Friday, March 3, 2006

"Here I Come To Save The Day!"

Jesse got to wear the Superman costume yesterday.    (NOT LIKE THAT! people!!!)
OK, so y'all knew there was a mouse in the house.  I don't mind rodents in my house, but I"d like to at least have them in a cage running on a cute little wheel, alright??!?!
ANYWAY..... so the cat is on and off interested.  We, on the other hand, just want her to keep it away from us, but not it or anything.  The cat is all kinds of exciteable.  She hasn't had this much excitement since last time a lizard got in the house.  She's jumping here and jumping there out of the house.  (Silent profanity from me here)  She went running under the house thinking she had gotten away til she realized Jesse had the water hose out and then she came running to me. with that, kitty.
So, after that drama, we went back in the house....had dinner, etc.....and figured the mouse would make itself known sometime.
Time went on.......and nothing......  even the cat lost interest.
So, everybody wanted dessert after dinner.  I decide to make oatmeal raisin cookies.  There I am in the and my cookies......and I hear it.  ::scratch  scratch scratch::  I pause.....and listen.  ::scratch scratch scratch squeak::  "Jesse......can you come here for a minute please?!"  Heh......
I let him know where the general vicinity of the scratching was and went about my cookie business.  All the sudden I hear 'Jesus Christ!  Um, Amy, can I have a bucket?  or a bowl....or a SOMETHING!!!!'  Indeed, he found the mouse.  The teeny tiny scared little mouse.  Now, I forgot to mention that Adrian was very upset that our little friend might end up with an untimely demise at our hands, so...........he was SO FRICKIN' HAPPY that Jesse was able to............
Cheers and whistles, please.
I told Jesse afterwards "You forgot to sing 'Here I Come To Save The Day!' "
................and so ends another day here at the Looney Bin.


  1. OH so glad to hear you let it loose I cant kill them either our fellowhsip went and bought a trap as they keep getting get this Raccoons in the ktichen and they love sugar and hot choclatge mix lol so they let them loose down at the river. I have tried to pet the raccoons they dont seem to happpy AMY!!!!!!!!????????? anywy Iguesss if I ws caged I owuld not eiter. anyway......... im glad you got it nad love the pics. thas so cool. oh LORD you guys are funny. did you reward superman !?!?!?! LOL your gonna laugh but i feed the mice in Todds garage kills him no end but hey they dontget in our stuff out there lol

  2. You were afraid of THAT?!  OMG...I've kept scarier things than that as pets.  Hell, I married a scarier thing than that...heee....

  3. Yay....the mouse is gone! We have never had a mouse in the house....however, we have had lizards and two scorpians....I think I would have preferred the mouse! LOL ;o)

  4. Lol I had one in my tub one year...they are cute

  5. well, now he knows the way in, hope he doesn't show any of his friends!

  6. Maybe it's because I was raised in the country, maybe it's because I'm not a "girlie girl" but mice don't bother me.  Don't get me wrong, I'll set a trap or try to get them out, but I don't freak out.  I hate bugs in my house, but a mouse doesn't bother me much.  I'm weird.

  7. brave, I saw a mouse in my house went and screamed like I was being killed.  I jumped up on the table. LOL.  What a nut case I am.

  8. It's always something huh?!?!  At least the mouse is free!!  Free at last!  Just to come back in again.  Sigh.
    Hugs and love,

  9. My alpha cat (Joan) has amazing hunting skills when it comes to moths, but I know she'd love to get her fangs into an actual mouse.  Would it be unethical for me to buy one from PetCo and tape its tail to the floor for her?  Probably.  (evil grin)


  10. LMAO Too funny. I love the way you tell the story. Glad the mouse was set free instead of set on fire like the shmuck in New Mexico did. Long story...check out Kris's Journal The Daily Purge (Link in my journal) to see what I am talking about.

    I miss ya...the resident ghost signing off now.


  11. Yea Jesse!~

    Good thing my Simba kitty wasn't there.  He woulda killed it.  He kills anything that moves, lizards too!~ :-)

    Love ya,


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