Thursday, November 3, 2005

Just say no to the Turducken

Last night was TV night here...... so I have to ask......

Who watched Trading Spouses on Fox ?  Mother of everything Holy, I was about to pee myself, I was laughing so hard.  Methinks I'll develop Tourette's and walk around yelling 'Gargoyles!  Satan!  In Jesus' name I pray!' so I can get as many laughs. 

::Amy chuckles to herself::


(part 2 is on next week)

and by the way....Criss Angel?  Oh hell, yeah.  Come and levitate ME, baby.

::cough::  oops.  Was that out loud?


  1. I'm pretty sure I have that set up on a seasons pass on my DVR, i'm going to have to go look and if so watch it...thanks!

  2. Err..who's Criss Angel?
    ::Em goes a'googling...::

  3. ::Em runs back from googling::
    Ohhh, THAT'S Criss Angel.....niiiiice....;)

  4. Dang it, I missed it!  Dang it!  Dang it!  Dang it!  We gotta get the cable run to the basement!!!!!!! :-P


  5. OMG I saw that I almost died laughing ROFLMAO remembering
    LOL HUgs, Marina  

  6. sounds like it was fun.

  7. Dang I love that show I got ot watch it will it be repeated maybe this weekend.

  8. I could not believe my eyes (or ears) last night, watching that.  I cannot wait for the continnuation,  that woman put my issues to shame.  I don't think my jaw closed the whole time I was watching!

  9. Man I can't believe I missed it. I'll have to watch next week...remind us!

  10. Trading Spouses!  Wow!  It is so scary but I think I saw some people I used to go to church with!  The Spanish inquisition they gave the hypnotist was unbelievable.  And yet I know people who would have done that!  so scary !

  11. LOL!  I saw it!  "Get out of my f*&%n house in the name of Jesus I pray!"  "I'm normal I swear!"

  12. I've always thought about faking Tourettes so I could curse out loud and not get blamed.  But that would mean more hospitals and more meds.  NO THANKS.  I don't miss the Food Channel that badly.

    Feel better, honey!


  13. I watched that Trading Spouses episode just to see the mind of someone so warped by their beliefs that they cannot even function in normal society.  That lady scared the HELL out of me and out of my oldest who was watching with me.  What's wrong with a "star" on the barn anyway?  I have one on my front door and on my back door!  I also have "Blessed Be" on a sign when you walk in.  Oh, and yep, I have a gargoyle too.  Guess I shouldn't invite her to my house huh?!  LOL!  Can't wait to see next week when she loses her mind and her children watch.  I feel mostly bad for them having to grow up with these believes crammed into their heads.  Scary!!!

    And, Criss Angel?!?!  I love his little lisp personally.  I say every week "So, on Sunday we had sandwiches and saspirilla" and I do it with a lisp and New York accent just to piss Bethany off because she IDOLIZES that man.  Maybe I should just turn down the sound and watch him huh?  ;)
    Hugs and love,

  14. I have a gargoyle or two....

  15. You mind freak:)


  16. Amy:

    Unfortunately, we did not get to watch the Trading Spouses episode on Fox last week.  My wife and I are typically loyal viewers because it is so humerous.  It sounds as if we missed a grand episode!

    I also wanted to thank you for your comments in my blog.  I have appreciated them greatly and look forward to seening what you write when I notice your name in the comments section.  Strangely enough, I had a small brush with "greatness" so-to-speak, roughly a year ago when the a Fox executive contacted me (because of the readings she did in my blog) to ask if my family would be interested in being on "Trading Spouses".  Strangely enough, I was flattered.  They were looking for a "professor type" family to swap with some other family to see what sorts of sparks ensued.  Even though I probably should not feel flattered, as I must exhibit some sort of stereotpyical behaviors that the network believes would create "drama" .   Still, it sounded like a helluva lot of fun to me.  My wife, however, was not enthused and therefore it was not meant to be.



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