Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy New Years and 5 freaky things....

New Years was fabulous, as expected.  We spent it together......made tamales, drank faux-pagne, and popped firecrackers.  Hee....such fun to watch the boys light the fireworks and then run away at top speed.  (Ohh, nevermind the fact that it took a full 30 seconds before it starts burning the wick....they were running with the devil on their

I....don't do Resolutions.  If I'm gonna do something, I'm gonna do it.  If I'm not gonna, then....yeah....not gonna.  Pfft.  :-P

aaaaaaaaand.......since Mike tagged me to name 5 weird things about me........ here goes, although I really had to think about stuff.  *I* don't think I'm weird!!!  Heh.....

* I have an obsession with fresh new socks.  Oh, the joy of new socks.....

* I don't answer my phone.  I just don't like talking on the phone.  Once I get my point across, I don't want to be there all day yapping about the neighbors' chihuahua giving birth to 17 puppies and the National Enquirer interviewing them, you know?

* I cannnnnnn....pop my neck in such a way that it freaks people out.  What do I mean?  Ok, tilt your head up and put your hand on your neck.  On guys', it'd be where the adams apple is...  I can push that to the side in an unnatural way.  A friend affectionately calls me a circus freak.

* I.....hmm....I have a BOX (read - big box) of recipes sitting in my kitchen.  Why I print them out and collect them, I'll never know, but I can't stop.  I'll have to live to be 100 to try them all.  Either that or eat 6 times a day.

* and 5.....I have to be touching Jesse in some fashion before I can go to sleep.  Even if we're fighting, I'll wait til HE falls asleep, so I can touch him so *I* can fall asleep.  (Heaven forbid he KNOWS I might not be mad at him!  LOL)

and this extra one is special just for Vernae.  I never check my milk expiration date and it's always going bad on me.  (which is why I never shake it first!  The bubbles cover up the chunk-age.  Ew?  ew.)

Happy New Year, my peoples!  *mwah*


  1. ok ewww on the milk

    Donna In TEXAS

  2. Chunkage....good thing I wasn't  eating while reading this LOL xoxoxoox

  3. Happy new year AMY!


  4. Hey I could of did without the last one Amy.  Yuck! LOL.  Happy New Year.  ~ Mike

  5. Tracy pops her neack loud too the chiropractor said dont do it yet she does then complains shes got headaches. I also have too many reciipes and I dont talk on the phone cell phone maybe only becuase its hubby or girls

  6. Oh, I hate talking on the phone too.  I answer mine if it rings, but it rarely rings.

  7. we always check the date on our will not drink it if it is the sell by date or later...and if we happen to get one that has a NYC date on it, we are doopmed because their date is about 3 days earlier...

  8. Hi Gurl....
    #2 too, let it ring!
    Come & visit & check out my furr babies journal while your there.
    Happy New Year!

  9. Oh man....remind me to NEVER ask for milk with my cookies at your house....ewwwwww! LOL. Glad you had a good New Year! ;o)

  10. Even I run like the dickens when I light's from my days working on the ambulance..have seen the results of faulty/fast fuses...

    Robyn :)

  11. I was wondering where you went and then I looked and you have only been "gone" since the 27th.  Duh Lisa!  LOL!  I hate the phone too!!  Guess we will never be calling each other huh?  ;)
    Hugs and love,

  12. I hate the phone too and if it wasn't for the dang business and caller ID wouldn't answer mine either.  I'm selective about it, that's for sure.  And I have to have some part of me touching my husband also or I don't fall asleep.  Lay there and toss and turn for like 5 hours.  Hugs,


  13. Okkkk and here I thought I was weird. I think you have me beat. LOL
    Happy New Year! Antonette

  14. Eww, chunkage!

    You have the most original habits I tell ya, and for the most part I think you are pretty normal!


  15. we go thru more than a gallon of milk a day

  16. Ummmmm.....I think you are pretty normal. ;-P NOT!!!!  Just kidding!  No really.....REALLY.  Hee....................

    I played too.

    Love ya, Sista!~

  17. P.S.  I never answer my phone without looking at the caller ID first, so I guess I am choosy about who I talk to, lol.


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