Friday, February 24, 2006

People Are Stupid, Part 75

There are days............when I simply want to wander around saying 'You there.  You're an idiot.  You know that, right?  Oh, and by the,'re an idiot,too.'  

Yes, I'm having a 'people are stupid' day.  Why?  Because PMS says I can.  

Jesse comes home from work today telling me about how somebody he knows has a 4 yr old and the 4 yr old doesn't want to eat cereal, so they will give her nothing til she eats the cereal.  You know what?  That grates on my nerves.  It really does.  *I* don't eat something I don't want, so why would I force a child to.  Stupid.  WHY are there no official government tests and taxes to determine if you can be a parent or not.  There's a test and tax on everything else!  

Now, I know people have different parenting styles, and I'm no perfect parent, and my kids aren't perfect, either (although don't tell them I said that) but dammit, man! 

I have lots more to say about it but bets are I'm gonna piss somebody off.  Oh well.  I'm crabby.  It's raining.  And I'm having a bad hair day.  



  1. OK, yanno...cereal isn't broccoli.  It's not a piece of chicken.  There are other options!  You're right...while I do insist that my kids TRY a bite or two of new things, I don't DEMAND that they eat it.  Nobody but NOBODY makes me eat peas, for instance.  I insist that my kids eat SOME vegetable and SOME protein at meals...but if they don't like cereal, they can have an egg or something.  Geez.

    Yes, people are stupid.  So is the US Census -- err, sorry.  US Department of Commerce.  Stupid and NOSY.  Grrrr....


  2. My mother never made me eat anything I didn't want to.  She let me eat any time, even if it was a half-hour before supper.  She never made me clean up my plate.

  3. I think kids should eat what they like and not force what they don't like on them.  My mom would never do that to me and I sure never did it to my kids.

  4. we do " no thank you" portions...a very small taste of new food...
    my kids usally eat what I cook because I cook what they like...

  5. Actually that can classify as neglect...refusing nutrients! They better be very careful or someone will turn them into DCFS!

  6. Yep....... Im with ya on that one, it pisses me off too.
    That is no way to treat a child.
    I have never been able to figure it out, you have to have a drivers license, a gun permit (training), almost training and a license to do anything else.......
    But any moron can have a baby and try to be a parent........
    It doesnt make sense.....

  7. Well, I don't believe in forcing your child to eat something they don't like, but I also don't think parents should let their children eat whenever or whatever they want.  I personally don't even make my kids clear their plates, now that's just wrong IMO.

    I have a SIL who gives her child jelly toast every night because she stopped eating everything else in the house....funny, she eats fine for me at my daycare, veggies and all...guess we can figure out who's the boss in her house, and it ain't her!  Speaking of daycare, all my kiddos get veggies on their plate whether they like them or never know when they might change their minds about what they like and don't like.

    You're children will take their childhood eating habits to the grave, so I always tell people that when they reward their children with food or let them eat whatever they want.  My mom will admit she was way to leniant with food growing up and we all have bad eating habits because of it..sometimes when I sit on the couch and eat I remind myself of my not a good thought.

    my SIL 6 months into my nieces potty training, still gets my her a slurpee every night on her way home if she stayed dry all day.  Um, no.  You don't reward someone for doing something they should be doing at that age.   6months and still having accidents?  Obviously the daily trips to Slurpee Land isn't working.

    I'm also in a firm believer of not letting children have soda as a daily drink.  In this house it's water, apple juice, milk, the occasional juice boxes and soda like twice a week.  Ciara's almost 12, and I already have her liking Diet Coke.  People just don't realize how fattening soda is and that irks me, but hey none of my beeswax what another person does.  I won't even get in to what soda does to your teeth and yes I know diet soda is just as bad for them and I drink it and don't care!

    Whew....okay, when's the nex

  8. it cut me was supposed to read when's the next rant?


  9. As you know I am so far off the mark when it comes to strict parenting and don't believe in forcing a child when it comes to food, albeit forcing them to finish what's on their plate or eating what everyone else is eating.  Yes it has created 3 monsters and more work for me around dinnertime, but you know what?  They are HAPPY children!!!  At 4 years old I cannot imagine FORCING my child to eat what I tell them to eat.  Just like at the docs, because my kids are heavy, the doc will say "Do they eat veggies and fruit?".  I say "Well, they eat apples now and again but that's it and that's how it will be.  End of story" and the doc shuts up.  They know better than to push me!  So, I guess I PMS all 30-31 days per month!  LOL!
    Hugs and love,


    I work with kids (3-5 year olds) Their parent's mind sometimes are on other things.

  11. I'm going to invent a ray gun that steralizes people silently, painlessly.  I'll go to the mall and save future generations TONS of misery.  I might also start spiking the water supply with RU-48.  

    I just generally hate people -- but not you, hon.


  12. I thought you liked the rainy days? :-)  Sounds like you are having a Happy Bunny day to me.  CJ and I LOVE Happy Bunny.


    P.S.  I am having a "I am going to be in trouble with my boss day if I don't quite playing around in J-Land and get to work!"


  13. I have been having alot of these days too
    I agree with you totally

  14. My Lord....that poor child...


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