Monday, January 9, 2006

Go, Shorty....

You know you're old when.......... get a heating pad for your birthday and you're excited about it.

So, the birthday.  Very nice, indeed.  I got stuff.  It was cool.  But, I know the pictures would be way better than me yapping about it, you go to look at those.....

We talked to family - which was way cool because we found out that the SIL is also moving to yay!  Happy Birthday to me!  Now who wants to help me come paint my house so I can hurry up and move, too?  Anybody?  No?




  1. Love to come paint and spend somet imes iwht you if my dogs ever get well!!!!!!!!!! Pepper had a set back GRRRRRRRR last night. and things goingon here I sure coudl use a break.  Hope you get to move soon. BUT keep in contact when you do

  2. Cassie has that same Tinkerbell cup... and to all you who read the comments section...let's petition that family to get Ryan to a modeling agency!  That girl is just...gahhhhhhh....gorgeous.  And so are the rest of you..gawd, so sweet!!  Now, get yer ass packing so we can be within somewhat reasonable driving distance.  I'm making the coffee, I'll expect you ASAP!  *mwah*  Glad you had a happy birthday, punkin!  

  3. happy belated b-day !! been fighting off a cold .... u look like u had a GREATTT time !! i couldnt help but smile reading ur entry and looking at the pics:) ur families the greatest ...

  4. So that's how women know.  For guys it's that the girls in Playboy are younger than you.  Glad you had a great day. ~ Mike

  5. ah I lvoe your pics and that one of hte dog between you. why do dogs dothat. ????????? I love the gifts you got and the floating candles are so neat.  man that silly string looked messy

  6. What a pretty cake
    I love heating pads too uhoh
    I don't have a dog but Nicholas always gets between me and Stan no one is touching his mommy no way. LOL Looks like you had a good Birthday I'm glad
    Big Hugs, Marina

  7. Happy Birthday! Looks like a lot of FUN and LOVE!

  8. Oh for a dog's life! Glad you had a real good day.
    Sylvia xx

  9. Love the pics..and great choice on the tinkerbell decorations..I love silly string!! It's hell to clean up, but man is it funny..not when you are on the receiving end, though I suppose..and yes, awwwww..what a great pic of you and hubby :)

    Happy birthday!!
    Robyn :)

  10. Awwww, cool gifts! Looks like you had a great party with your sweeties! Ummm, did I miss something....are you moving to TX???? ;o)

  11. You're not getting're getting better!  Just think of it that way.  

    Thanks for the great pictures.  

    I can't wait until we are all back in Texas!  And for your next birthday...DRINKS ARE ON ME....

  12. great pictures!!!!

  13. I am drooling over that cake, sista!  Looks like you had a nice birthday.  I am so glad.  Ah, to be 35 again.................Great photos, btw.  Love 'em all!

    Love ya,

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDEED! Looks like you had such fun!!!!! I love floating candles, & my heating pad LOL. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  15. You sound happy!  You are, right?  It's about friggin' time!!!!  I'm glad Jesse was able to still celebrate after the Bucs got such a smackdown in the play-offs.  He sure is a cutie.  You chose well!!


  16. Awwww, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!  Loved the pictures!  Your house is so full of love and it's evident in each and every one of these pictures.  That husband of yours is one in a million that's for sure.  His smile is just wonderful.  And those children?  They are such blessings!  My dogs do the same thing by the way when Todd and I try to hug!  What's up with that?!?!??!  By the way, I got a new toaster for Christmas and I was as happy as you were with the heating pad!  LOL!  So happy you had a good day!  :)
    Hugs and many blessings,

  17. Hey. Amy,
    I have a better one.  You know you're getting old when you're watching those ads on tv for a Laz-y Boy, you know the one's you use to laugh at, and you think,"I need me one of those.  I can't get up on my own anymore." -Dawn-

  18. Aww! Happy Birthday again!  Yeah, well, I think with the way I act my family will be buying me a coffin!

  19. Are really making plans to move to Texas?

    Mark and I have started discussing the possibility of moving to Oklahoma.  I can't stand to be away from my family much longer.

  20. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    You look really fantastic
    And I thought you were like 30 too.

    Happy birthday, Amy!


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