Tuesday, May 23, 2006

and then.....


 So....yeah....long time, no write.  We're still mucking our way through Refinance Hell.  'Nough said about that because I'm starting not to care.

In other randomness, I have a new favorite show.   TLC :: Shalom in the Home  TLC has been coming out with some good TV lately.  Honey, We're Killing Our Kids is really good, too.  But, Shalom in the Home....I was watching last night and I was nodding my head, pointing at the TV, and tearing up at the show.  I couldn't be more in agreement with this guy if the words had come out of my own mouth.  Besides, he's funny, so I'm hooked.  Watch it.
and.....while I was watching TV, I was making lumpia.  From scratch.  see here if you don't know what they are: Philippine Lumpia .  It was actually kind of funny because the 'We're Killing The Kids' show was focusing on the fact that the family deep fries too much food.  ::Amy looks at what she's cooking::  Ooops?  Hee....
I've had the Headache From Hell ::echoes::  Hell.....Hell.....Hell..... lately.  I couldn't cry, I couldn't whine.  I just laid there and prayed I wouldn't throw up.  Yeah, THAT woulda felt really good, right?  I felt like I was going to pass out at one point.  Anyway, said Headache was ongoing for two days straight.  Finally, I woke up today and it was gone.  Now, is it coincidental that I ran out of Lexapro and haven't taken it today?  No drugs....no headache....hmm.  Indeed, that would suck if they were linked.
After that ramblage, I got nothin'.  It's a cloudy fabulous day, and I'm not going outside...... so I can pretend it's 65 instead of 90.  Heh....


  1. let me know how you  liked the Lumpia!!!!  I love Filipino food!!!!  Lumpia is best with banana catsup and a San Miguel beer!  I have had a few Filipina friends make Lumpia and Pancit for me, over here in the states...andit just doesn't taste the same.  It is good but not the same.  We think it is because the meats taste different  over here.  I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Never heard of Lumpia, sounds lumpy.  LOL!  I kill myself, I really do (wiping tears from my eyes).  I don't like to watch those shows with someone preaching about how to parent and how a marriage should work.  Never liked them, but then again, I HATE Dr. Phil, so you probably already knew that.  And, the "We're Killing the Kids", well, I won't even go there.  There's such a thing as the big scare factor and this is doing it to many people.  'Nuff said about that one.  Sorry about your headache.  I sortof kindof know what they are like, yep, I do.  Heading in to take my nap right now actually because of mine.  Glad yours went away though!  Probably is linked with the Lexapro.  Sigh.
    Hugs and love,

  3. we watch shalom in the home. Did you see the one where the mom was haing on to her dead husband evnen the shirt that had his blood on it from his death???????wahts up with te refinancing.??????//

  4. I haven't seen either show....but they sound interesting! I'm so sorry you suffered with the headache....that sucks! Glad to hear you are better. I'll have to look up that recipe for lumpydeepfriedstuff. I forgot how to spell it! LOL....;o)

  5. Isn't that "Honey" show great?  Don't feel bad, sweetie.  I smoke and drink while watching it!  


  6. It is NOT good to just go cold turkey off of drugs like Lexapro, Amy!!!!!!!!! Ooooooo, love the graphic.  Hope you are feeling better.

    Love ya,


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