Thursday, March 2, 2006

I rambled so much, I forgot what I was talking about....

Adrian:  There's a mouse in the house!

Me:  ::shriek::

Cats:  WooHoo!

OK, I've never had a mouse in my house before.  It's a little grey one and it's FREAKING ME OUT!  Unless I invite you in, know?!  ::shudder::  OUT!  OUT!  OUT!

::Amy chants 'think of something else think of something else'::

Oh.....yeah.....I thought it was kinda weird, but then again, hmm....  I got an email from some new person to my journal who said 'I see that you homeschool but you don't talk about it much.  Why not?'  Humm.  Wow, that's true.  So I thought and thought about that.  I came to the conclusion that homeschooling is such a normal part of normal daily life that I just write about normal daily life without differentiating one from the other.  That being said, Small Fry has been on a worksheet kick.  Math worksheets.  Oh yeah, I'm the Queen of Math.  <read: sarcasm>  eesh.  But anyway, since I have a subscription to, I'm printing and printing and printing.  What *I* thought was cool though.....was creating your own Word Search puzzles.  Don't ask me why I love Word Search, but I do.

Ryan is doing some technical graphic design thingie whatchacallit.  She's a little past worksheets.  Heh....  Alex......I'm never sure with this kid.  One minute he's into artsy stuff and the next minute, he's disassembling the DVD player.

Wait......did I have a point?  If I did, I just forgot it.  CRS syndrome?  Why, yes!  LOL

Ummm.......oh, so yeah, my knee has been hurting again.  WTH?  I thought I was doing well.  pfft.  But, at least I'm getting ready to make plans for surgery.  The knee, I can do.  The neck/head issue?  Um, no.  Keep your flippin' scalpel away from my head, man.  I'm noticing the pain is making me pissy lately, though.  Jesse said 'Look, for heavens' sake.  Just take the damn Vicodin.  We'll put you in rehab later.'  Haaaa....jackass.  I guess the pain is because I'm doing more physical work (like packing) so if I wanna move, I guess I gotta suck it up.  We only have a few more smaller projects and we're outta this popsicle stand.  Yay?  Yay!  Um.  Of course, moving in with my mom for a few (?) weeks doesn't really rank high on my list of things to do in my lifetime.  8 people, 6 pets, small house.  Ohhhh the joy.  (Note to self:  DO NOT pack a mouse and take it with me.  ::shudder::)

anddddddddddd.......before I end my yammering......who watched Ghost Hunters?!  Hee....I admit it.  I gots a thang for Jason and Grant.  "Oh, me from the scary non-ghost!'  Heeeeeeeeeheeheehee......




  1. :: Raises Hand :: I watched and must admit I enjoyed it!!
    LMAO at your cats "woo-hoo" LOL I hate mice in my house. Yuck
    They are gone now but we had like 4 baby mice in here and it freaked me out so much I woke my hubby up one night crying that I just saw one in the oven. LOL He got rid of them via mouse glue traps. Have fun with yours lol
    Hugs, Marina

  2. yeah when I wrote abouthomeschooling what poeple dont understand is its daily life. its eveyrthing we do and everything we do is homeschooling so why write it out and spel it out abc then I realized people dont realize when we change a tire fix a toilet do house work we teach the kids as we go. So had to write that down. It includes tem. WOW a mouse never had one not in a cage lol WOW staying with mom whaaaa hoooooooo yeah right. stayed with my mom once till wegot this house 20 + years ago ugh!!!!!!!! cant wait till you share pics of your new place. then you can geta new fur baby. NO I never made it to watch any tv. im trying to spring clean right now lol

  3. We used to have a rat that lived on our patio in CA.  A rat.  ONE rat.  Everybody kept saying, 'nobody has ONE rat' but...I never, EVER found/saw evidence of any others...and when the dog caught that one (yes, I have a mouse hunting dog) there were no more.  Weird huh?

  4. Aww mice aren't that bad...unless they die in your wall and you have to rip it down to get out the stench from thier tiny carcasses.

    Major props to you for homeschooling.  My daughter doesn't do anything that I tell her so I'm glad she haas to leave the house and be told what to do all day.  Yeah, I'm mean ain't I?

    I dvr'd Ghost Hunters and like I said before I will watch it this weekend!


  5. lol funny stuff. How long moving in with your mom for.  It will be crowded for a bit no doubt. I have never watched that ghost show, I must check it out one day.

  6. The only scary thing about mice is the way the just dart out fron nowhere.  Other than that -- I think they're pretty cute.  I've got a great hunter cat here and some noisy dogs.  The rodents have decided to look elsewhere for a place to spread that Hanta virus.  Or whatever it's called.


  7. Man, I will trade you squirrels for the mouse!  We have squirrels that get into our attic somehow and between the walls.  Drives my cats and dog crazy!

    Don't forget to send me a forwarding addy when you do pick up and move!  Sorry I have been so busy with work lately.  My boss is hiring new folks, thank goodness.  I just want to work my 80 hours per pay period and be done with it.  I had 103 hours on my last pay check.  They are killing me, I'm tellin' ya.  I am too old to work like this.  Guess I gotta hump it now to help Hubby pay fer that new truck!  Sheesh!


  8. LOL, we've had the same experience here. First for me too...I was not thrilled. Like you said, the cats were though. Only now, they play with all thier food, like they're in training or something, LOL.
     We homeschool as well, though it's not the focus of everything on my mind. After 6 years, it's more of part of the general routine. I don't comment on cleaning my toilets a lot either, but we get to that as well ;-)



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