Saturday, May 6, 2006

Crack cookies and New Babies

My last entry was on Monday?  Gawd...somebody tell me to shut up already.  Heh...
I'll start out by saying Jesse brought home some Girl Scout cookies during the week.. and I'm firmly convinced that the 'powdered sugar' on those Lemon Coolers is really crack.  Check them out:  Little Brownie Bakers - Cookies .  So.  Dang.  Good.  I'd even say I could get more addicted to these than to the Thin Mints.  ::Amy waits while everyone gasps::  I know...I know....but they're THAT good.
I went to the doctor on Tuesday...and he said 'OK, look, you're a crazy bitch and you need to get the hell out of my office.'
Haaaaaaaaaaa...I'm kidding.  He may have been thinking it, but at least he didn't say so.  Anyway, I walked out with some free Lexapro to make sure I liked it before I forked over the money for a prescription.  So far, I'm liking it alot.  I'm still getting the headaches, but I'm expecting those to go away as I get used to it.  It's NOTHING like the Wellbutrin, man.....  the Wellbutrin knocked me on my butt.  Sure, it worked, but it also left me zonked.  So....week one.  So far, so good.
What Dearest Friend Ever......Miss Diana (whom I've known since junior year of high school...Hi, D!).....after trying and trying.... is officially pregnant.  I've called dibs on babysitting way in advance.  That Peanut is MINE.  Well....after she pushes it out.  LOL  I've got no problem in tackling the grandmas to get babysitting privleges.  hee hee....
That's it for my exciting week, I's a lazy weekend for me.... so nothing short of a fire is gonna get me out of my jammies....
As an add on to the entry.....I'm looking for an apple fritter recipe, so if anyone has one, please share.  I'm talking about the apple fritters that are like a doughnut though, not the ones that just apple rings dipped in batter....


  1. ah do you know no one sold me girlscout cookies this year no one came by. do you know that I miss them must be the crack. Now far as I can see you need to share that drug you got to see if  I can work with it since its free lol NO rally I glad you found sometring to work for you.

    No beach pics for me girl whats your problem.

    well the fritters I take biscuts in the roll and roll them out and put apples and sugar in them and some cinan mone nad then soon as they come out of the skillet I flop them in powerded sugar or granular suger with some cinnamon they are yummmy and easy

  2. better than thin mints how can that be? I don't think so. I have never had a lemon one so I don't know. But I sure love those thin mints. Congrats on your friend getting pregnant. How exciting.

  3. Oh sure the week i go back on weight watchers everyone in Jland is talking about food LOL Enjoy your cookies and your jammies and have a great weekend
    Hugs, Marina

  4. Pffttt.  The only good kind of Girl Scout cookie is a goddamn THIN MINT!!  Yummo!!



  5. dying4happinessMay 7, 2006 at 8:25 AM

    All cookies are laced with crack, IMO.

    Lexapro was alright...I was tired all the time, 7 months into it and my pain never went away...I'm hoping to score some Cymbalta Tuesday :)

  6. I shall check the cookie site if they are that good...........Jules xxx

  7. I firmly believe that the Girl Scouts are really an evil cult that is out there to control us ALL with the consumption of every one of their cookies!  Those Thin Mints are EVIL I tell ya', EVIL!!!!!!  As I say this, I have a stash of about 4 boxes in my freezer for the time that they aren't selling them.  LOL!  CONGRATS to your friend on finally conceiving!!!  WOO-HOO!!!  I want to babysit too, but I am to the age where NO ONE is having babies anymore.  :(  Guess I will have to wait to be a grandmother and that, hopefully, will be a very long time!  So, Lexapro huh?  It helps headaches?!??!  Hmmm, might have to look into that!
    Hugs and love,

  8. yeah I think the cookies have crack or something they are addicting
    donna In TEXAS

  9. In CA the Lemon Coolers will be discontinued for next year. If you have them in your area next year I would stock up because it looks like they will be selling a SF cookie in all areas soon to replace those lemon cookies. That said..... I knew this during cookie time this past year and I bought 2 cases, 24 boxes, of lemon for personal consumption.  =o)


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