Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's official....she's....16!

Pictures of my (not so) little girl....  She has grown up into such a stunning wonderful person, and I love her so much.... 

She is such an amazing person and she deserves the world, so little by little....I'm gonna try to give it to her...  :)

(and Ryan?  you do know that no boy is ever gonna be good enough for Daddy, right?  )



  1. she's beautiful! happy sweet 16th!
    Gem :-)

  2. What a stunning young woman!!  It's cool if a 40 year old man says that, right?  Since I'm very gay?  It's no wonder she turned out so well -- look at her role model!  


  3. You know what?  In that second-to-the-last pic, she looks a bit like Ann Hathaway.  I think it's the smile and dimples.  She's sooooooooo pretty!  You did good, mama!

  4. yes she is very pretty and daddy better watch out for those boys. I love the icing fight and your captions are just perfect. I love cake yum!!!!!!!! I never seen a locket with scent in it where do you get thos eand what kind of scent??????/
    Yup my dogs are spoiled too lol they always have ot  get into the parties dont they

  5. I do believe she looks like her mom.  Lovely girl you have there.

  6. she is so pretty.................oh to be 16 again...........Jules xx

  7. Beautiful pictures!!!  Looks like she had a wonderful birthday party given to her by a loving family!!  She looks so much like her Daddy!!!!  :)
    Hugs and love,

  8. She is so beautiful. Happy 16th Birthday. My daughter birthday is today and she is 12. Where does the time go? LOL

  9. Happy  Sweet 16 Birthday, Ryan, hope she has a great day!


  10. Happy Birthday, Ryan.  Y'all look like you have a good time together.  Great memories for all.

  11. Amy~~

    i read your journal everytime their is a new entry but I dont always comment,
    first I wanted to see the pictures for the adventure park oh man I cant believe
    you did forget the camera :( I was so looking forward to seeing everyone in
    the hot sun sweating lol.. Second,

    HAPPY SWEET 16TH BIRTHDAY RYAN!  May you have the whole world
    available at your fingertips and learn,travel and grow! Explore and dont
    let anything stop you. I hope you had a great day!
    Looks like everyone from those pictures lol take care~ Your friend Sara

  12. hestiahomeschoolJune 1, 2006 at 1:53 PM

    Oh, she is just as stunning as her mamma!

  13. gorgeous!!!!  you did good Mom!

  14. She is soooo pretty and she looks JUST like you!
    I was devistated when I had a 16 yr old
    Now hes 26...that is scarey! I am 42 and my son will be 30 in 4 yrs....Panic setting in....yikes.

  15. Ummm.....Carrie wants to go to England with Ryan. ;-)

    Happy Birthday Ryan!  She is beautiful, Amy, just like her Mom! :-)  Looks like she had a wonderful time.  Carrie got her cake smeared all of her by her friends at her party.  She didn't even get a bite of her cake. Hee............

    Love ya, sista!

  16. beautiful, beautiful pictures!!!!  I love #21 and #22 most of all.  I'm so glad it was a special day for you all.  God bless!!!

  17. just beautiful pictures. What a beautiful daughter you have. My spoiled dog can eat off a fork too. gotta love them though.


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