Sunday, December 18, 2005

What SANTA wants for Christmas

After millions of plates of cookies and milk, what do you think Santa REALLY wants.....


(btw.....I was finally able to fix the picture in the last entry.  Yay, me...)

AND.....I wanted to share THIS:  AOL News - California Family Welcomes 17th Child

NOW can I have another one, Jesse??!?!  :-P


  1. AH we keep trying Sure wish we could have 17 Heck LORD I ll just take one more. Maybe if  im good Santa will bring one  ya think!?!??!!  so many not wanted and I would take them even if not what most call healthy!!!!!!!!!!!! TELL JESSIE the KY WOMAN Says give er what she wants HONEY if you wnat a anotehr IM on your side.

  2. lol to funny

  3. Well, how about a hot tottie! ;-) Well, he has to drive maybe a bottle to take home & relax when he gets home?! Coupons for a massage? Warmer outer wear? Air bag? Tracking System? Cell phone? IPOD for some tunes? Maybe a Woofer to blast his jingle bells louder than all our urban noise these days! PDA to keep track! I think I'm thinking about this way too much...who me...thinking too much?! :-)

  4. Holy
    All the names to find

  5. And all the kids will probably get into college for free...oh wait, lemme guess, they are homeschooling them right?  Hey, I ain't got nuthin against it, I mean I was schooled outside of the home and look at my grammar, it's just that I met a homeschooled child on the set of that movie we filmed back in September, and she freaked Ciara out!  We were complete strangers and she walked up to us, and told us her whole life story in 5 minutes flat...she also had an imaginary pet snake....weird....okay I'm just jealous, I want to have imaginary friends and be accepted in society too.


  6. 17 kids!??!?!  She must be out her mind!!!!  LOL!  Hey, I think that's a great idea to leave Santa a nice cold 6 pack, yep, sounds really, really good to me right about now!
    Hugs and love,
    P.S.:  The full length picture is a very good one of the two of you!!  Great $5.00 spent!  :)

  7. Stories like that make me wish I had super-secret steralizing ray gun that I could just point at people who want to breed uncontrollably.  I'd wear it out in about 48 hours. LOL


  8. Maybe if you give YOUR Santa what that Santa has....or maybe an entire six pack, he will agree to your request! me....get a puppy. It'll cure that baby fever faster than anthing! ;o) Oh! Great pic in the previous guys are too cute! ;o)

  9. Santa's my kind of guy! Except, I'll be having Miller Lite!! LOL rich

  10. ROFL, Amy on what Santa really wants.

    I think both you and Lori want babies.  Are you outta your freakin' minds?  Sheesh!  Talk about starting over!!!!

    Well, Adrian isn't too old, I guess.  Me, myself, and I are happy to be out of the diaper changing, getting up every two hours during the middle of the night days, although I did enjoy it during that time. :-)  Seriously Amy, if it is truly what you want, I'm in your corner.

    Love ya,


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