Sunday, March 5, 2006

Lil Miss Betty Crocker

I came in to check on my journal to find out when I had made cookies.  Friday.

Can y'all believe my family went through 4 dozen fresh oatmeal raisin cookies in 2 days?!?!?! 

They asked me to make more, but Ryan wanted double raisins in her batch, and Jesse wanted cherries and pecan in his.....  The cherry/pecan deal went extremely well, considering I flew by the seat of my pants with it.  Jesse proclaimed it a success, which is no small feat considering it's hard to wow him with a dessert.  He's just not a sweets kind of guy.

Then, after the cookies were there cooling on the counter, Gordo is just sitting there with his head leaned against the cabinet, staring longingly at the cookies.  Yeah yeah yeah......what do you think I baked next?

If you guessed cheddar dog cookies, you would be correct.


(oh, who am I kidding.....I love baking stuff for them.)


  1. sounds like little miss betty might have a run for her money.


  2. yes me me bake me a cookie I need a cookie I really do. !!!!!!!!!! I hav had a bad week. I tell you I have I want one cookie ten cookies cna I have twenty cookies ???????????? (taken from good boy lol the movie) oh GIVE ME cookies!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mmmmm, cookies! Let's see....what am I in the mood for. Hmmmm, how abouuuuttttttt.....ummmmmm....russian tea cakes! Yeah, that sounds good. Or maybe chocolate cookies with the peanutbutter chips in them. I love those....DUNKED IN ORANGE JUICE. Of course, I like all cookies dunked in orange juice....not milk. Call me crazy. It's my little way of sneaking something healthy in ;O)

  4. gordo is a lucky

  5. Me..Me... ME!!! I want cookies <LOL> How about peanut butter with pecans in them???? or Chocolate chip with pecans MMMMMMM!! <LOL>

  6. Honey, I would love 4 dozen oatmeal raisin.

    Do you offer next-day shipping?


  7. Clearly, your pantry is stocked way better than mine.  I just don't see me being able to 'whip up' extra cookies without having to spend an hour at the grocery store hunting down ingredients.  The baking aisle is not an area I frequent.  Talk to me about frozen family-size lasagne, and we're

    Oh, and I'll take a few dozen oatmeal with pecan cookies.  Yummm...

  8. hmmm I love any cookie  you want to make me.  My cookies when I used to make them, now done of my 3 kids will eat any junk at all.  They didn't wait for them to cool they just ate them. Of course I was not a good example either, LOL  YUM YUM

  9. You're taking requests? Hmmmm Peanut Butter Hershey Kiss Cookies? Do you use UPS? Special tins with Norman Rockwell scenes on the lid? You do? I'll take 4 dozen. *winks*

    Sounds like a lucky family...the dog included. :-)


  10. Me want cookie!!!!!  Said in my Cookie Monster voice!  LOL!  I love baking too, but I love when others bake better.  My kitchen stays cleaner that way.  You are so sweet even making cookies for the dogs.  :)
    Hugs and love,

  11. *********** My Request ***********
    Peanut butter and double chocolate chip with walnuts please !!!!!

    Just kidding, glad your family loved with cookies including the dog lol

    Have a good week great day take care, your friend Sara

  12. hestiahomeschoolMarch 6, 2006 at 2:08 PM

    me me me me...I want cookies....

  13. Oatmeal raisin are my favorite.  Did you remember to mail me some?  Hee.......

    Love ya, girlfriend!


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