Tuesday, November 22, 2005

cuz that's just the kind of fun gal I am...

So, there I am thinking about a journal entry, and yet, how boring....I've nothing to say for once.  and then.....a comment alert came in.

  It was from Mike , wondering if I took requests.  Well, Mike, you're in luck, because I'm in the mood to belt one out again.  I'm sure you will forgive if I'm a bit off tune.  LOL  


I must prepare.  One moment while I feather my hair and get on my 70s cowboy shirt.  (AND YOU KNOW I HAVE ONE!!!!)  

Let's take a minute to be in awe of all that is me, shall we?  



Umm....sorry, I was so busy checking myself out that I forgot what I was supposed to be singing.


  1. Amy you are so funny....what a joy you are!

  2. hey this is funny no matter if you say you had nothing to say lOL

  3. Sometimes the best entries are the unplanned!! LOL rich

  4. You are hysterical, sista!!!!  What a wonderful gift to have such a sense of humor.


  5. LOL....too funny woman....btw, how about these temps???? I freaking LOVE IT!!!! Now if it would just snow!!!! ;o)

  6. You are forgiven because you were probably lookin' pretty HOT in that cowboy shirt!!!!  ;)
    Hugs and love,
    P.S.:  Let me know which song it was, I'll send it along so you can practice.  

  7. I've been in awe of you, girlfriend!  For months now!

    I've got a slight crush on you!!!!


  8. As Jim Carrey said.....


    Wait...is this the same thing as all dressed up and no where to go? Still...we're awe struck over such greatness even if it is only for our eyes alone. HEHEHE

    Actually...even better eh? LOL

    Funny entry hun.


  9. Ahh I was wanting to hear you sing or at least a picture of you all dressed up in your cowboy shirt. ~ Mike

  10. hi there!...enjoyed reading your journal!.............when you get a chance, stop by my journal, and see what the day to day life of a wife who's husband is in prison, is like!.........."REFLECTIONS OF A PRISON WIFE."     .......fran


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