Tuesday, May 9, 2006

fresh food, family fun, and a correction

Time for a rambly post, so here I am.....
Last night, Jesse went to the store for some fixin's for dinner, and while the dinner itself was 'eh'....he said 'I gotta say, I like shopping daily for food because it's so much fresher than buying groceries every two weeks.'  I agree, but I kinda wish we had a farmers market or something closer to us.  Making my own garden is a rather amusing thought, because...ok...let's just not go there.  My last attempt at a garden failed miserably.
Anyway....he had picked up a watermelon while he was at the store, so we're there eating watermelon and looking at our county jail website and picking random people, waiting for the picture to come up, and then trying to guess what they were booked for.  Good family fun, right?  ok, maybe a little sadistic, but it's us.  What do ya expect.....
(Jesse:  "Ewwww prostitution?!  I wouldn't pay her for THAT!"  Um.  I hope not, dude.  ROFL)
Speaking of watermelon....I was telling Ryan that when I was a kid and my grandma grew watermelon, when they were ready to eat, we'd just raise it up in our hands, drop it, and let it break open on the ground...pick up a piece and have at it.  She said 'Ewww....on the ground?!  Didn't it get dirty?!  What if you ate dirt?!'  ::shrug::  More vitamins, right?  Hee hee....
OH!  and as a side mention....about my last entry, Diana says 'Come on man, it's Mrs. Diana.  I waited 35 years to be married before I got pregnant!  Give me some credit here....'.  Also, there wasn't that much 'trying and trying' per her husband.  His swimmers are just fine.  ::muffled giggling::  So there.  Try to be a smarty pants with me now, D. 
and to end my  ramblings..... she also sent me this....A Cat Named Ugly .  A short story on compassion.  You all know what an animal lover I am, and how I'll feed and love any random stray wandering into my yard, so this was particularly touching.....
Happy Tuesday, everybody....  (wait...today IS Tuesday, right?  ::Amy looks at the calendar::  yeah....Tuesday...)


  1. ah itstuesday????????????? why not firday payday. look agian would you. Yeah we looked at our county jail site and hubby said man a guy got to be desperatly stupid nad crazy to sleep with some of those women. !!!!!!!! he said hed almsot rather sleep wtih a man!!!!!!!! ALMOST ?!?!!? LOl well anyway............ surely there got to be a better deal and the fact that some men that pick them up rae married to better looking women!!!!!!!!! surely. anwya. yeah I love water melon we do have a country fruit stand near us nad I forget to go but got some danged good watermemlon and cantaloupe friday there yum so sweet so too good.

  2. My last attempt at a garden got us more corn, tomatoes, strawberries, and basil than we could ever eat.  Never, EVER buy the six-pack of the baby tomato plants, especially the little cherry tomatoes... omg... we had thousands of those little bombs.  I can't keep a houseplant alive to save MY life, but outdoor gardens?  No problem.  I just HATE pulling the effing weeds out of them.... bah!


  3. Oh sure, make me cry why don't ya??!??!  That story was terrible and yet poignant at the same time.  Sigh.  Warn people next time, especially animal lovers like me who will take in anything with 4 legs that roams into my yard!!  Just the other day we saw a "stray" kitten near Walmart and I got out and tried to catch it, but it was too wild and wouldn't let me.  Sigh.  

    Anyway, watermelon off the ground huh?  Haven't your child taken in their daily allowance of dirt??  Geez, what's the problem?  LOL!
    Hugs and love,

  4. Sounds like a good old fashioned night of family fun to me.  Hee...........Ummm....
    D grew up that way too, dropping the melon on the ground to bust it open and eat it, he even went so far as to steal them from a neighbors garden when they didn't have any.  And here I thought I married a saint, what a let-down, lol.

    Thanks for all of your encouragement as of late, Amy.  I do feel some better today.

    Love ya, sista!

  5. How nice to grow  your own watermelons...it happens to be my favorite fruit and I would eat it dirt and all!


  6. lol well I never did eat watermelon like that, I'm going to have to try it.  I could  never have a garden. I don't have a green thumb at all.

  7. Hi, gorgeous!  When I was a young, retarded boy I ate my fair share of dirt and sand and god knows what else.  I'm still alive.  Sorta.



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