Monday, January 16, 2006

A little work and alot of play?

First, since I've gotten some emails and comments saying 'What the hell?  You're moving?'  Yeppers...I am.  The rest of the family lives in Texas, and both of our parents are getting older, so we were thinking it was time to go back for a bit.  Heck, maybe we'll become snowbirds.  LOL  Florida in the winter is's just summer that's horrific.

Speaking of Florida winters..... we went to the marina yesterday.... a nice break from all the painting, sanding, staining work that we've been doing since we're renting out the house and not selling it.......sooo....Yay...Pictures!!


  1. HOW Long before you move???????? and you will be sure to keep us new pics of your new place right???????? man you are doing tons of work to not get to live there girl. you guys kill me sun and warm temps and shorts and here we are freezing no shorts for months yet. where in texas you moving. I take it northward. will you stop and see susan on the way????//

  2. That's so exciting!  Do you have a time frame?  Hope you'll keep us posted.

    Katy the Cat Hoarder

  3. Get that computor back online quickly when you do move. It's going to be exciting moving to Texas with you. Take care.
    Sylvia xx

  4. I'm jealous. JEALOUS I SAY!!!! LOL....seriously though, it's nice that you are moving to be closer to family and your parents. The kids are great to help with all the work. (Yeah, she's probably standing behind the camera, whip in hand! LOL ;o) The beach pics are so cute! ;o)

  5. Just make sure you and I can always be in touch and bug each other!!  Please?


  6. I love these pictures...I also miss going to the ocean so much, so these were great to see...when are you moving?

  7. The sconces are gorgeous..especially the evening shot.

    Man, your kids have some big feet LMAO!!  I bet they will all be taller than you and hubby, especially after you factor in the whole shrinking thing as we get older...Bill was 6 foot when I met him, he's now 5'10..I find this very odd.  Does this mean he will be like 5 foot by the time he's 70?

    I'm so jealous of your Floridian weather...bitch.

    My hands are freezing all the time!


  8. wow good luck to ya,

  9. Uggggh, I still have nightmares about scrapping all the paint off of our old house when we were growing up.  Took longer to do that than it did to paint it!!!  I don't envy you guys at all!!  So, you are moving from where it's hot to where it's hotter?!  YIKES!  I got the "Finding Nemo" reference by the way, and I swear that is exactly what seagulls are saying!  LOL!  Great candles for your wall!  And, I do think that injury needed immediate medical care.  Did you call the ambulance?  LOL!
    Hugs and love,

  10. I'm SOOOO jealous! I'm a TX gal ya know, & miss it so much!
    What part are you moving to? The N.W. part & sometimes W. is only parts that have snow or it's REALLY cold during the winter!!! The far S. has the beaches!
    Good luck where ever you land!

  11. You guys look so cute at the beach! And I guess it pays off in the long run to have can take advantage of the cheap labor!  

  12. Tell Alex he looks soooooo cute with those safety glasses on!!  Great pics of all of you.  I am soooooooo jealous you live near such a beautiful place like the marina.  Sorry I am so behind.  Been busy with new job.  Had to work onsite 3-4 days to begin with.  Sooooooooo freakin' tired.  Miss our chats.

    Love ya,


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