Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oh...come ON!

This was me at about 2 AM....


Let's talk about WHY.....that was me at 2 AM....

I TRY to get a little reading in when I go to bed because it's the only time when the house is mostly quiet and nobody needs something.  I'm laying the middle of the bed....trapped....while Jesse rolls around and snores and mumbles to himself...and then flops halfway on me with the blankets flung off (hello.  you wanna flip and flop, fine, but you don't dare take my blankets...  LOL)....

.....whilst Adrian is on the other side of me patting me.  Stroking my back, petting my hair, etc.  I'm laying there thinking 'WHAT IN THE HELL?!!?!!'  so I stop, put my book down and smile at Adrian.  A-ha!  He has gotten mom's attention!  'Can you read me this book, mom?!'  I read the book, and then go back to my own while trying to disengage myself from Jesse and quiet his frickin' snoring.  and then Adrian..... 'Mom....blah blah blah...Disney Channel...blah blah?'  Then the dog jumps up on the bed and takes the rest of whatever room was left...and then some....
and then.....the piece de resistance.......... MY FREAKING BOOK LIGHT DIED!  What the <insert profanity here>, you know?!?!?!  I'm in the middle so I can't use the light on the nightstand (can't reach it) and Ryan was using the clip on light.....I was like 'ok, this ain't right....' 
I swear I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out of my closet with a camera crew.


  1. OH yeah I kow the feeling sometimes Im in the middle of a computer entry or usually writing to help someone who is having bad upsetting times and he stands tracy yadda yaddda yaddda and Rachael too then hubby blah blah blah

  2. I know what you mean, Amy.  I have the same problem around here, except CJ finally got where she thinks she is too old to sleep with us.  At least that is some consolation, but the dog and two cats are sometimes on our Queen size bed and D does just what Jesse does!  I am currently reading Stephen King's, "The Stand."  I will be in it for a while, it is a long one and I rarely have time to read anymore.  ::big sigh::


    P.S.  So did AK ever come outta yore closet?  Hee..............

  3. Heh, you already heard my thoughts on this one, but I'm going to add...if Ashton Kutcher jumped out of my closet, whatever footage the camera crew might get, surely wouldn't be fit viewing for anyone, lol!  


  4. ya know, nobody told me that being a mommy was so hard and time consuming.  Oh wait, yeah they did.  Dammit, that doesn't make it better!

  5. I haven't read a book in i don't know how!!  they always get me, too!

    Robyn :)

  6. Ashton jumping into your bedroom?  Gee.  I bet that would be just awful!  LOL


  7. Hmmm, sounds EXACTLY like my bedroom at night!!  LOL!  Especially the part about your husband snoring and sleeping without a care in the world!  But, I NEVER get in the middle, EVER!  HATE the middle, have to be on the end.  Emma just asked me a few days ago why she can't have my side of the bed.  I said "Because I am the Mom and it's the only thing I have control over!".  LOL!
    Hugs and love,

  8. sounds like my bed!

  9. sounds like my house. I try to read at night too. Sometimes it happens sometime it doesn't. LOL.

  10. LMAO been there many, many times lol
    Did you  finish the book yet?
    Hugs, Marina


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