Monday, March 6, 2006

First thoughts....

I usually try to only put in an entry when I'm feeling more up than down, but I'm thinkin' I'll be feeling down for a bit, so I'm doing an easy entry today.

Snagged from Marla....  I love these First Thoughts things.  Who knows why....

Type your FIRST REACTION when you hear these words:

1. I need: peace

2. Sex: vs sleep.

3. Relationships: are work

4. Your Last Ex:  what ex?

5. Power: Winning
6. Marijuana:  ew

7. Crack: Plumber

8. Food: Love it.  Cooking, eating, love it

9. The President: Texan

10. War: Sadness

11. Cars: I wish I had one of my own....

12.  Gas Prices:  Umm....

13. Halloween:  ravens

14. Politics: Idiots...

15. Religion:  Mine isn't yours.

16. ?  Come on people quit losing the questions

17. MySpace:  No thanks.

18.  How the hell do people lose the questions?

19. Marriage: is the best

20. Fashion: I know what I like and no fashionista is ever going to get me to wear cutesy.  Ever.

21. Brunettes: are smart

22. Redheads:  Heh....

23: Work:  " work."  An Adrian quote.

24: Pass the time:  boredom

24: Football: food

25. One night stands:  ::Amy thinks::  Hmm.....well how good looking are they?

26: Pet Peeve:  we do not have enough time for this one.....

27: Pixie Stix:  Gahhhhh just thinking about them is giving me a headache....

28: Vanilla Ice:   alright, stop...collaborate and listen!

29: Porta Pottie: WIPIES!!!!!

30: High school:  well that sucked.

31. We're missing 31 too?!

32. Pajamas:  my daily choice for attire

33.  Wood:  Haaaaa.....what?  like you didn't know I was immature?  pfft.

 34. Surfers:   wetsuits

35. Pictures:   will come back and bite you in the.....


  1. wood!  LOL

  2. LOL.  I'll bet your answers aren't like anybody else's answers!

  3. I like these things too
    col answears
    Hugs, marina

  4. hestiahomeschoolMarch 6, 2006 at 2:07 PM

    plumber cracks  LOL

  5. Personally, I find it interesting that wood and surfers are right next to each other..::giggle::  Have I spent too much time on Southern California beaches ogling surfers, do you think?  Nah.  Never enough time doing that!  Heee....


  6. now i want pixie stix lol Crack crack I wold say where right nwo lOL gas I owuls say up up up yours lol

  7. OH yeah an dbetty where are my cookies!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????/

  8. ROFLMAO!  Love your answers to these type of things, especially your Vanilla Ice lyrics!!!  LOL!
    Hugs and love,

  9. I did this one too.
    #16 18 and 31 were missing when I looked

  10. funny answers thanks for playing.  Ok cheer up now.  Stop being down.

  11. "check out the hook while my DJ revolves it -- "  Did you see Vanilla Ice when he was on "The Surreal Life"?  Looked pretty good, but still tacky.


  12. Pet Peeve:  TELEMARKETERS!  DESPISE THEM!!!!!!  My voice mail says: "If you are a telemarketer or charity, please place us on your do not call list.  Everyone else please leave your name, number, and a brief message, and we will return your phone call as soon as possible."  Now before folks think I am a coldhearted somebody with putting charity on there too, I have my pet charities and alot a certain amount per year.  Once I have donated my limit, that is all I can afford to do.  I homeschool my daughter and work from home and DO NOT have time for unnecessary phone calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great answers, btw. :-)

    Love ya,


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