  ACK!  That put a damper on things anyway, since most people were out of candy by the time we got to them (at 6:30?!), because if we found them, well - everybody else had found them, too.  So, we just decided to head home.   


As we were driving, we passed Hyde Park.  Hyde Park is a nice area.  The weird thing was there were barely any kids out in that area and it was only 7!  Jesse stopped and asked the boys if they wanted to trick or treat there and since they'd had time to rest, they said yes.  It proved to be a good idea because they were giving out lots of candy because they hadn't had many kids.   Alex, though, had decided he didn't want to go and he would just wait in the car with us while Adrian and Ryan went.  After they had gone to about 4 houses, Alex decided he wanted to go, too.  I got out with him, walked across the street, pointed out the curb, telling him to step up.......and he promptly tripped over it and hit the ground like a ton of bricks.  (WTH?!)  After I finally got him up and calmed down, he went up to a house, tripped going up the stairs, tripped going down the stairs, tripped in the flower bed, tripped walking out of the flower bed......I'm like 'Ok, Alex....are you done, because I can't deal with picking you up anymore, kid.....'  He said 'I wanna go with Daddy!' so back to the car (and A/C) we went while Ryan and Adrian kept on to the end of the street.  They had fun, even if the rest of us were a little worse for the wear.   

and so ends another Halloween. 


  1. Cute costumes. Are you sure no one spiked their candy with a bit of JD? HEHEHEHEHE


  2. are you sure he did not get into any spiked halloween punch????? sure sounds like he had a bad night trying to get otu. Man Sounds like The girls are the only ones who can walk LOL But IM glad you found a place to go trick or treting and get some candy.

  3. OMG your kids look so cute!!!
    Hugs, Marina

  4. Well that's good that you found a neighborhood to trick or treat in...how in the world do people run out of candy by 6...what are they buying 1 bag?

  5. OMG, sounds a little like our night.  We carved pumpkins, put them on the porch, had decorations on the door, etc.  And not a ONE trick or treater! WTH is that? There are like 4000 kids in this little area, and no one wanted to play.  I had to take my kids to a different neighborhood entirely to trick or treat, and then only about every 5th house was participating.  I swear, when I was a kid, every single neighbor had candy and sometimes set up haunted houses in their garages or something.  What happened to HALLOWEEN??????  ::cries::

  6. Wow! Couldn't he see with that mask? My mom said she didn't have many kids either. I think many are going to Malls etc that are supposedly "safe" ways to trick or treating.

  7. Where is Hyde Park?  Maybe they still have some candy left for me.

  8. Wow poor Adrian little guy trippin all over while walking I hope  he isnt scraped up too bad. Yeah we started out last nite at 6 and by 7-8 most of the street was dead and the house were turned off. What happened to halloween, its anything like it was when I was younger out getting candy until 9-10pm. Well it was Monday if it was the weekend people would have be running around. But we dragged the kids and got a pretty good amount to last us all year. I had fun but they got tired and wanted to go home so about 830 my mom took them to visit family and drop off some halloween treats. Well glad it all worked out for everything and we had fun. Have a goodnite for now. take care
    Sincerly  Sara

  9. Oooh, poor guy! I was always the one with banged up knees. Glad ya'll had a good time otherwise. ' )


  10. Awwww, poor kid! It was nice here....not hot although today it's warm. The a/c is on again. I thought that crap was over for the year! Damn Florida! Your daughter is just beautiful! ;o)

  11. Geez, my son kept falling down too. He had gotten on his brother's shoes (that were wayy too big for him) instead of his because we were in a hurry to get out of here. I didn't notice either. But his falling down actually provided us with plenty of laughs. He was dressed as a Business Man... Hubby said he must have been a business man after happy hour!
    Glad to hear you guys finally found some candy!!

  12. Good Lord Woman!

  13. Awww, it sounds like Alex takes after his Mom a little bit!  

    The kids look adorable.



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