Friday, February 17, 2006

Spoiled babies

Y'all know I'm a doting pet owner to my babies, and since I was joking around with Vernae saying that I brush my dogs' teeth (with peanut butter flavored toothpaste)...... here's the proof.....

Obviously Gordo likes it way better than Paco....

Also note that Bella insists on taking up half of my computer chair.  Yeah, she gets the chair while my butt is teetering on the edge.  No wonder my back is hurting all the time, right?  :-P



  1. #3 reminds me of my girls getting their teeth brushed. I use the meat flavor doggie paste for them! ;0)
    Have a good wkend,

  2. I was going to buy the beef flavored stuff and attempt to brush our dogs teeth for the first time, but I ended up chickening out.  After seeing your pups pearly whites though, I have to say WOW!!!  And, the pic of the kitty on the chair with you is too funny!  Mine sit on my lap and nudge my hand so I screw up typing ALL the time!
    Hugs and love,

  3. Hahaha!  Well, at least we all know that we won't get a big face full of smelly breath when greeted by your dogs!

    Um, wanna come do my dogs?


  4. Very cute.  So we all agree that we want to come back as dogs at your house in the next life.  LOL>  ~ Mike

  5. yes its a god thing to do. Did you see the aol thing on not using greenies they cuase blockages. They kill dogs. so dont giv e them those to clean teeth

  6. <LOL> Yep, Morgan gets his teeth brushed... by the groomer! She says that Morgan is really a good girl for all of it, teeth brushing included.

  7. We have flavored toothpaste for Mary Jane too.  Isn't it funny how we cater to our pets.  When they get in my computer chair, I roll it out of the way and get a dining room chair to sit in rather than make them move.  Is that spoiled or what?  Great pics, Amy!  


  8. your cat looks just like my abu, he is lovely, the dogs are lovely too.............Jules xx

  9. LOL and they each have their own colored brushhhh :) u are a greatttt owner :) they are soooo cuteee !!


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