Monday, November 14, 2005

It's allll about the pie....


So, Jesse's hernia surgery went well, and he's healing pretty good.  He did say it was not something he'd like to do again, though.  I had spent the whole day in the hospital with him - and we had a few laughs with the nurses and one tech who seemed very interested in Jesse.  His name was Joe.  ::muffled giggling::    

I have been sleeping more than normal, lately.  I guess stress makes a person tired?  At any rate, I've always been a patient sort, so the family stuff I mentioned in the last entry will just have to play itself out while we sit back and chill....    

Hummm.......what else?  It's almost frickin' Thanksgiving.  Good grief.....I hate when holidays sneak up behind you and then pounce.  Oh well......I bought THREE pumpkin pies at WalMart, so as long as we have pie, everything else is all good.   Right?  Yeah....  

I gotta get back into the swing of things......eesh....  


  1. I always seem to sleep more this time of year.  You know, sleeping a lot is one sign of depression, so take care of yourself.  Watch out for Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)

  2. Giggles...when we were on the movie set back in September, the other police officer opposite Bill in his scene was gay, well atleast I thought he was and Bill was like don't tell me that, I got undressed in front of him LOL.  Later that same day they went back to the trailers to change and when Bill came back to me he said, "He's wearing a pink shirt and rust color cordoroys (sp?)...he's gay."

    Family stuff will be there whether you deal with it or not, sometimes it's just best to step away for awhile.  Stress does equal tiredness.  I am so tired, yet I can't fall asleep half the time.  

    OMG how do you spell cords?  GOD my brain is fried!


  3. ROFL, Joe eh?  And did Jesse not return Joe's attention?  ::snicker::  About the family stuff..........that is all we can do sometimes, is just let it play out.

    About the sleeping part, my friend, Joyce, has been saying the same thing.  She has been pretty sick though, first with pneumonia, then bronchitis.  I think it could be some of the meds she is on.

    I am ALWAYS like that, meds or no.  I do think stress can make you that way.  Stress can do lots of bad things to you.

    I went to see my mom, Saturday.  She is truly black and blue.  Actually, her whole stomach, chest, and left shoulder are a dark purple.  She has a knot on the front part of her shoulder from the seat belt.  I think the bruising is from the airbag.  The powder from the airbag got down into her lungs.  She had some upper respiratory problems from it.  Did I tell you they totaled her truck?  She was so upset.  She really loved her truck.  It was a very nice truck.

    Praying for Jesse to heal quickly.  Hope your knee feels better.


  4. glad to hear jesse is doing good,

  5. I hope that Jesse is feeling better soon! Just be careful though....John had a double hernia surgery and a month later I was pregnant!  ;o)

  6. AH I am glad the surgery went well. Yes that stress will make you tired. My grandmother I m getting ready to write about and my parents are stressing me big time. I feel tired all the time along with my 4 hours sleep anight.
    YOu know i did my t day shopping today too!!!!!!!!!  AND I Cnat get in my swing myself either.

  7. I already received my free turkey from my grocery store...and of course I'm so excited over that...and pumpkin pies are a must, my daughter Michelle will never let me live it down if I do not have multiple pies here for her....

  8. Hi, "Spelling Nazi"!!  I'm so glad you're writing again and I'm so glad that your hunky husband's surgery went well.  Will this get him out of active duty for awhile?  I hope so.  He needs to be with you and the kids and not over there in a useless war.  Maybe you should ocassionally knee him in the side so that he never fully recovers until this Iraq shit is over with.  Just a suggestion from your angry liberal friend.

    Medudo?  Seriously?!  Dear Lord.


  9. Oh yes, it IS all about the pies. :-)

    So glad you're back hun.

    Glad Jesse is through his surgery with flying colors. Now with a little TLC, he should be better than ever. Sounds like you need a little TLC too though hun.
    Take time out for yourself. You do no one any good if you're locked in a padded cell. hehehehe


  10. Hey,..... I'm glad your husband sugery went well and I hope he recovers fast for your sake lol. I really hate pumkins pies but most any other kind is fine with me.
    Have a good week and great weekend take care and catch up with you later

  11. hey i found your link and just wanted to give you mine if you get bored stop by and check it out

  12. Oh man, we're both dealing with men who had surgeries!  Mine finally had his knee surgery.  I've been over in my journal complaining about being nurse and busy mom and coach and business owner.  Sigh.  I haven't got any office paperwork much done.  Here and there and late getting to it all.  I'll be most thankful to have that Turkey day holiday and that is for sure.  Hugs,

  13. I'm glad the surgery went well...


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