Monday, April 10, 2006

the weekend is over already?

Well.  *I* have been keeping some strange hours lately.  Friday?  I went to bed at 4 AM.  Saturday?  Around 2:30.  ( I get up at 12ish.)  Eh...the kids all like the new schedule, too though... for some reason, it's more peaceful, so those that read, do...and the others watch TV.  I feel for Jesse though.  He likes the later hours but he still has to get up at 6AM.  Uch...  Some day he'll work for himself and get up whenever he wants.  If anyone wants to invest in the 'Help Jesse's business fund', let me know.  Hee...
Saturday, we went to the beach.  It wasn't exactly that warm, and I twisted my knee (again?  dammit...) walking in the sand.... but it was nice to get out and about.  We spend a lot of time at home because we're all homebodies anyway.  Have you ever known a 7 yr old start complaining at the park that he wants to go home?  Yeah....  Pictures included....Jesse says I was doing 'Rainman Meets Japanese Tourist' with the camera.  LOL
and Sunday....yet another lazy-ish day.  Jesse, Adrian, and I went grocery shopping.  The other two stayed home.  The only reason Adrian wanted to go, though, was because he wanted to make sure I got the right French Toast sticks.  Not sure why, because I almost never get the 'wrong' thing....but it was weird to have only one kid along.  I kept checking back to make sure the other two were coming along and then realized we only had one.
....and so starts another week.....


  1. LOL.  Very nice trip.  Thanks for taking us along. ~ Mike

  2. love the pics!!

  3. ah love your white beaches our are tan dirty crap. Hey the redneck beach is for me lOL take my dog my beer and music. OH GIRL whos your hair dresser lol ??????????

  4. Those pictures are great. You have a beautiful family. I haven't gone to the beach in years. Have a great week.

  5. I like your pictures!  I miss the beach, soooooooo much...
    I know what you mean though, about when you only have one kid with you.  You spend the entire trip trying to see if the kids ran off or if they're getting into something, and you have to keep reminding yourself that they're at home, hopefully not starting anything on fire....


  6. Hey Amy!  Looooove the 80's hair!  Carrie said that was the exact color she wanted put in her hair that you put in Ryan's, so I am sending her down to ya! K?  We are soooooooo jealous you live within beach distance.  There are some really cute photos in this bunch.  I soooooooooo love the beach and yes, if I were near a beach, I would be reading too! :-)


    P.S.  Here it is 9:41 PM and now ya got me hankering for a chicken sandwich from BK.  Ya just had to put that in there, didn't cha? ;-)

  7. wonderful pictures. I do remember the first time I took my kids to the carwash, LOL they were so scared.  Not anymore. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. The weekends are way to short.

  8. Gee...I think I really need to see a full shot of Jess in his swimming trunks!  ;)  Sorry.  Don't blame me.  I have hematite in my pocket!!  

    Love ya,

  9. the pics are brill, looks like you had a good time, the beach looks lovely.............Jules xxx

  10. LOL!  LOVED the pictures!  I am not the only one that takes pictures in the vehicle.  WOO-HOO!!!  Yea, we don't get out much either!  But, at least you all get out and go to a beach!!  No fair!!!  Looks like everyone had a great time.  The beach hair is to die for though huh?  You should see mine if you think yours is bad!  Frizzy much!  Yep.  And, everytime I see your hubby I have to say "LUCY!  I'm home!".  He is just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs and love,
    P.S.:  Would he sing "Babbaloo" for me just once?  Hee-hee!  ;)


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