Friday, February 3, 2006


Can I just say what a joy it is for me to sit here at my computer whilst I look out the window to see unknown cars come flying down the road only to realize about 5 feet away from the end of the street that it is indeed the end of the street.  Haaaaaaaahahahahahahaha...idiots.  

As for my previous and Jesse talked and thought and talked and thought and then we decided the problem that we were having...simply.....doesn't...exist.  Pfft.

   Girlfriend is back and she is feelin' fiesty, no? 

(ok, wait...that makes it sound like Jesse was my problem.  It wasn't.  He isn't. a prince.  Someone else though...not so much.)


  1. THAT'S MY GIRL!!!!!!  HEE HEE!

  2. Well...having decided that the issue no longer exists, it's pretty pointless to feel sad or anxious over it, so...if you can pull it off, GO for it!  ;)


  3. welcome back!!!

  4. Yep, that's the way to go! Look at the problem.. decide it really wasn't as bad as you though.. and move on... I like it!! You go Girl!

  5. OH eyah I watch stupid kids go downa 20 foot drop embankment taht is steep and plumet into the creek water. I love that I tlel ya. lol HEY take digi cam video for us thats got to be funny. well since you have no problem then its fixed oh you cant fix what waint broke!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT

  6. okay... was I the problem?  I always feel like a criminal when a crime happens even though I am too much of a wuss to commit one.  

    You told Jesse I was a big fag, right?  I wouldn't hit on his curvy, gorgeous woman.

    Locking my doors.


  7. I take it you live on a dead end street?  We have lots in common, I live on a dead end path to my future.

  8. We live on a cul-de-sac but we live at the beginning of it, so we don't get to enjoy the people realizing that the road ends.  LOL!  We get the people turning around in ouir driveway ALL the time though.  Pisses me off!  Anyway, glad you are all better now.  I didn't think for one second it was Jesse.  ;)
    Hugs and love,


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