Saturday, March 11, 2006

Strawberry Festival and a big THANK YOU

Strawberry Festival.  It's something we look forward to every year, but this was one of the better years, regardless of the fact that we didn't come home with our usual full flat of strawberries.

We ate ridiculous amounts of carny food, the kids got wristbands and rode all the rides they wanted, we saw big tough guys barfing...... good times.  LOL Too funny that some guy gets off heaving like he's going to die, and Ryan hops off yelling 'Whooooooo THAT WAS GREAT!  I'M RIDING AGAIN!'

The only thing that sucked was that since some idiot parents couldn't gather enough common sense last year to wash their kids hands after touching the livestock and the kids got sick; this year, there were only cows shown.  The cows were sectioned off with a big ass fence.  Come ON...... you know?  Bah... of the highlights?  Adrian picked the winning pig at the pig races.  How cool is that?!  Hee....  so we're easily amused.

As an aside, I said to Jesse while we were there 'You know...for all the countrified quirks we have, you gotta come to places like this to realize you really are city folk.'  LOL

OH!  and Liiiiiisssssaaaaaa....guess what I got in the mail todayyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hee.....could I be any more excited?  Jesse:  'Who the hell do you know in Connecticut?'  ROFLMAO  I love it I love it I love it!!!  Did I tell you lilac was my favoritest scent ever?!  I don't think I did, so.... creepy!  LOL  Thank youuuuuuuuu!



  1. Sounds like a great time!!!
    You know I've never had a corn dog in my life. I'm a deprived child LOL
    Lisa is awesome isn't she? Love her!!! Have a good night enjoyed your pictures
    Hugs, Marina

  2. Isn't the Strawberry Festival the best? Between the State Fair 2 weeks ago and this one I think I've had my fill of fair food..... NAW!  I bought strawberries last week. Made up some for shortcake, and hand-dipped some in chocolate... MMMmmmm! Since we live right here in Plant City, I'm going up on Sunday after the fair and get a really cheap flat of strawberries from one of the venders who don't want to pack them up! I got a flat for almost half price last year. Half will go in the freezer, but I'm eating the other half.... where IS my Cool Whip <LOL>

  3. The Strawberry Festival is really fun.  Can't wait till ours comes around.  Yeah it really sucks when people don't think and attractions get taking away. Happy you had a fun time.  ~ Mike

  4. We have a country fair every year too, but they haven't quarantined the animals . . . ummm, yet!  LOL!  CONGRATS to Adrian for picking the winning pig!  I would do anything for an Oreo too!  Hee-hee!!!  The pictures are all great, especially the ones of your two kids laughing hysterically on the ride.  That is just PRICELESS!!!

    Oh, and I picked the lilac because it's my very favorite scent also.  So happy you got the package and it arrived safely.  Were the candlesticks in one piece?!?!  I was so worried about them!!!!
    Hugs and love,

  5. Strawberry Festival sounds wonderful!!  Glad you had a great day!  Hugs,

  6. I can't even look at an amusement park ride these days -- and I used to be totally a fan of them.  I think we get some sort of inner-ear imbalance as we age.  


  7. Wait, you didn't get to keep/eat the winning pig?  What a rip-off!

    Lisa..that witchy woman!  She knows her stuff!


  8. I cannot do a lot of rides.....I would be one of the pukers!

  9. well share pics of whatyou got girl. HOW awesome how neat is that!!!!!!! I love your sunshine nad warm temps If you do this much more IM going to have to come park my big chevy truck and camper in your driveway!!!!!!

  10. My sister lives near Plymouth, Indianna and every laborday weekend they have what they call Blueberry Festival. I attended it one year. It was awesome.
    I think I spent 3 days eating..............

  11. it sounds like a real fun day was had..........I love strawberries..........Jules xx

  12. sounds like lots of fun.

  13. Well Amy, I have to say that is the longest corndog I have EVER seen!  Seeing the piggy's makes me want one.  I redid my bathroom today.  It looks soooooo good.  Will have to take pictures and post.  We bought a couple of cabinets to go in there because we did not have enough storage space and we bought a new bath set to go with my navy and green plaid shower curtain.  It is temporary, as soon as we get loan for house, we are going to do ceramic tile.  It will be sooooooooooo nice.  Can't wait.  I love going to things like this, the pics were great.  Thanx for sharin.'

    Love ya,


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