Wednesday, March 29, 2006

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This morning I woke up at 12, (12?) and prayed to the coffee gods.....and then noticed the mess in my kitchen.  OK, I don't even REMEMBER it being such a damn mess.  I swear I have little people in my house who run amuck in the kitchen after I go to bed.  Hmm...wait, those little people might be called children.  Anyway, I'm STILL here staring at the dishes.  There's a lot of them, too.  Why?  'Cause last night I made
Sour Cream 'n Onion Chicken Nuggets , Hash Brown Casserole like Cracker Barrel's , and some Sour Cream Muffins .  Everybody loved it and even Adrian ate them and said they were awesome, which is no small feat.  They're keeper recipes.  Tonight, though, is Ghost Hunters!  WooHoo!  So no cooking for me!  I'm thinking LJS.  I kinda like those Lobster Bites...
Thinking on it, maybe the reason my brain blanked about the kitchen chaos is because I was watching Queen of the Damned (again?) and got caught up thinking about Stuart Townsend.  Jesse watched it with me since he was feeling sick and laying in bed anyway.  Can you believe he had never seen it?!  Hello.  One of my most favorite movies ever and he hasn't seen it?!  WTH?!  So, he watches the movie and keeps laughing at me because I'm like 'Shh....Lestat's talking!.....and when the movie ends, I said 'NOW do you get it?!' He looks at me and grins and says 'I don't think I can compete with Lestat, honey.....'  Heee...  I had relayed the above little story to my bestest bud, Emily, who said......"It's nice that he knows he can't compete with a skinny, white, immortal rockstar guy with fangs.  I's just too much, isn't it?"  LOL, Em.  At least Jesse knows his place in life.  ::giggling::'s wickedly hot in the house, and wickedly hot outside, so I guess I'll wrap it up and go turn the A/C on before everybody melts.


  1. well gotta have the nuggets recipe an d check out the muffin ones too. I do the cb hashes . YOu know I dont know the guy your talking about eitehr I tell you I dont even get to watch idol now days Im so out of it hopelessly  hows your packing and moving going?????

  2. That Paula Deen has some dangerous recipes!  Sounds really good though.

  3. LOVE Queen of the Damned!  But, I love Vincent Perez in that movie, although Lestat isn't so bad.  LOL!  And, I am proud of Jesse knowing his place in life.  Good for him!  Hot there huh?  AC already?  I am not looking forward to that at all!
    Hugs and love,

  4. I never saw that show or movie whatever it is. I think I have the same little people running amuck in my kitchen too. I go to sleep it's clean, I wake up and wow looks like a tornado.

  5. I have never seen this movie either.  I'm gonna have to ask Bran if he has seen it. :-)  He loves those kinds of movies.  I always do dishes before I go to bed no matter what time it is because I am petrified of getting those big black cockroaches!!!!!  I hate 'em and don't want 'em!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend, sorry I am so late getting to this entry.  But you know what they say, better late than never.  Hee...............



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